EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): If you did not watch Tucker Carlson last night you missed an excellent analysis of the US-Russia Relations by Tucker and an even more interesting discussion with retired Colonel Doug Mc Gregor.  Please follow this link to these amazing 16 minutes and pay special attention after minute 15, where Mc Gregor touches on the most critical moment.  “…Why are going to war with Russia? Russia is not the Soviet Union anymore. Russia is Russia and went back to its cultural roots in Orthodox Christianity. Is this why we are going to war with them? Could be…”
You have read yours truly suggest numerous times that the return to the Orthodox roots saved the Russians after seventy long years of communism… 


Russia reveals what Putin asked of Biden


In a “frank and businesslike” conversation Russian President Vladimir Putin asked his US counterpart Joe Biden for guarantees that NATO won’t expand further east or deploy offensive weapons to countries like Ukraine.

Moscow is “seriously interested” in obtaining “reliable and firm legal guarantees” excluding NATO’s further expansion eastward and deployment of “offensive strike weapons systems in countries adjacent to Russia,” the Kremlin said in a readout of Tuesday’s call between the two leaders.

Putin’s proposal came in response to Biden’s “concerns” about Russian troops allegedly threatening Ukraine and threats of US and allied sanctions against Russia, a subject that arose during the two-hour call. The Russian leader responded that it was NATO “making dangerous attempts to conquer Ukrainian territory” and “building up its military potential at our borders.”

When asked about this, Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan said that the US has made “no such commitments or concessions.”

Putin used specific examples to illustrate the “destructive” policy of Kiev, which he said was aimed at completely dismantling the Minsk agreements and the ‘Normandy format’ talks. He also expressed Moscow’s serious concerns about “provocative actions” by the government in Kiev against the residents of Donetsk and Lugansk, two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine.

Last week, before the date of the meeting was announced, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said that the situation in Europe would be at the top of the agenda for the two leaders to discuss. The diplomat stressed that “contact is badly needed; we have multiplying problems. There is no progression on bilateral affairs, which are more and more spiraling into a phase of acute crisis.”

The talks come amid heightened tensions between Washington and Moscow over the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border, which the White House has signaled as a key area on which bilateral negotiations are needed.

American and Ukrainian officials have repeatedly accused Russia of plotting to invade its neighbor in recent weeks. Earlier this month, US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken implored Moscow to de-escalate its purported aggressions against Kiev, or face “severe consequences.”

Russia has repeatedly denied allegations put forward by Western officials and outlets that it will launch an offensive against Ukraine. Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov has blasted the accusations as groundless, dubbing them as “hysteria” whipped up in the Anglophone and Ukrainian media.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s hopes to be admitted to NATO and the potential eastwards expansion of the US-led military bloc have been a point of contention for Moscow. Ahead of the video conference, the Russian president announced that he will request discussions with NATO to ensure the US-led military bloc does not edge closer to his country’s frontiers. Speaking last week, Putin said that he will “insist on guarantees being set out to exclude the possibility of NATO moving any further to the east, and deploying threatening weapons close to Russian territory.”

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov noted the day before that “significant units and armaments from NATO countries, including American and British, are being moved closer to our borders.”

The pair last met in the Swiss city of Geneva in June. The meeting was hailed as productive by the two heads of state, covering topics such as nuclear proliferation and managing the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the Kremlin said that it will take a long time for constructive engagement to return and the two sides have recently accused each other of escalating military tensions in Eastern Europe.


  1. Biden must obey the bankers- you know- those guys at the tippy top of the “cash pyramid.” There is no reason to go to war. Ukraine is the mop being used by Biden for his masters. War means money and that is what the tippy top bankers crave. Yum. Blown off heads and legs, destroyed homes, starvation and famine. The castle dwellers can lay on their golden couches eating caviar salivating as they watch us die.

  2. Macgregor is a retired colonel, not a retired general. RT.com is a propaganda rag of the Russian state. It’s like relying on Greek newspapers in Athens.

    Macgregor is a serious fellow and always critical of Pentagon Hawks, but to assert that the US wants to go to war with Russia because Russia returned to Orthodoxy, after the Soviet era, is nonsense on its face.

