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Canada’s Maple Leaf Revolution

“And what we just saw in Canada is a widespread, working-class tide that’s rising against the misgovernance of the country under the current regime of elite, incompetent big shots. It’s not just a Canadian thing, either. Similar populist seismic activity is being detected in Europe, Australia, and of course in the U.S. It’s just a question of time until the fault lines snap and we have the proverbial Big One”…

With glowing hearts we see thee rise, The True North strong and free!

By Byron King – BonnerPrivateResearch.substack.com

Dear Reader,

With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!
From far and wide, O Canada,
We stand on guard for thee.

Have you followed the news, eh? The truck drivers, eh? All across Canada, eh?

You are forgiven if you don’t know much about this development. It’s been buried by much of the U.S. mainstream news. Because here in the U.S. we have Covid to worry about. And falling prices for Bitcoin. And a looming war with Russia over the post-Soviet boundaries of Ukraine (no, don’t ask). That is, we have big fish to fry because… well, it’s a superpower thing.

And you are also forgiven if much of what you might know about the Canadian truckers is just plain wrong. It reflects what corporate news media permit to see the light of day. Numerous outlets are worse than bad, they are mendacious. Associated Press, New York Times, Bloomberg. Ugh. Their reportage is awful. And on purpose, I suspect.

Let’s begin with the basics, with Maple Leaf 101 so to speak. Last week we had a line of big rig tractors that, at one point, stretched over 70 kilometers. That’s 45 miles. Of just trucks, mind you. Like you can see this segment, here:

Yes, trucks by the thousands. Tens of thousands. One rep from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police used the number 50,000; but that statistic quickly vanished from the ether.

And in one way or another, down one stretch or another, part way or all the way, these trucks drove from Vancouver to Ottawa, 3,000 miles more or less.

Plus hundreds of thousands of people. At least that scope of number and probably more; likely in the millions. Did you see them? Any videos? Aha… that media blackout.

Well, Canadians lined the roads, and I mean pretty much everywhere. In towns, hamlets and cities across the vast landscape…

…which means something when you’re talking about the second largest country in the world.

People were out and about in the cold and wind, up and down the highways. They stood on bridges. Waved flags. Held signs. Cheered the drivers. There’s no denying what happened.

Along the way, Canadians opened their homes to weary drivers. Food, shelter, a place to clean up. No less than Canadian First Nation tribes opened their doors as well, with shamans blessing the trucks and drivers (see here). There were accounts of First Nation war paint on some of the mighty tractors, harkening back to horse-mounted warriors of old!

And what of the limousine liberals who run Canada? The salon socialists? The apoplectic progressives, basking in the comforts of power? Ha! It was revolutionary. Except not a revolution of their making, let alone favoring their ambitious desires, limited understanding and minimal self-awareness.

This is truly a class war on display. The underlings versus the bosses. And yet it’s rather polite when you consider the stakes. It’s reminiscent of Gdansk, Poland in 1981. Or the Berlin Wall in 1989. But in this case, it’s just good ol’ Canadian truck drivers in the vanguard.

It began as a local protest by drivers in the prairie provinces who resent new Covid mandates to cross the border to and fro between Canada and the U.S. Until recently, they simply drove their rigs and delivered goods. Heroes, right? For two years they braved weather and potholes to keep the shelves stocked.

But no, that’s not good enough for the control freaks and medical bureaucrats. It’s a classic case of hero to zero.

As of mid-January, drivers all had to undergo additional Covid tests to cross the border, along with the prospect of a 14-day quarantine for some. And here’s another rub: it’s not that most of them are not “vaccinated,” as the saying goes. Per no less than the Canadian Trucking Association, over 90% of international drivers have taken the jab.

It’s more like the new restrictions – these new, so-called “mandates” that came from the bowels of unaccountable, capricious bureaucracy – are the last straw. The people who literally deliver the continent’s goods have had enough.

Since early 2020, drivers have put up with lockdowns and restrictions, with added expenses, with lost time and ridiculous delays, with government pettiness and (not to put too fine a point on it) with the medical, proto-fascist police state.

And finally, in the past ten days the lid blew off the pot. Protests kicked off against one more up-ratchet of burdensome border-crossing rules. And it all rapidly transformed into a movement: those 45 miles of trucks rolling down the road, which kind of makes a point, right? People are sick and tired of being over-governed, of being over-regulated. Enough is enough. It’s over, guys.

But in corridors of power, from provincial capitals to the federal seat at Ottawa, all of this comes across contrary to the upper-class world view. And no, the current crop of politicians and policymakers didn’t study this kind of social phenomenon at McGill or Queens, let alone during their American paper chasers at Harvard or Yale.

There’s a macabre humor in all of this. Canada’s ruling elite just don’t know what the hell to do when actual workers of the world unite and literally drive towards the seat of power.

The first instinct of most political cadre in Canada is to ignore protesters, certainly ones with whom they disagree. Maybe the bums will go away.

That is, don’t even give the truckers the courtesy of a minute on the evening news broadcast by state media, like that insipid CBC network. Per the standard propaganda manual, keep as many people in the dark as possible.

The media shadow ban worked for a few days until the rolling revolution became so big that it was impossible to ignore. That’s what 45 miles of protesting people and trucks will do, eh?

Then belittle them, of course. Bring out the snark, up to and including pure snot. That escalatory step is characteristic of Deep States everywhere. Stare down your long nose and sniffily, gratuitously insult people who have a serious beef towards the misgovernance of their nation.

And really, just who do those truckers think they are? Because the political class went to college, eh? And those bearded, ball-cap-wearing drivers may have been, at best, mere rankers in the Princess Pats. Hey, seriously… that’s what the elite people think.

