• PHOTO: From a 2019 Peace Summit in Paris between Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France

EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): This news appeared first early this morning but since most of the “news” media around us obey faithfully the orders of the DC “War Party”, you had to really search to find out what was going on… Just the fact that Russia and Ukraine agreed to keep the ceasefire in place should have been important enough to be noticed and “soothe the markets”, as they usually say… In addition, the meeting was held at the Elysee presidential palace in Paris in the presence of high-level German and French officials… No mention was offered of Biden, Blinken, and the US side – and this is very good news as the “War Party” is inciting war at every opportunity they have…  And yes, another meeting will be held in two weeks…

One thing is for sure: This time Europe is determined to go its own way, ignoring the warmongers on the other side of the Atlantic… 


Russia, Ukraine Agree to Uphold Donbas Ceasefire in “Tough” Negotiation That Excluded Biden and the US

On Wednesday, several high-ranking officials from Russia and Ukraine met in Paris, France to discuss the tense situation that has developed over the former Russian territory, holding what Moscow described as a “tough” negotiation.

After a nerve-wracking eight-hour back and forth, the two sides agreed to put aside their differences and uphold a previously agreed upon ceasefire in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region.

German and French officials were also present as arbiters for the seemingly highly-productive meeting. The quartet of countries had come together in 2014 and 2015 during the Donbas war to hammer out the original peace treaty, so they came together once again, attempting to find a workable solution for all parties that does not result in catastrophic conflict.

According to ZeroHedge:

“The talks were held at the Elysee, the residence of French President Emmanuel Macron. In a statement, the Elysee said that the envoys “support unconditional respect for the ceasefire and full adherence to the ceasefire strengthening measures of July 22, 2020, regardless of differences on other issues relating to the implementation of the Minsk agreements.”

After the meeting, Russian delegate Dmitry Kozak explained that “despite all the differences in interpretations [between Russia and Ukraine], we agreed that the ceasefire must be maintained by all the parties in line with the accords.”

Too bad, Warhawks. You’re gonna have to wait.


Noticeably absent from the negotiations was the US, which has been essentially provoking conflict between the two countries and sending weapons to Ukraine covertly – despite having no legitimate national interest in the conflict.

In fact, NATO doesn’t even want Ukraine to join the alliance. The country is viewed as corrupt and thought of as a burden if it were to join.

Because of the actions of Biden’s state department – mainly its unnegotiable demands for Ukraine to join NATO – several countries in Europe have begun to distance themselves from the US and NATO to try and deal with Russia in a more grounded way.

According to Jack Posobiec, Germany had even rejected Biden’s phone call when Wednesday’s meeting had been announced last week.

The world is paying attention to Biden’s corruption, Posobiec points out.

The original agreement between Russia and Ukraine officially put an end to the bloody war in Donbas, which according to the Ukrainian government, took the lives of nearly 14,000 of its people, including over 3,300 citizens (compared to 500 Russians). Although the war has essentially fizzled out since the ceasefire, there have been occasional incidents of conflict, but nothing major – and nothing that is officially sponsored by either government.

Hopefully, the two sides can come to a longer-term understanding when they meet again in two weeks.

Until then, Biden and the rest of the DC Swamp will just have to sit on their hands – Europe can handle itself.


  1. Biden and his criminally insane administration must go. ASAP. Here is a new statement I just read on Fox page:

    “State Dept vows Nord Stream 2 will be a ‘hunk of metal at bottom of the ocean’ if Russia invades Ukraine.”

    The Biden Bums have to go! ASAP.


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