By Lawrence B. Wheeler

I’m in the middle of Robert F. Kennedy, jr.’s book entitled The Real Anthony FauciBill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. That’s quite a mouthful, as is the content of the book itself. It was released a couple of months ago and it’s already high on the New York Times bestseller’s list. If you haven’t read it you need to get a copy while the information is still fresh. The Real Anthony Fauci is more than just a work of non-fiction. It is a superbly-documented tome that in years to come will likely be considered the bible of the pandemic.

Get it. Read it. You’ll be glad you did.

Robert Kennedy, jr. is no shrinking violet. I remember when his father, Robert Kennedy, sr. was the attorney general of the United States under his brother President John F. Kennedy. As A.G., Bobby went after the mafia when they were a more powerful force in our society. Bobby Kennedy, jr. is a no-nonsense lawyer himself, who has pursued justice against large corporations. He is up to the task. People may know him as an anti-vaccination warrior and that is, I suppose, what brought him to the forefront during these godawful two years. Kennedy has got the goods on Dr. Tony Fauci, Bill Gates, and the corrupt moguls of the large pharmaceutical firms and their compromised lackeys who are supposed to regulate them.

Robert F. Kennedy, jr. & Anthony Fauci

At 450 pages, the book is so thick and so well researched…and I am so uninitiated when it comes to medicine…that it ain’t exactly light reading. But it’s eminently informative. From what I have read so far, and from what I have gleaned elsewhere, it’s becoming clear that this pandemic of the coronavirus, Covid-19 has been orchestrated by ne’er-do-wells who took advantage of the opportunity to suppress the free practice of medicine by our doctors. And who thought nothing of scaring the hell out of women with children, and many men, too.

Tony Fauci…a name that is becoming increasingly difficult for me to say…used his position as chief medical advisor to the president for devilish purposes. He deliberately suppressed the use of cheap and effective generic medicines like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. When taken in the correct dosages soon after infection, those drugs are clearly effective toward early recovery from Covid-19. Fauci, and not only he, but other people in high places, directed the mind of the government to wait for the results of the hasty production of questionable mRNA vaccines, the expected silver bullet against the sickness. And the insufferable fourth estate dutifully acted as a fifth column to disseminated lies and suppress the truth. The vaccines were so hastily marketed without the proper testing protocols that the pharmaceutical company’s made damned sure that they wouldn’t be sued. Smart guys, eh? Now we know from the data that the vaccines are not effective and, in fact, have produced adverse events in thousands of those who have received the inoculations. But, oh the money they’ve made for a few lucky people!


Meanwhile, millions of people around the world have been subject to a universal infliction of lockdowns and cumbersome mandates by power-hungry governments, who themselves didn’t know a damned thing about medicine. Normal people freaked out in the face of a disease that was treatable. It was treatable! The masses quickly discarded their God-given right to think and decide for themselves what to do with themselves and their families. Thinking adults started acting like children, demanding that everybody around them act like children, too. Don’t think for a minute that the powers that be didn’t notice how quickly we panicked and how easily we were manipulated. They’ll do it again next time, so stay on your guard.

Now, this embarrassing period of betrayal and cowardice, sickness and death is almost over. It’s winter for us in the Northern Hemisphere and the Omicron variant is basically a bad cold, if you catch it. Nothing unusual there. In the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has declared that there will be no more pandemic restrictions. Our own prevaricating administration has directed that hospitals no longer be required to report their numbers of daily dead from Covid. Or…was it with Covid? If I were a hospital administrator who knew that there was a financial bonanza to the tune of $37,000 to be gained for each victim of Covid, I would be sorely tempted to call any death with Covid a death from Covid. And, if I held the patent to remdesivir, a drug with a big windfall – as useless as it is – I might want hospitals to be required to administrate it to Covid patients. But that’s just me, I suppose. I could go on with the sarcasm.

There is a LOT to talk about here. If you love your country as much as I still do, then you’re going to want the answers to the same questions that I have. Never in my lengthening life have I experienced such a prolonged mass hysteria over a disease from which almost everyone recovers unless he has the usual comorbidities. So, my first question is in the title of this short essay: What in hell happened? And my second question is: Who was responsible? And a third: How can we make sure that it never happens again?


  1. I read the book. Prior to reading the book. I collected a few hundred articles on the Covid psychological operation performed for the money masters by government leaders and bureaucrats worldwide. The money masters learned a lot how to control humanity over the last two years. Rockefeller Lockstep – 2010 – was written as a prelude. Right now, the biggest worldwide bank heist is going on and has been for many decades. The bank heist has accelerated to warp speed. Each of us have serious choices to make. It’s later than we all think.

  2. Orthodox faithful, know the locations of where the Orthodox monasteries are, and be close to one of them……they will be our refuge. ☦️

  3. Queen A. you said it.
    Know your monasteries! Thank God for late Elder Ephraim of Arizona who’s gift to America is 17 monasteries for our refuge.

  4. So… Bobby Kennedy is a HERO to you? He’s a very unstable man w a huge set of personal problems. This does not register? With our hospitals filled beyond capacity, you folks are still pissed about observing basic safety protocols?
    Please go to your monasteries, PLEASE.

    • Anyone who defends our fundamental constitutional rights imposed by the bureaucracy and enabled by the mainstream media and the “big tech” is to be honored. You must be triple vaccinated, yet you are still not protected and could be a superspreader because of your fake confidence in the “faux scientists” like Fauci. Well, let me make a prediction: by the same time next year, Fauci & Co. will be facing criminal charges if this country is to continue being America.

      • ANNE FRANK!!!
        450 pages of research shot to pieces by a Freudian slip! All credibility lost, and by the way everyone who thinks William Gates Jr. is a Bond villian… you critical thinkers couldn’t even connect your conspiratorial dots if it weren’t for his software.


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