    The US has tolerated a Russian presence in Cuba for 60 years while the Russians have exported mayhem, espionage, revolution, and cooperation with drug cartels and terrorists from that island 90 miles from our border.

    If Ukraine democratically decides to join NATO, then the Russians should welcome more “Orthodox” countries, by that logic. You can’t have it both ways.

    • A number of agreements between the Soviet Union and NATO at the time of the dissolution of the USSR – regarding the expansion of NATO eastwards – were blatantly violated and still are being violated. Then we are “complaining” because Russia has annexed Crimea where they had their main Naval bases for the last few centuries. What are the vital American national interests that we are protecting by poking the bear and putting the whole of humanity at risk of a nuclear catastrophe? “Democracy in Ukraine”? P-lease… The democracy that we took down with the CIA-made riots of 2014 in Maidan Square? Whereby we installed a government so corrupt as to allow paying Hunter Biden millions of dollars in fees? Time to be real here… As for RT.com, it’s much better than CNN – and at a minimum, it balances the deep state propaganda promoting useless wars we hear all day…

      • Okay Hellenescope, its’s Russia and Greece over our US interests, I guess. If RT and CNN are your measure, then ALIMONO. We will always be obscure, outside fringe players and not fully American.

        • Russia and Greece have a common geopolitical enemy, Turkey… Regardless of temporary”tactical” cooperation (such as between Russia and Turkey currently), geopolitical adversaries do not change (or very rarely) in history. Why? Because of geography. Greece gave the US in recent and old pacts all the bases, all the cooperation and all the alliance benefits the US needs and asked for and then some. But up to this day, the US is falling short of guaranteeing Greece’s sovereignty, Greece’s borders, and Greece’s EEZ. Instead, for as far back as anyone remembers, the DC establishment is playing “footsie” with the Sultan and the Pashas of Ankara and they are talking “equitable distribution” of Greece’s and Cyprus’ EEZ hydrocarbon wealth(and other wealth: fishing rights) that – by international law (“The Law of the Sea”) belongs to Greece. Would the US “equitably distribute” its EEZ wealth with Cuba and the Bahamas? NO, they would not. Instead, the US signed agreements delineating their EEZ with Cuba and the Bahamas following to the last “t” the international “Law of the Sea”. Not only that, but the American establishment is more than ready to start a war with China over the same “Law of the Sea” on the side of Taiwan, Japan and the Philipines. I remind you that the Bahamas, the Philippines, Japan, and Taiwan have the same geographical make-up as Greece – lots of islands and “archipelagic geography”. Question: Why the double standards?
          Until the double standards disappear, Greece, despite being tied at the hip with the US, will have to keep Russia’s door open. I could go on providing specific examples from recent history but let me stop here.

          • The US is not a signatory to the Law of the Sea and will never be for good reason. So, we don’t abide with your reasoning. The Greek bases to NATO do Greece a favor economically and militarily with a superpower that doesn’t seek to dominate them like China or Russia. This American’s first interests lie with the US, not Greece,

          • Israel, the US, Turkey, and a few other countries are not signatories – yet they follow the “Law of the Sea” in every little detail. Even Turkey has delineated an EEZ according to the Law of the Sea in the Black Sea and Israel has done the same in the Mediterranean. If we allow the application of international laws only where our specific interests fit these laws then we, Americans, are responsible for turning the international relationships into a jungle and we rightly deserve all the cynicism that follows the American name in international relations globally. Are we going to apply a single standard or we are going to apply the law as we see fit?

  3. There is a reason the US is not a signatory, it has to do American sovereignty and our own best interests and not “globalism” which Hellenescope and the Super Greeks on this blog decry at every opportunity and which the Law of Sea promotes.

    Again, you want it both ways, screaming at the heretics and globalists until…wait, your own priorities and interests become the inconvenient truth.

    I am calling all of you out and throwing the flag, hahahaha

    Merry Christmas all, AMERICAN Christmas December 25th, not global Orthodox Christmas.

    • Merry Christmas!! American or Greek it does not make a difference!.. St. Nicholas as I have so eloquently said is an Ecumenical Saint!! But before he became Ecumenical he was Greek First!…Ha..Ha..


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