By Nick Stamatakis

One expression was popping up constantly as I was contemplating the end of 2021: “Annus Horribilis”… It was used by Queen Elizabeth in 1992 to describe a year full of royal family disasters…  But its first use goes back to the 19th century to describe the year 1870, the year in which the Roman Catholic Church defined the dogma of papal infallibility.  How fitting, considering that Pat. Bartholomew, full of arrogance, a real paradigm of “Hubris”, draws closer and closer to a similar concept, spitting on the face of a two-thousand-year-old faith… In the process, he has turned the once-powerful and full of faith Orthodox church into a small country club of the very wealthy and is headed for a guaranteed disaster in the weeks and months to come…

The biggest challenge we were all faced with during this annus horribilis of 2021 was the loss of personal and social freedoms in the midst of a politically manipulated pandemic.  But take a minute and think about it:  the intervals of freedom in human history were rather the exception: You have a couple of hundred years in Classical Greece and another 250 years in modern times – since the American Revolution… The rest of human history is a rather dark or “grey” time in various shades of authoritarianism.

We need to keep these thoughts in mind as we embark on a struggle to regain those freedoms in 2022.  This is not going to be an easy fight – we are up against people who have amassed huge amounts of political and financial powers… This is not the first time these powers of darkness tried to take complete control of humanity: In the last 100 years alone they tried it twice, once with communism and another time with fascism – the two are sides of the same coin… In both cases, humanity paid a huge toll on the loss of life and, in the case of China, we are still dealing with the ugly results of communist totalitarianism. In both cases, the financiers of these movements strangely inhabit the same corridors of power and money in New York, London, and a few other “centers” today; and the “failing New York Times” are still today among those anti-freedom powers…

Humanity has survived all kinds of downturns and disasters because life is unstoppable in a relentless pursuit of a better tomorrow.  Life looks always forward to a better future – no matter the bleakness of today’s circumstances! This is an invincible power, the power of the human spirit over all else and it will triumph once again!  We have on our side the eternal teachings of the Founders of this great country of ours!! We should follow on their path to Freedom – the whole of humanity is looking upon us!! America is now giving the fight for all the people and victory is once again our only option!








  1. The new mayor of the communist state of New York will be following the same psychological operation as the old mayor. Since NY is dead broke, the leaders must adhere to federal guidelines to get funding. The people there are now under severe oppression, scared, and constantly get viral nose tests all day long. Please look up Manchausen Syndrome and Stockholm Syndrome to understand the psyop.


    45 minutes ago
    So the reality of what has been done & is continuing to be done is coming to the surface. I have a few questions.
    When will the injections stop?
    When will we see the heads of the individuals on pike poles that are responsible for this mass genocide?
    We, the world population, need to seek justice for those that no longer can seek it for themselves.

  2. Jane….patience is a virtue as we all know. According to the elders, and Saint Paisios, they will get their slap down, very soon…. In the meanwhile, make good choices and know and love our leader as you so eloquently and rightfully stated….Jesus Christ! ☦️

    As for my beloved NY, leaving soon, it’s unbearable here. Adams has had the koolaid as expected. We must fighting back each day in our own way.
    A few ways each day:

    •Move to a red state
    •Tell a neighbor the truth
    •Protest in your communities, get involved
    •Online posts and discussions
    •Learn your Orthodox faith
    •Bombard the Congress people and senators
    •Resist and Revolt, daily!
    •Shut your TV set!
    •Do not comply!!!

    Please be safe, and buckle up, it’s gonna be a heck of a ride!
    Happy New Year! 🥂🍾🎷🎼🎺


    • Thank you for your reply. Wishing you a good New Year!🙏.I heard Adams’ first speech the other day. He stated he is aligned with DeBlasio and Hochul which is not good. I spend a lot of time researching NY legislative bills. I have family in NY and they are quite frightened. I also call state representatives weekly and do a lot of research and posting on certain blogs as well as this one. Let us pray for one another and hope that God will tell what we need to do. The economic collapse is painful and many are suffering right now. May Gods bless you and your family.

  3. NYS update: Jeep the fear going! Hj on children is flying around in her broomstick today! She has a new mandate for New Yorkers! Masks on indoors till February 1, 2022! Have you figured this out yet? Why aren’t Bee Yorker enraged or motivated to stop this? Time for Bew Yorkers to put on their big panties and embrace their inalienable rights not Hochul “ rights!”

    Look up these two syndromes:
    Wake up!

  4. Happy New Year Nick —
    looking forward to fairy Elpidoforos stepping down & the rasputin Karloutsos finally goes away once
    St. Nick Shrine completes in April.
    will it complete by April?

  5. God bless you Jane, and all our friends here.🦋

    Yes, peaceful protest up in Albany, NY on Jan5th. Many satanic, Marxist legislative bills up, and we will be there making noise and speaking to our legislatures. All are welcome and donations too,
    We go to the SCOTUS on 1/18. 🙏🏻

    Fight back, do NOT comply!! Freedom Fighters🇺🇸

    Thank you! Health and Happiness 2022!🙏🏻☦️

  6. Thank you! Every dollar, counts! ❤️

    Mail checks directly to Nelson, Madden, and Black of Park Ave., NYC. They only fight for religious discrimination cases.


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