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GOARCH Wants the Property Titles from the Parishes Through the New Charter!!


UPDATE (Monday, Feb. 7, 6.00 pm): It seems that our report on the “Questionnaire” on the New Charter by GOARCH caused quite a few people to lose their sleep, especially our focus on the question regarding the titles of property ownership and whether they should be owned by the Archdiocese, the Metropolis or the local parish. Some doubted whether our report is real: Of course, it is real and most certainly the question on property titles was included (in the last part of the questionnaire) – here it is you can see it with your own eyes QUESTION ON PROPERTY TITLES OF OWNERSHIP _20220207_0001

It was not us who first reported the news of the Barna Group Questionnaire and specifically the question on property titles; it was Th. Kalmoukos in TNH on January 31st – again here it is  QUESTION ON TITLES OF OWNERSHIP – THE NATIONAL  HERALD_20220207_0001, and we acknowledged it in our post published on Feb.4 (below).  But “mysteriously” TNH failed to post the same, absolutely significant, piece of news in English.  Then, after our post of Feb. 4, they finally posted the story on Feb. 6, BUT THE QUESTION ON PROPERTY TITLES HAD MAGICALLY DISAPPEARED! (Again, trust your eyes by linking here)… Are we surprised by the new disgraceful lows TNH has fallen? No, we are not, this is who they are, led by the disgraced former undersecretary, who was fired mid-flight for lying… As I have said, when the history of the Greek-American community is written, the blame for the pitiful state of affairs of GOARCH and the community organizations, will not only belong not to the numerous wrong-doers of all kinds but mostly to those who abdicated their journalistic duty and failed to report them. TNH will be on top of this list.

Helleniscope will return at a later point with analyses of the many issues related to the new Charter… 


Helleniscope has reported that in November 2020 GOARCH lost a significant legal case in the US Supreme Court when they (fighting along with the Episcopalians) asked the Court to rule that all church property belongs to the “Hierarchy”.  The legal precedent is very strong. But being the predatory wolves that they really are, they are now trying to grab it the only way left to them – by having the parishes sign off the property titles to them!! 

By Nick Stamatakis

Our readers surely remember one of our most important recent posts (November 20, 2021) where we revealed that GOARCH hired lawyers in order to file legal papers in the US Supreme Court (November 2020 – AMICUS BRIEF OF GOARCH) in support of the Hierarchy of the Episcopal Church against the breakaway Diocese of Austin, Texas).  In these legal papers the lawyers of GOA state: “All church property – regardless of which church entity it is held by – is held expressly for carrying out the faith and purpose of the Greek Orthodox Church. See Regulations of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (“Regulations”), Art. 16 § 1 (2007). Only the church hierarchy is vested with the authority to determine if a parish is carrying out the faith and purpose of the Greek Orthodox Church, so any property dispute is inherently entwined with ecclesiastical matters”…

The US Supreme Court refused to hear the case and so the Texas Supreme Court decision, which favored the breakaway parishes, prevailed.  We noted last November: “GOA lost and there is now a very strong legal precedent, which should be the foundation of any further action our parishes may take. But have no doubt we are dealing with predators who will stop at nothing… Don’t be fooled by the “smiling Phanariots” – behind the smiles the Istanbul thieves will not hesitate to show their teeth… This battle will be fought in Court…”

Not three months went by and the Archdiocese predators, are trying to achieve the same in a very sneaky, Phanariot, way.  In the process of discussing the new Charter, the Archdiocese hired a firm (BARNA Group) to submit a questionnaire to the members of the Charter Advisory Committee.  Why only these 77 members (you can see their names by linking here)? Because the Phanariots, have no intention to apply to this Church any of the moral principles of Orthodoxy regarding governance, which requires the formation of a “consensus” between the hierarchy and the faithful.  On the opposite, coming from authoritarian Turkey they act like Sultans and they relay in all directions that the “Church is not a democracy”…  Below you can see the announcement sent to these 77 members by the Archbishop…

The story along with a brief description of the questionnaire was first published by TNH and Th. Kalmoukos – strangely only in Greek (while the questionnaire is written only in English).  I was able to get a copy of this questionnaire from my sources and, since I have enough experience in composing questionnaires from years of social science graduate studies, I can tell you that this one is rather loose and confusing.  Many questions have self-evident responses and others are rather unnecessary. And some, very important questions, are missing.

