By Alex Aliferis


Why the hatred for Christian Russia by the Globalists?

Has there been a study of Christian Russia lately? Vladimir Putin came to power in Russia in 1999. The Globalist elites like George Soros and his Russian oligarchs were partaking in the total loot of Russian resources while the Russians lived in poverty. George Soros funds the elections for the Democrat Party, Secretary of State, District Attorney to subvert and destroy the USA within. Soros funds his puppets in Athens, Greece like Mitsotakis, Tsipras, and Papandreou.

Putin jailed the Russian Oligarchs and kicked out George Soros and his foundations. After 1999, Putin restored the Russian economy. Putin followed advice by Steve Forbes for a flat income tax. Putin surprised Steve Forbes with the 13% flat income tax rate. This means Russian citizens who make $5 million dollars a year pay 13% in income tax. It means those who earn $24,000 a year pay 13% income tax.

In the past ten years, wealthy Europeans have fled high-taxed France, Germany for freedom in Russia. Ethnic Germans who are sick of high crime, high taxes, and illegal Muslim immigration have immigrated to Russia from Germany. Russia is allowing Christian European South African farmers to settle and farm in Russia.

Edward Snowden and Steven Seagal have fled the USA for Russia. Both are heroes for exposing the Deep State in Washington DC.

Putin promotes a pro-family Russian agenda. In other words, ethnic Russian citizens who marry and have kids get loans to purchase homes/appliances, tax credits, and money.

Putin rebuilt 30,000 Russian Orthodox Churches destroyed by Globalist-funded Bolshevik Communists in 1917. I will go into detail in another op-ed of how President Wilson and US State Department gave Leon Trotsky, a US passport in 1917. He boarded a ship with four hundred agents and cash to Russia to start the Bolshevik Communist Revolution. The Wall Street Bankers paid Trotsky while he lived in New York City. The German Kaiser gave Lenin $10 million and free passage in a secret train from Switzerland via Germany for Russia during the height of WWI.

Putin addressed the illegal human/child sex trafficking of Russian women to foreign nations. Transnational criminal gangs lured 500,000 Russian women into the sex trade across the world in the 1990s.

Russia’s Putin put a stop to illegal immigration to Russia. He protects Russian jobs.

Putin put a stop to President Obama’s drive to overthrow Assad of Syria. Christians worldwide came to Syria to fight with the Syrian Christian, Assyrian Christian, and Kurdish militias. Christian Russia stepped stopped this illegal war started by Obama/Clinton’s State Department from 2011-2016. Russia helped stabilize Libya against the US Deep State’s ISIS. Obama/Clinton destroyed one of Africa’s richest nations, Libya. Putin put a stop to the CIA-created war in Chechnya with Chechen fighters funneled from Turkey. Now, Chechnya is a flourishing province with a reconstructed Grozny.

Russia has been on alert to who is inside Russia given a history of near destruction by foreign empires and foreign agents. Napoleon’s invasion almost led to the destruction of Russia. The Crimean War was a disaster for the Ottoman Turkish/British Empires. In the end, Russia liberated Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, the Republic of Georgia, Armenia from the Ottoman Muslim Turks. Russia made an alliance with Nazi Germany. However, the Nazis surprised the Russians with an invasion.

The Greek War of Independence started with the Philiki Etaipeia in Odessa, Russia. Greece owes its liberty from Muslim Turkish slavery to Greeks living and working in Russia. Count Ioannis Kapodistrias served as the Foreign Ministrer of the Russian Empire before 1821.

In other words, Putin’s Russia is not Globalist.

Russia kicked out the Globalists and rebuilt their nation within.

Putin carries a ‘Russia First’ agenda.

Alex Aliferis has worked in Washington D.C. on issues linked to Greece, and Cyprus.

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  1. Alex Aliferis: great article…
    you forgot to mention
    President Vladimir Putin doesn’t put up with homosexual parades or any gay agendas.
    Thank You Jesus!

    Unlike Constantinople Patriarch Bartholomew who’s done nothing edifying but instead loots our money & upgrades closet homosexuals in Orthodox robes — just despicable.

  2. May God bless Mother Russia. ☦️ She needs our prayers. Ravenous wolves are nipping at The Bear. Do your research, folks. Do not let MSN force feed you false propaganda.

  3. I’m packing my bags! ❤️ ✈️

    Bravo Putin, for keeping Orthodoxy alive and the world safe!

    “For we have not here an abiding city, but we seek after the city which is to come.” Heb 13:14

    Please be mindful of the lives being lost each day. Let us not judge and be co-responsible to the crimes and be condemned. Let us follow the elders and our holy saints; their spiritual struggle and spiritual laws in Christ. ☦️

  4. Queen, have a safe trip. Easy answer, Russia is not Christian. If it is Russia who is keeping Orthodoxy alive, God help us. Putin is closer to being anti-Christ than Christian.

  5. Jk… maybe you should ask the sisters at
    St Elizabeth’s Monastery in Belarus or the Optina Monastery near Moscow. They will tell you about Russian Christian faith…..

  6. Queen, of course there are pockets of faith. But the country can not be considered a Christian country. Check out the abortion laws and statistics. Christian countries don’t kill unborn children. Again, have a great trip.

  7. Jk, unfortunately, abortion is prevalent in most countries, Orthodox Christian Greece and the Ukraine included…. Although according to the links above, it seems that Putin is on a trajectory of changing that for his people.

    Pro life and Pro Traditional Family initiatives being promoted:

    I would hope that Orthodox Christian Greece would follow Putin’s model and put an end to the murder of innocent, unborn children being killed each day. Greece must follow and take a traditional family, building capacity, stance. I pray that they change their ways and repent.

  8. Queen, you are correct about Greece and other so called Orthodox countries In fact, you prove my point, there are no Christian countries, Russia included. “Trust not in princes and sons of men for in them there is no salvation.


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