Over 120 priests and employees with the Catholic church community in Germany came out as queer and launched a campaign demanding an end to institutional discrimination against LGBTQ people.

A worker hangs a rainbow flag in front of the Cathedral and St. Martin's Church (R) in Cologne, Germany, in 2017LGBTQ Catholics in Germany have launched an “‘OutInChurch’ initiative to call for support

The Roman Catholic Church in Germany on Sunday faced renewed calls for better protection of LGBTQ rights and an end to institutional discrimination against queer people.

Around 125 people, including former and current priests, teachers, church administrators and volunteers, identified themselves as gay and queer, asking the church to take into account their demands and do away with “outdated statements of church doctrine” when it comes to sexuality and gender.

The members of the church community published seven demands on social media under the “OutInChurch” initiative. These demands range from queer people saying they should be able to live without fear and have access to all kinds of activities and occupations in the church without discrimination.

They said their sexual orientation must never be considered a breach of loyalty or reason for dismissal from their occupation. They ask the church to revise its statements on sexuality based on “theological and human-scientific findings.”

Besides asking for equal rights, employees also put down demands that the church takes accountability for their discrimination against people of the community throughout history, calling on the bishop to take responsibility on behalf of the church.

What has been the Vatican’s stance?

The Vatican, home of the pope and the Roman Catholic Church, ruled last year that priests cannot bless same-sex unions and that such blessings weren’t valid.

But the ruling also reignited a debate on the matter, and there was considerable resistance against it in some parts of Germany.

Last year, at least two bishops in Germany, including Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich, one of the pope’s top advisers, showed some support for a kind of “pastoral” blessing for same-sex unions.

In Germany and the United States, parishes and ministers also began blessing same-sex unions in lieu of marriage, with growing calls for bishops to institutionalize gay marriage.

However, in response to formal questions from a number of dioceses on whether the practice was allowed, the Vatican’s doctrinal office, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) made clear it wasn’t, ruling: “negative.”

Pope Francis approved the response, adding that it was “not intended to be a form of unjust discrimination, but rather a reminder of the truth of the liturgical rite” of the sacrament of marriage.

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Pride and LGBTQI Germany


  1. These self absorbed reprobate freaks don’t belong in any church as they’re dysfunctional and disloyal to 2000 years of church teachings.
    They need to leave and start reading the Orthodox Church fathers and especially
    St. John Chrysostom.

  2. I am not interested in woke church politics. I do not care what the LGBQTXYZ thinks. Their heads are inside their sex organs and thats all they can talk about. These people think the world revolves around them. I will not buy into this malarkey and if it means not going to church….God will help me weather this demonic storm put upon all of us.

    Unfortunately, we are living through an era in which Our Lord is being attacked by vile men and women who want to shred everything we treasure since the beginning of time as we understand it.

    God cannot be manipulated by man! Wisdom is Christ Himself. Christ warned us of satanic opposition to His word. We have a difficult walk ahead of us. We walk by faith. We carry our cross because that is what our Father told us to do.

    I will not attend a woke church. Never.

  3. Titus 3:10-11 says it all…

    10 Abandon a heretical man after a first and
    second warning,
    11 knowing that such a one has been perverted
    and is sinning, being self-condemned.

    If you don’t like the Church’s doctrine or God’s Law, the door is open, and you can exercise your God-given free to exit as fast as you wish….Just like the Prodigal son did when he decided to go hang out with the pigs…

    Unfortunately, the European atheist courts may actually take the step of issuing court orders against the Vatican, setting precedent for others…that will cause upheaval for sure…


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