Our friends, George Mihalopulos and Gail Sheppard of Monomakhos.com have asked us to inform our audience about some technical problems they are experiencing. 
“For those of you who follow Monomakhos, you may have noticed some issues accessing that site. Its publishers have asked Helleniscope to put out this bulletin to inform you that Monomakhos is experiencing some technical difficulties (which may or may not be related to the present crisis in Ukraine)…  In any event, please be patient as we are working behind the scenes to resolve these issues in an expeditious manner.”  Thank you, George & Gail.”


  1. Good luck Mr. Monomakhos…
    this reminds me of disappearance of another
    great Orthodox blog called OXI!

    OXI, after they reported last year on
    gay sex scandal on feckless, puppet known as AB Elpidoforos — was taken down.
    Never to be seen again !

  2. Mono shouldn’t have any cyber problems because they have always loved the Russians and think them holier and more righteous than anyone else. I haven’t heard that Kyrill has condemned this war, you know why? Because Russian Orthodoxy is a corrupt mafia and chaplain to Putin for $4B in gas and oil concessions that the bishops run. Where is their often mentioned Father Gleason who moved his wife and 8 kids to Siberia from America and urged us all to do the same because the West is so corrupt ? The Russians are not holy and not Orthodox. They are bigoted racist tyrants and phonies who hate the Jewish Zelensky and his Jewish Foreign Minister. Only American Orthodoxy has a chance (not GOA either).

    The Kremlin has a Twitter account but Trump is banned. Biden offered to exfiltrate Z and Z said I don’t need a ride, I need ammo. Woke equals Weak. Biden sent blankets, Trump sent Javelin anti- tank missiles.

    • Nobody has ever claimed that the Russian Patriarchate does not go hand in hand with the Kremlin, neither us nor Michalopulos. But if somehow you want to see the difference take a look at their recent statements. On the one hand, you have Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and Met. Onufriy of Kiyv basically doing the same thing as Pope Benedict (praying for peace and praying for all involved to be safe). And on the other hand, you have Bartholomew, Elpidophoros and the newly “autocephalous” Epiphany of Ukraine making the same statements politicians make. There is a difference: The second have lost the sense of their status as Church leaders. They are not simply pawns but they are presenting themselves as such… They have hit bottom – and those in the West who are using them are losing their money and their credibility.
      But please do not underestimate the role the Russian church played in restoring balance among the people after 70 horrible years of communism…

  3. My Christian friend ….HollyRussia can you
    imagine the world without the HollyRussia?
    All people will live like animals …. Take a free look
    to the life in the west , there are no ethics , men
    becoming women and the other way.
    Education is at very very low level. Science is
    not education. There is lack of encyclopaedic
    education in general in the west and specific in

  4. A major- recent poll coming out of Greece is doubly distressing. In order of their priorities, those 18-35 sampled in the poll- labeled themselves EUROPEANS first, GREEKS second, ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS third.

    • Again, like Putin he is responding but he did not start anything. Who started it? Bartholonew and Elpidoktonos. They took political position and Kirill followed. That does lot justify Kirill’s statement but it is good to note who started the wrongful act. It would make sense in any setting and especially in a courtroom that would seek the truth.

    • “HolyRussia”…no trolling, please. This war is terrible enough as it is. Basically, as it always is…West pushes against East, and East pushes against West. And, who gets to suffer…the Ukrainian people. Let’s all do the right thing, and pray for peace!

  5. An earlier poster implicated GOA (I am assuming GOARCH is meant here). It should be noted that my Church is completely subject to the narrative of the modern Left, the breaking of whose rules is the real reason for these online retaliations.

    Orthodoxy in America is too small to have any real teeth, but given the magnifying glass of the news, represents a convenient piñata to crush and loot virtue from for young Leftist or Libertarian antitheists and Neoconservative Protestant “patriots” looking for any excuse to leave a number two on anything traditionally Christian.

    Nevermind that we (GOARCH) are **in full communion with the very Ukranian Churches whose recognition by Bartholomew caused the most significant schism in a millennium, with the very Russian Church you assume we unquestionably support on the other side of this schism,** and never mind that GOARCH Bishops and their immediate leaders in Constantinople are all but in full communion with Pope Francis what with a common agreement on everything from the legitimate problem of man-made damage to Creation, to the vast majority of its solely humanist and destructive solutions, to many other worldly-driven, globally focused initiatives and man-focused alterations to Orthodox and ancient Catholic liturgies and ways of life.

    Nevermind all of that. It’s too long and too distracting for the modern mind to digest. It lacks the quippy shaming that is ubiquitous in a world of Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok. It doesn’t fit with the simplistic “Putin bad, Putin Orthodox, you Orthodox … you bad!” narrative, and God knows that long gone is the notion of calling someone else your brother and listening to his side of things, despite hierarchical and now significant geopolitical disagreements. May it never be! The square peg will be squashed into the round hole and your associative guilt WILL be established no matter what; “My will be done” and all that.

    God help all of us miserable sinners.


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