EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Mehmet Perincek is an acclaimed Turkish historian and an expert on the Armenian Genocide – as he used Russian/Soviet archives to present evidence.  He is among the top experts in Russia and he is known to have excellent sources. This is eye-popping news on what is really taking place in Ukraine.
Published at uwidata.com

By Mehmet Perinçek
Feb 26, 2021

Ukraine and Russia were about to come to an agreement just before the start of the Russian military operation. The United States has sabotaged that agreement.

Mehmet Perinçek has provided United World International with crucial information on the start of the military operation.

Perinçek explained that one day before the beginning of the military operation, the participants of the Normandy format, Germany, France Ukraine, and Russia held a meeting. In this meeting, Russia demanded from Ukraine neutrality concerning NATO.

Perinçek stated the following:

“There is an important detail contributing to the inevitability and start of this military operation. Representatives of Ukraine and Russia meet with the other participants of the Normandy Format one day before the start of operations. Here, the Russian side demands from Ukraine a declaration of neutrality. Ukraine accepts this demand. But just one hour later, they change their mind and reject it. Within this hour, it is observed that they contact representatives of the United States. And the United States stops Ukraine from declaring neutrality.”

Perinçek continued:

“This is the reason for the harsh and uncompromising position that Russian President Putin displays afterward. Russia has been given a promise, which is cancelled one hour later. All Ukraine had to do is to declare neutrality, just as Finland had done before. When Ukraine rejected that demand, the operation has started.”


  1. Wow. The Western unelected internationalist billionaires are moving forward at lightening speed to install their global dictatorship.

    Next step: Destroy sovereign traditional Orthodox Christian Russia by using Ukraine.

    Can it get more wicked than this?

  2. Don’t worry, Team Apocalypse will not have their wicked ways come to fruition.
    Heresies and the heterodox have always existed, but never for too long. Don’t mess with the power of God!

    True Orthodoxy will prevail….. ☦️


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