Source: “In Australia, people vaccinated against Covid are 13 times more exposed to serious risk”, Voltaire Network, 14 January 2022,
EDITOR’S NOTE: Little by little the web of lies is being untangled… At the bottom of the post you can follow the link to a complete 27-page account of real data – the kind of data Dr.Fauci and the media/big tech cabal would throw under the rag… 

Statistics from New South Wales (Australia), released on 12 January 2022, indicate that people doubly vaccinated against Covid-19 are 6 times more likely than the non-vaccinated to be hospitalized and 13 times more likely to be placed in an intensive care unit [1].

Australia has based its entire health policy on the messenger RNA-based so-called vaccines. 93.7% of Australians over the age of 16 are currently doubly “vaccinated”.

It was known that mass inoculation with the mRNA vaccine, in lieu of a targeted use of it, did not protect against the transmission of the disease, but it does not protect against severe cases either, quite the contrary.

1NSW Health COVID-19 Critical Intelligence Unit : COVID-19 Monitor, 13 January 2022“, Agency for clinical innovation, January 12, 2021.




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