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Peterson’s realization about the Bible




Getting hooked on and then quitting Benzos






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  1. I like Jordan Peterson,
    especially since he spoke so well of Orthodox faith on YouTube;
    this man went through much physical suffering and the rabid Left tried to destroy him, but so happy to see him rise like a Phoenix!

  2. Publius Hildah 12/15/21 comment on Peterson

    There is much on the internet about Peterson’s involvement in the UN Agenda 21 sustainability control agenda – e.g., https://canucklaw.ca/un-high-level-panel-on-global-sustainability-jordan-peterson-co-authors/
    Page 93 of the UN Report on Global Sustainability shows “Jordan B. Peterson” as an advisor. Here is the Report: http://archive.ipu.org/splz-e/rio+20/rpt-panel.pdf
    Why is it that some people [who spout “conservative talking points”] suddenly become extremely famous and are all over the internet? As this short video points out, they are the “globalist approved opposition”:
    They say things conservatives love to hear, but they never have any solutions.
    Meanwhile, those who do have solutions are marginalized, shadow banned, and our works don’t show up in the search engines. Edwin Vieira, Ph.D., J.D., is a prime example of a brilliant and articulate person who has solutions to the most pressing problems of our time – but you never hear of him. His work doesn’t come up in the search engines. Mine doesn’t either. Meanwhile, brainless celebrity twits (Candice Owens, Ben Shapiro, etc.) burp out something stupid, it’s all over the internet — and they get invited to speak … everywhere!

  3. Jane, you’re right again! Nothing we see and hear can be proven as a viable truth. This is why I read my Bible, and do not watch TV. The controlled opposition is set up by the satanic globalist elite, who are dumb as hell. And that’s exactly where they all are going!

    After Archangel Michael annihilates them all, their power will be taken away. God will prevail…🙏🏻
    He always does…🕊 Jesus is victorious! ☦️

    • I do the same as you. No tv. Lies lies lies!
      We constantly must research a d it’s overwhelmingly tiring. Yes, God will definitely prevail. God bless.

      By the way, Publius Hildah has a blog. She is a retired attorney.


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