EDITOR’S NOTE: Here is the “dream gig” for all theologians! Being hired by NASA to study the effects of aliens on humans!… I am sure the “Fordham Team” of “Orthodox” theologians is already salivating… How come they did not think of them first? 


NASA hired 24 theologians to study human reaction to aliens: new book

Between heaven and Earth, where do aliens fit in?

That’s the question that NASA hopes theologians at the Center for Theological Inquiry (CTI) in Princeton, New Jersey, can answer, in a recent effort to understand how humans will react to news that intelligent life exists on other planets.

University of Cambridge religious scholar Rev. Dr. Andrew Davison, who also holds a doctorate in biochemistry from Oxford, is one of the 24 theologians enlisted to help with the project, the Times UK reported last week.

In a recent statement on the University of Cambridge’s Faculty of Divinity blog, Davison says his research so far has already seen “just how frequently theology-and-astrobiology has been topic in popular writing” during the previous 150 years.

Davison’s upcoming book, “Astrobiology and Christian Doctrine,” due out in 2022, according to the Times, will cover part of CTI and NASA’s joint spiritual exploration, in which his “most significant question” is how theologians would respond to the notion “of there having been many incarnations [of Christ]” in the universe, he added in the blog post.

Rev Dr Andrew Davison.
Rev. Dr. Andrew Davison also holds a doctorate in biochemistry from Oxford.
 University of Cambridge Corpus Christi College

This is the latest dispatch to come in a partnership between the US space agency and the religious institute. In 2014, NASA awarded CTI a $1.1 million grant to study worshippers’ interest in and openness to scientific inquiry called the Societal Implications of Astrobiology study.

Studies have shown links between religiosity and belief in extraterrestrial intelligence. Research published in 2017 found that people with a strong desire to find meaning, but a low adherence to a particular religion, are more likely to believe aliens exist — indicating that faith in either theory may come from the same human impulse.

In 2014, NASA awarded the Center for Theological Inquiry at Princeton University with a $1.1 million grant to study worshippers' interest and openness to the notion of alien life, in a program of research called The Societal Implications of Astrobiology.
In 2014, NASA awarded the Center for Theological Inquiry at Princeton University a $1.1 million grant to study worshippers’ interest in and openness to the notion of alien life, in a program of research called the Societal Implications of Astrobiology.

With NASA’s support, CTI’s director Will Storrar said they’d hoped to see “serious scholarship being published in books and journals” to come out on the subject, answering to the “profound wonder and mystery and implication of finding microbial life on another planet.”

According to the Times, Davison’s book notes that a “large number of people would turn to their religions traditions for guidance” if extraterrestrials were found, and what that means “for the standing and dignity of human life.”

NASA has hired 24 theologians to help understand how humans will react to potential news of alien life.
Xinhua News Agency/Getty Images

“Detection [of alien life] might come in a decade or only in future centuries or perhaps never at all, but if or where it does, it will be useful to have thought through the implications in advance,” Davison writes.


  1. Well- according to the polls— a majority of us have been taken over (since the 2020 election)— lol… our alleged aliens did not come from other planets, but rather right here on Earth— right out of a marxist’ manisfesto— — their values are “alien” to the majority of Americans—anyone in lamestream media want to do a study on why they want to destroy our great nation?

  2. Right on Larissa &
    let’s not forget the Alien freaks holding American Greek Orthodoxy in hostage by an embarrassing, non manly, impure Archbishop foisted on us —

    it’s evil genesis very well could be from alien space beings

  3. You don’t really expect NASA to consult the Greek Orthodox world , do you?

    Half the Greeks in Greece and many in Astoria, NYC still believe that the Moon Landing was faked in studio. You can’t take the Vlacho out of the Village.

    • Thanks American, sadly it’s true how disloyal and stupid leftist Greeks are to Gospel of Jesus. Look at the fools in AHEPA & the
      sell out priests?

  4. Sir G. — None of us are pure— with the exception of our esteemed and all Holy pure Panaghia- and no one can hold a candle to Christ’s Character…
    My beef with AB is his willingness towards “wokeness”— his either misreads the vast majority of his flock–or takes ill-advice from the ill -advised!

    • You said it Dimitri! But let me correct you… We are NOT Orthodox… we are plain and simple Christians! No need for redundant qualifications “Orthodox”, “Catholic”, “Greek”, “Arab”, “Russian”, “American”… etc, etc. That said though… we need to always clarify that being Christian implies being a member of the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC Church our Lord and Savior Jesus Christa and his Apostles founded on the day of Pentecost the year 33 AC. Many sheep have strayed from the Christian Church throughout the millenia of the Christian Church’s documented history. Please REFUSE to call Christians ANYONE who is not member of the Church Christ founded. That includes those under the Roman Pope, ANY Protestants etc. If these people love Jesus Christ why do they refuse to join His Church? And why do they refuse to learn the Language of His Gospel? i.e Greek? We cannot be Christians from Translation. We can discuss issues of Christian Faith and Church issues in other languages but we CANNOT honestly call ourselves Christians if we don’t speak, read and practice the original language of the Bible (Old and New Testament)… By the way this applies to those that pretend to be Jews (pretending they haven’t gotten the memo of their Messiah’s coming)! Authentic Jewish Old Testament Texts are in Greek NOT in Hebrew.


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