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To Angelina and Mikaela :
The road to independence
There is no better feeling, other than being independent and in order
to become independent, you have to be able to manage your talents and/or your
wealth yourself. Having your own business is not a problem if you believe in God,
yourself and having always next to you the love of your family.
If your talents were to be managed by others, then you think that they would work
for you, but it is exactly the opposite, you work for them.
Their wealth is YOU, they are speculating on you.
I came to America economically naked, my foundations, in addition to being
 optimistic and hopeful in front of an unknwn world, were God, the
blessings of my entire family and the bottomless love of my wife 
(your Yaya) Nina, that I left behind and in a very short period we reunited 
and our lives since then became better and better.
Yourselves are in much, much better situation, among the talents that nature gave
you, you have the financial foundation and the only thing you need to
become successfully independent is the powers to believe in yourselves and the will
to help yourselves and  be able to help others.
Also have in mind that your best friends is your family, you do not
need many friends the ancient Greeks were saying more than two 
is too many. Most of the too many  are flatterers...
The road to independence is:
Be mentally independent(good education).
Be economically independent 
Be ethically independent 
In this way you will be able to be truly independent and taste the sweetness
to feel and live independent.
Love you..!
Pappous Stelios
Last night  at the "Organic Bee" Restaurant we became the beehive  of the
bees. Let’s do it again.



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