EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): As you understand this photo was commented on very negatively by many in Greece, who were very quick to point to the “backwardness” of the country and its culture… I will note that Greece is not the only country where religion is intertwined with every other aspect of culture and I will let our audience express their opinions…

But I will ask the folks at the State Dept. and the CIA this: Do they still believe that they have ANY chance in their struggle against Orthodoxy?  Do they still believe they will eliminate “tradition” and “history”, rooted in thousands of years, with a few political moves? 


  1. , “A man in this world must solve a problem: to be with Christ or to be against Him. And every man decides this, whether he wants to or not. He will either be a lover of Christ or a fighter of Christ. There is no third option.” St. Sabastion Dabovich


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