The woman was slapped in the face and hit with a broom by another performer at Dionysos Taverna as eatery workers looked on, the suit says.

source: Kayla Levy –

 Irina Tasapalas was counting money inside Dionysos Restaurant in Astoria, finishing up a long night of performing, when she was attacked.

Tasapalas, a musician, had been hired to perform at the bar-slash-restaurant — known for its expansive Greek and Cypriot menu and raucous live music — on Oct. 23rd, alongside another performer named Rena Andreou.

Around 2:15 a.m., after the women wrapped up for the night, Andreou verbally provoked Tasapalas, instigating a fight between the two of them, according to a lawsuit filed by Tasapalas on Tuesday.

Tasapalas, however, quickly stopped fighting, whereas Andreou escalated the violence, the suit contends.

As managers and employees of Dionysos looked on, Andreou attacked Tasapalas, slapping her in the face and hitting her with a broom, according to the suit. The attack was described as “malicious;” an “excessive and unnecessary” response to anything that Tasapalas had done.

The slapping and hitting left Tasapalas permanently hurt and in emotional shock. As a result she sought medical treatment and missed out on job opportunities, causing her to lose money, according to the suit.

On Dec. 7th, Tasapalas sued both Andreou and Dionysos Restaurant for causing her physical harm and job losses — Andreou through the attack, and the restaurant by failing to protect her.

Patch called Dionysos Restaurant to ask about the lawsuit on Tuesday, but a worker hung up the phone in response to questions about the suit, and refused to answer Patch’s subsequent calls or emails.


  1. It’s quite common nowadays in America for people to turn their head the other way when someone is in danger. People are being attacked all over. I hope we get to learn the outcome of this sad event.

  2. That place should be shut down reported to city! Dionysos allows everyone unvaccinated in their restaurant/night club while other restaurants are struggling and following the city mandate. Friends of ours went there and they were people smoking in there and people coughing. They went home and 2 days later had symptoms and feeling sick sure enough tested positive. Workers were with masks doe from there mouth. Covid central there so beware everyone!

    • So you are part of the Covid Cult Totalitarians!
      Why live in the USA? You do not cherish freedom or respect the Bill of Rights. You support the color of law but not legislated law. Go get a job in Austria, Australia, New Zealand, or Germany where you can torture your fellow man.

  3. Legally– smoking is not allowed indoors—second -hand smoke can easily lead to lung cancer— that freedom can go outdoors -where we are free to run from it! I am anti-indoor smoking— have seen its brutal effects…

  4. About 20 years ago, I was at this same restaurant. Lots of people and noise and tons of no smoking placards on tables and walls-both in Greek and English. There was a guy drunker than frat party drunk seated at the next table. It was immediately below such a placard. He kept lighting matches in futile attempts to get the flame to ignite the same cigarette. And kept missing, but he did singe the hairs on head and in nose. I’ve not been back there since…


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