Dutifully, Canada’s boy wonder Prime Minister Justin Trudeau walked to a podium and labeled the participants a “fringe minority.” He’s math-challenged apparently, because that would be several million Canadians he just disrespected, if the numbers lining Canada’s roads and highways are any indication.

Trudeau criticized protesters for flying what he called “racist flags.” Ah yes, that old devil… Apparently someone spotted a Confederate image flapping in the chill breeze, amidst the otherwise oceanic sea of maple leaf red and whites draped from vehicles and waved back and forth by absolute multitudes. So naturally, and per the manual of character assassination, just be a demagogue and tar everyone with one brush.

Trudeau seen wearing blackface during a 2001 Arabian Nights costume party.

Canada’s Finest: Prime Minister Justin “Blackface” Trudeau (Source)

As the protest line rolled towards Ottawa, Trudeau then announced that he had been exposed to Covid (“cough, cough”). And like miserable cowards down through the ages, Canada’s head of government went into hiding in a “secure location” per news accounts.

It’s typically gutless, if not emblematic of our era. Trudeau is a legacy politician, holding his job via a hereditary entitlement a la Trudeau Pere. But will he meet with representatives of a group that evidently has millions of backers? Perhaps sit down at a table and listen to what they have to say? “Jamais!” says the francophone, former yoga instructor.

Then later from his Trudeau Bunker, the petty Prime Minister lashed out even more sternly at the truck driver protest, stating “There is no place in our country for threats, violence or hatred.” Blah, blah.

All that, said his excellency, and they hold “unacceptable views.” Well, that’s it then, eh? “Unacceptable.” Settled. Q.E.D. Wisdom of Solomon on display there, yes?

Meanwhile, per local police there were no protest-related arrests over the past weekend, a time when the long caravan of vehicles drove through the main streets of Ottawa. For a sense of that crowd, see here:

Twitter avatar for @aginntAaron Ginn @aginnt

Canada isn’t going to take more lockdowns and COVID restrictions. Ottawa today👇🏼

Or here, just to get another sample of the general atmosphere:

Twitter avatar for @TPostMillennialThe Post Millennial @TPostMillennial

Trucks continue to fill Ottawa’s streets. Footage by @PuffinsPictures

Or here:

Twitter avatar for @News24WideWorldWideNews24 (XII) @News24Wide

Freedom Convoy 2022 Ottawa The place is PACKED. #freedomconvoy22 @BananaMediaQ

A video that highlights how First Nations representatives beat drums and called on ancient spirits to support the underlying protest.

And while we’re investigating first-hand facts, see this as well:

Twitter avatar for @TPostMillennialThe Post Millennial @TPostMillennial

MUST WATCH: Indigenous drummers join the Freedom Convoy! Listen to them talk about the importance of freedom.

“This is not the Canada I want to leave to my children” said the First Nations lady. “We want our freedom back,” she added. And “Trudeau, you have put humanity at risk.”

All this as hundreds of thousands of people marched in front of Canada’s elegant Parliament Building – the stately edifice guarded by SWAT troops, both on the ground and perched on the roof, armed with high powered sniper rifles.

Twitter avatar for @ThevoiceAlexaAlexandra Lavoie @ThevoiceAlexa

Recap of today at the parliament of Ottawa. Another day of peaceful protests. ConvoyReports.com#Canada #CanadaTruckers #TruckersForFreedom #ConvoidelaLiberte #ConvoyForFreedom

Oh yes, governance by firepower. Because that always works so well.

It’s as if Canadian politicians have a bad case of January 6-envy. Perhaps they’ll take a lesson from the U.S. and put a massive steel fence around Parliament, guarded by the sons and daughters of the truck drivers who joined the army because much of the oil industry has been shut down.

But the protest organizers were too smart for that particular bureaucratic ruse. They sent out instructions to all members of the truck line that no one – nobody! – was to set foot inside Parliament, even if invited by the friendly, smiling cops, let alone the government spies who walked amongst the peaceful protesters.

As for the alleged “racism” of it all, videos and other accounts indicate a very diverse crowd. White people, Black, Asian, South Asian, Brown, First Nations. And they had a few, shall we say, “colorful suggestions” for the Prime Minister.

What now? Where does it go from here? Well, the mayor of Ottawa wants everyone to leave, which is kind of a hoot. Because right now is the first time in two years that the region’s hotels and restaurants have been full. But the protest is disruptive, and government people are annoyed that all those prairie populists are driving about, honking horns and slowing the bureaucratic march to the next iteration of federal Canada.

Some truckers intend to remain in Ottawa for a while longer, per news accounts. Most will just fuel up, go home and get back to work. Because Canada is a hard-working country, even though it’s supposedly racist to say things like that.

All in all though, the point has been made. That is, despite the media blackout and related distortions, any politician with half a brain (I’m being charitable here) has to see the power of this movement. It’s millions. It’s national.

And what we just saw in Canada is a widespread, working-class tide that’s rising against the misgovernance of the country under the current regime of elite, incompetent big shots.

It’s not just a Canadian thing, either. Similar populist seismic activity is being detected in Europe, Australia and of course in the U.S. It’s just a question of time until the fault lines snap and we have the proverbial Big One.

Last word goes to a trucker named Jim, who said that the cross-country drive and Ottawa rally symbolized this to him: “It’s peaceful, hardworking, people, normally quiet. But when provoked, they will blow their horns. It’s a rally for women and children who have frozen their butts off on every single bridge. People with tears streaming down their faces. People who want their freedom. People who want their country. We’ve had two years, and you want five years of this? It’s going to turn into communism.”

On that note, I rest my case.

That’s all for now…  Thank you for subscribing and reading. Remember to share, far and wide.

Best wishes,

Byron W. King

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