Many questions refer to the structure of GOA and whether it should be more hierarchical or more decentralized.  This fact alone, for those of us who have an idea of the evolution of GOA charters from 1977 to 2003 and to this new one, reveals the true purpose of this “questionnaire” effort: It’s basically a smokescreen and a trial effort to promote centralization.  At the end of this post, I will list some of the questions just for our audience to have a taste of this questionnaire. But I will bypass any serious analysis – it is not worth it. What to say about a “new charter questionnaire” that does not ask the most important question: “Do you want GOA to be administratively autonomous from the Patriarchate, yes or no?” They did not dare ask this question because they know that even from this limited number of respondents – many of whom are part of the Church establishment (Archons, Leaders, Senators, etc.) – the answer would be a resounding YES.  Had they asked all members of the parish councils nationwide the same question the answer would be an overwhelming YES

But they found a way to sneak in towards the end of the list (roughly a total of 30 questions) the bombshell they were truly interested in:  Who should hold the title of ownership of parish properties? And the choices are a) The parish b) the Metropolis and c) the Archdiocese… The predators from Turkey will stop at nothing before they can put their dirty hands on the properties bought with the sweat and blood of five generations of Greek-Americans…

My friends, I am not sure how this predatory plan will unfold but it seems that the Phanariot wolves’ first effort will be to make the parish councils sign off the titles “voluntarily”. As they have shown many times over the years (and recently in Astoria) the parish councils serve at their will: if they don’t like a member they fire them!! So, they will make the priests – who are totally dependent on the Phanariot predators for their salaries and benefits – send the message to the parish council to “obey” the “Turks”… The Phanariots know they will face resistance in some or many parishes but they will take what they can now and they will wait to grab everything at a later moment… They have shown in many ways that they are not here for faith and ministry, they are here for business…

So what do we do and where do we go from here?

In the November 20, 2021 article I said that it is imperative that parish councils begin to prepare for a fight over their assets.


  1. Form committees, take this very seriously.
  2. Keep copies of all your important documents (real estate docs/deeds, donations) in a safe place outside of your parish. 
  3. Consult with real estate and corporate formation attorneys, formally and informally.
  4. Review and understand your own parish incorporation, bi-laws, and governance.
  5. Consider the creation of separate 501(c)3 foundations to which donors will contribute, keeping all donations out of parish coffers and out of reach of the bad actors in charge.
  6. Prepare for litigation. Know your options.
  7. Withhold GOA monthly stipends.

Finally, over the last few weeks I have heard voices of desperation from many corners, voices that echo the atmosphere of revolt against corrupt and abusive authorities in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and all over the world: IT IS TIME FOR ALL OF US TO DEMONSTRATE OUTSIDE THE 79TH STREET HEADQUARTERS!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AB ELPIDOKTONOS! GET THE FAITHLESS, HALF-EDUCATED “TURKS” YOU BROUGHT TO AMERICA AND GO BACK WHERE YOU BELONG! IN AMERICA YOU ARE AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE A FOREIGN BODY!!


SAMPLE OF QUESTIONS included in the questionnaire (actually they represent the great majority and give you a very good idea of the total of about 30 questions).

  • Which provisions of the 2003 charter should be removed or revised in the new charter?
  • What ideas do you suggest for the Church in America to better engage youth?
  • Would you agree or disagree? There should be greater emphasis on the use of English in the Church both officially and liturgically.
  • The Holy Archdiocese of America is an Eparchy of the Mother Church of Constantinople. Should the name of the Ecumenical Patriarch be commemorated in each divine liturgy?
  • Do you believe the Church in America should return to a structure comprised of individual dioceses, shepherded by auxiliary bishops, all under the leadership of the Archbishop?
  • Should the organization of the Archdiocese be more centralized (with more authority and accountability to the Archdiocese as one indivisible unit in its entirety) or more distributed (with more authority the Metropolises?
  • Should the responsibilities and the rights of the Archbishop under the charter be strengthened, diminishes, or left the same?
  • Should the responsibilities and the rights of the Metropolitans under the charter be strengthened, diminishes, or left the same?
  • Should the current structure of Metropolises remain the same or change?
  • What would be the key benefits of a more centralized organization? (list of 4 benefits follows with an open answer invited in the end).
  • What would be the key benefits of a more distributed approach? (list of 4 benefits follows with an open answer invited in the end).
  • When a decision is made by the Eparchial Synod should there be a mechanism to ensure that the Metropolises consistently implement the decisions to avoid inconsistencies and lack of unified response?
  • Should there be any age (mandatory retirement age) or term restrictions for hierarchs?
  • Should the qualifications for the Archbishop change? If yes, in what way they should change?
  • Should the qualifications for the elected Metropolitan or Auxiliary Bishop change? If yes, in what way they should change?
  • A few questions about the authority of the CleryLaity Congress and the local C-L Congresses as well as the Metropolitans and the Eparchial Synod…

