EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): For years and years this author along with a few other voices, were shouting in every direction that the U.S. and Greece have so many common interests that it was foolish not to explore them fully.  As is usually the case, it was the “human factor” that played the most important role in the “sea change” we are now witnessing.  First, it was Google and Microsoft that suddenly “discovered” the countless bright minds in Greek universities.  Then came Tesla – whose electric car battery was entirely developed by a Greek team of engineers from the famous Athens Polytechnic (post-WWII considered to be a sister institution with MIT) and finally Pfizer, whose CEO, Albert Bourla, is a product of the University of Salonica… And in the end, it might have been the realization that a “Greek Hub” with over one hundred Greek and Greek-American companies exists in Silicon Valley…

In the meantime, during the last 5 years, the hyper-active Ambassador Jeffrey Pyatt abandoned the useless visits to Mt. Athos and put his focus where it produced results, in deepening military cooperation at all levels.  And at the same time, it seems that energy development South of Cyprus and Crete is finally becoming a priority… All the pieces of the puzzle make more sense now as EU dependence on Russia for over 40% of its energy proves to be a very risky road…

But again, it is the human factor that unites both countries: The 4,000 yr old Greek maritime and entrepreneurial tradition with the equally historic – inscribed into the Greek DNA – aptitude for science, finally woke up the sleepy bureaucrats of Washington DC… It is truly a match made in heaven – one that should have happened many decades ago… It is never too late…


WSJ: US sees new bright spot in Europe – Greece

American tech companies, gas exporters, and military expand activity in Greece, whose long-suffering economy bounces back

On Washington’s trouble-dotted map of Europe, long-struggling Greece has become an unexpected bright spot.

In defense and security, energy investment and business development, the country that for years embodied European crises is increasingly a constructive partner for the U.S., as well as neighboring allies.

Liquefied natural gas shipped from the U.S. unloads at giant new storage tanks near Athens. High-tech U.S. companies including Microsoft Corp. , Pfizer Inc., Tesla, Inc. and Amazon.com Inc. over the past three years have opened or announced local investments, entering a market long overlooked by corporate America.

Meanwhile, as U.S. relations with Turkey have soured, Greece has become the Pentagon’s new hub for moving troops through the Balkan and Black Sea regions. Athens and Washington in October expanded their mutual-defense agreement to make the pact open-ended, ending a longstanding requirement of annual renewal.

The warming ties are notable because they began about five years ago under a far-left-led Greek coalition and have accelerated under the current center-right government. In the U.S., Greece has won bipartisan support through the Biden, Trump and Obama administrations.

Today, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis backs U.S. positions on Russia, tipping away from Athens’ longstanding openness to Moscow, and has made Greece less welcoming to Chinese business. The U.S.-educated Mr. Mitsotakis is also helping Washington’s drive for stability in the Eastern Mediterranean region by strengthening links with Israel, Egypt, Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries.

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  1. When hasn’t the US screwed Greece. When have they ever prioritized Greece over Turkey. Remember that the US controls the IMF and the ECB which empowered Greece into bankruptcy. Greece needs to invite the US, Russia and China to invest equally. I would never trust anyone superpower exclusively. Same old same old. When does Greece and Greek Americans finally grow up?

    • As our readers know we have been supporting steadily that Greece has to have its doors open to Russia and China along with other powers. However, the relationship between Greece and America is truly “made in heaven” in the sense that it’s underlined by deep similar interests: Two global maritime powers founded on entrepreneurial spirit and principles with also deep cultural ties. The DC establishment always prioritized Turkey – but they are now paying a heavy price for their mistakes

      • When I established my own business
        my compatriot( from Chios) who had
        the same business in San Francisco Calif.
        called to congratulate me and among
        his advices he told me : “Stelio do not
        depend your business to one customer
        only no matter how huge he is” . I accepted his advice and I became very
        successful . The same should count with
        Greece , because as Churchill had said
        after the 2nd world war : “ there are no
        friends but interests only”.

  2. Beware of US Corporate interests backed by the deep state. This sneaky Pyatt has caused problems everywhere he has gone…Greece should be looking to liberate itself from US corporate imperialism not kowtowing to it!

  3. This is real simple. The UK (Brexit) and Greece knows that the military, economic, and business alliance with the US is the only thing that will keep them free and fairly prosperous. The EU is a WOKE, WEAK, mess. China and Islam are poised to eat Greece’s lunch and the Russians want to export their Mafia there for villas, drugs, banks, and women. Greece needs to make a clear choice and get on with the business of being a modern economy, not a Siesta time Banana Boat Beach Resort. AMB Pyatt was more than the Greeks deserved. Hope he gets to stay longer.

  4. Amb. Pyatt is certainly maintaining close ties with “deep state” – and we all know by now that “deep state” policies are not equivalent to pro-American policies… “Deep State” policies benefit the deep state elites. Jeffrey Pyatt fulfilled this role in Ukraine as we all know. When he came to Greece he thought he would compete with Putin in Putin’s own field – Orthodoxy… And he started visiting Mount Athos regularly – only to cause ridicule – including from yours truly… Putin is part of Mount Athos as Russia has a monastery there… Also, Putin has a 70% popularity in Greece – and probably 90% in Cyprus… Not a good idea to go head-to-head with Putin… Amb. Pyatt finally realized this mistake and this is when he unfolded all his energy and talent to help bring the ties between the two countries closer and closer…

  5. A best friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you for the way you are today. Currently, Greece should embrace any help the US will offer, and continue to maintain a brotherly love with Putin. First, get rid of all the cabalist politicians, and replace them with people willing to honestly fight for Greece and Cyprus.
    As for the rest of us, continue to fight the evil spiritual battle we are faced with today….☦️


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