EDITOR’S NOTE: Yes my friends you thought you have heard and seen it all, right? Not yet… You read right, the politically suicidal left has more for you and your sons: “Period Products” added to boys’ bathrooms.  Come November they will not know what hit them… But this is the real history of the Left: Every 30-40 years they rear their miserable head and, since people tend to forget, they try again their stupid ideas about “equalizing” people to the bottom of everything… This time they completely got out of control – and this is why they will get hit harder than anytime before… 

Fairfax County Public Schools teachers and staff looking to get ‘period products’ added to boys bathrooms and YES, everything is stupid


After we just wrote about an MD claiming ‘normalcy’ back in our schools is some right-wing conspiracy, we thought we’d write about what we’re seeing in Fairfax County Public Schools that totally makes his batsh*t argument look even more batsh*t.

But you know, normalcy BAD:


Man, Fairfax County is almost giving Loudoun County a run for its money.


Menstrual products in the boys’ bathrooms.

Yeah yeah yeah, we’ve said this before and we’ll keep saying it … this is why Youngkin won. Seriously.


PLEASE do not give them any ideas.


Hey now, this is just Northern Virginia. Plenty of sanity (not including Richmond) in Central, and South Virginia.



Yup, made the same face.



‘ALWAYS with the pronouns’! ‘MD’ writes batsh*t THREAD claiming right-wing is pushing normalcy so they can TAKE OVER THE SCHOOL BOARDS

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    • O Theos evgalai tis vromies tou democrat governor– evalai ton kalo patrioti Youngkin, kai tha sosei ta paidaia kal goneis sto Fairfax kai sai sto Commonwealth Virginia… Kala les patrioti…

  1. Gross 🤮 I bet AB Elpidoforos is all for it
    & anything his lefty darling liberals want. Elps the professional betrayer has zero loyalty to Christianity.

  2. Hopefully, real boys will destroy the period products in their bathroom. As long as people do nothing and don’t push back they will continue to lose their liberty.


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