February 4, 2022, n.stamatakis@aol.com   www.helleniscope.com

DISCLAIMER: This is an expression of the writer’s opinion on matters affecting the public interest and in no way constitutes legal advice.

Helleniscope calls on each and every one of you, clergy and laity, to follow this link to change.org and sign the declaration of Independence of our Church from the Patriarchate 


  1. Thx for great report which, sadly, confirms what we’ve predicted. Tragic for us.

    Couple reasons why goa isn’t and hasn’t been a 501 c 3:
    Epi suspended charter, as he thinks he’s still amid his turk surroundings and practices.
    No charitable organization can operate without operational charter
    Then epi promotes causes outside theIr stated scope : greenness, jibbies, “choice,” gender “choice,” turkish taffy tax, to name a few.
    Then there’s the organized crime facet comprised of the senate, 100’s, archons, and the such. I wonder where the syndicates’ loyalties will lie, as many of their parents scraped together what they could to build our parish churches and to promote our faith.
    The only solution is a full irs investigation. But epi and the gang will probably flee to more temperate climes where they’ve built manses w our money before the poo poo hits the fan.
    God help us all

  2. Who’s going to work the gyro and calamari booths now to pay the turkish taffy tax??? Epi should have published his vlakia stupidity money grab after all the fests were over and monies skimmed

  3. Hell NO! I have sent this article to someone to spread the word in one parish. The land was given to the parish and when the elderly lady died the parish got the rest of her land as I recall. They also have quite a few million as they were going to build a new church. This is pure evil. This is forcing priests to manipulate their flock. And who knows who will get kickbacks? This is awful. This is against our Lord. This is shameful.

  4. Well….if the parish are stupid enough to do this, then they have no one else to blame but themselves!

    Wake up and smell the Turkish coffee! Wow!
    Legalized mafia gangster rat bastards!

  5. Yes, wake up and smell the Turkish coffee! Flee from the GOA…your brothers and sisters in the OCA and AOCA await you with open arms!

  6. If the parishes just sit quiet and follow orders and send the money like sheep to the shearling pen ,then they are entirely responsible for outcome. I fear the more back boned spirits have already left this sinking Turkish ship.
    One can u understand totally these actions from the financial and political needs of the Phanar , makes perfect sense.
    But as followers of Christ. ?I leave you all to give yr own answers.

  7. I have been thinking about the debauchery of the GOA leaders all night. These filthy tyrants will use their own priests to connive the good flock to sign over church property rights.

    How can the congregation go to Confession with their priest ‘who is forced’ under the guise of “obedience” to their bishops, Archbishop, and Patriarch living thousands of miles away? The priests are being abused in front of Christ. In front of Christ…

  8. Memo to Nick Stamatakis:
    re: signing Petition above –
    more people would sign if they didn’t have to leave their names for public scrutiny,
    like priests & others in positions connected to church.
    My suggestion:
    why not just a vote?

      • Agree Jane. Truth is light!
        We are called to the truth rooted in God’s Word and covenants.

        Gatanas, one can no longer remain hidden behind the lies of deceit and darkness. It’s way past time those who have faith and live on the light of Christ, reveal the evil within the darkness! Speak up and out with courage and faith for God promises where two or more are gathered in His name, our petitions will be multiplied.

  9. Jane…you’re right again, it is abuse. Most parish priests are being persecuted each day of their existence. They can’t speak, nor write about what they really feel. It’s disheartening to say the least….

    Ultimately, they will have to make difficult choices for themselves and their families just like thousands of us who lost our jobs due to vaxx mandates.

    I will not comply….why do they?

    We have to fight the dark forces and look in the face of adversity and evil and scream, I live and die for Jesus Christ!!! ☦️ Make wise choices….

    • Because they are chicken skata. On Rasputin’s desk sits three monkeys:
      Here no evil
      See no evil
      Talk no evil.
      If one does not see it, then it doesn’t simply exist? If one does not see, then one lives in darkness.
      If one doesn’t confront or address the immorality exposed within and outside the church, then “I’m okay and you’re okay?
      What hypocrites! Leave the darkness and run with humility into the lightness of Christ.

  10. This is a very sad moment for the Greek orthodox Church. Many of these churches were formed at the turn of the 20th century with the blood, sweat and tears of people who rode the steam ships at sat in steerage passage. Now we are going to turn over what are parents our grandparents and our great grandparents Work so hard for and turn it all over to the turks. Some of these churches owned properties other than just the church apartments strip malls and we’re going to turn it all over to money grubbing Turks. This is just the beginning the church is losing members and churches are going to close it’s inevitable and they’re getting ready to dip their hands in the cookie jar just like they did of Saint Nicholas shrine in New York City. We need to break away from turkey and the patriarchate.

    • If the following is true, time is of the essence. Do not give in.

      “ The Higher Committee of Human Fraternity is now constructing a one world religious headquarters in the UAE called the Abrahamic Family House which will consist of a Church, Mosque and a Jewish Temple located all together in a complex at the Capital of the UAE.

      The project is being monitored closely by the Pope, and Grand Imam Ahmed el-Tayeb of al-Azhar, who both condoned the new project.”

  11. Same happening in Australia!
    Community parishes that are over 50 years old and that have been consecrated ar now being advised to either hand over the deeds to the property to the GOA (Australia) or be seperated from the Archdiocese.
    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  12. What we need is faithful priests, and monasticsd from the monasteriers, to stand up against these wolves and vultures.

    Why do they continue to remain silent?

    Why have they left the flock with the wolves?

    Elder Ephraim was a spiritual giant and the monastics from the monasteries could swat these wolves down in a heartbeat.

    Until this happens there is no hope for change.

  13. Mario Murillo speaks truths most Greek Orthodox priests will never acknowledge for they live in fear of reprisal. Fear of what is what I ask? One must fear the wrath of God rather than man. Better to go public and risk everything than to remain sitting quiet and dismissive as if you don’t know the difference or any better.

  14. Time for Greek typikon parishes to find other Orthodox jurisdictions to align with…the only thing the Archdiocese has leverage over right now is sending or not sending a priest…so, if you go to another Archbishop in the US (there are many Orthodox ones to choose from), that leverage goes away, and to be honest, THAT’s what they are really scared of….

    Realistically though, there are so many “luke-warm” members in most parishes, that it may be tough to collect enough votes to implement such a solution. If current trends continue, many of these parishes will (in due time) gladly commemorate the Pope of Rome – because quite simply, luke-warm goes to cold very quickly….Some smaller or more conservative parishes though, might, and should consider the “move” anyway…

  15. Lukewarm Americans. Yes. They are busy shopping and commenting on social media. They do not understand their responsibility to keep liberty for the next generation. Anesthetized and dumbed down by the powers that be.

  16. “Because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” Rev 3:16

    We all have difficult choices to make. Soon, our parish priests will have to as well…. I hope they choose wisely. 🙏🏻

    I know I have. ☦️

  17. Arch has a punch list of parishes with most assets he will aggressively try to pursue those. They will be the most difficult to take over because they are composed of many members. The smaller parishes with small boards will be consumed almost immediately.. Watch out Archangel Michael, St Demetrios Astoria, Kimisis Brooklyn.. They are waiting to devour you and all that your community has built WITHOUT any monetary support from the Archdiocese ever! Keep in mind the dues you pay to the Archdiocese is free money for them to rubber stamp your weddings and baptism or divorces.. Their finance committee comes up with these astronomical numbers every year which always seem to go up!
    How they even think they are equipped to directly take over parishes is beyond me.. they have demonstrated nothing but negligence with the St Nicholas Ground Zero building project, and let’s not forget the clergy pension plan that was mismanaged. You can’t make this stuff up!

  18. I guarantee you after this weekend’s “big” Charter Meeting and soiree at the Ritz Carlton Beach Resort in Naples (where only top dollars need be spent for a few days/nights reprisal from the cold weather up North can be obtained during the high seasonal months of Jan-April), the AB ELPIDOKTONOS has the Naples GO Church St Katherine on the top of his list due to the HOT, HOT, HOT real estate market here in Naples.

    BTW, Nick any feedback yet as to the content of the meeting/”Unity”/”Charter” conference???


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