EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): The post below (from the “unz review”) explains it all in great detail.  We should note here two things: First, the “War Party” is in a desperate situation, as they are running out of options to do anything in Ukraine other than waging a propaganda war which they have done.  They know they cannot go face-to-face with Russia militarily and they probably have figured out that their sanctions of Russian oil and gas imports will backfire and send oil prices to over $150 a barrel soon which will mean disaster for the world economy. This happens because these “geniuses” chose to pursue their “anti-Russia” agenda at the same time they were pursuing their “climate change” agenda (and so they cannot allow the domestic production of more oil and gas – and even if they did, it would not be enough to replace Russia’s oil and gas in world markets).  Second, Sen. Lindsey Graham’s late “Brother in Arms”, Sen. Mc Cain, who famously “never saw a war he did not like”, has warned that “there are no vital US interests in Ukraine”. 

The globalist cabal is in desperation: They are expelling Russian students from European universities (the Chinese students are fine!) and they are canceling Russian Ballet performances and Russian athletes among an array of idiotic “sanctions”.  But they did not (yet) sanction Russian oil and gas!!! Apparently, some are not as retarded as they seem… So they are left with calls to “assassinate” Putin…


Sean Hannity Calls for Putin Assassination as Ultimate Retardedness Intensifies

By Andrew Anglin – unz.com

On Wednesday night, Fox News host Sean Hannity called for the assassination of Vladimir Putin, saying he has “forfeit his right to live.”

He first said that he hoped that people around him assassinate him, then he called for a change in international law which prohibits the assassination of foreign leaders.


It’s really like deja vu all over again to see Fox News – Hannity in particular – back on his game from twenty years ago. I remember watching this guy during the Iraq War talking about all of the atrocities that Saddam Hussein was committing, and going into this unhinged rage about how America needs to kill people.

There is only so much I can even take. He had Ari Fleischer on.

For those younger among you – Fleischer is a Jewish neocon who served as George Bush’s version of Jen Psaki during the Iraq invasion. He was the press secretary who kept talking about intelligence showing Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and was planning to invade America.

Someone who did what Fleischer did, playing this role in faking this hoax that got thousands of Americans killed and millions of Arabs – for literally no reason other than the alleged security interests of Israel – would retire from public life completely, in total shame. Or, in his case, he might move to Israel, and get a job there. But instead, he is brought on as an expert on how we need to do a really serious war against Russia.

Hannity is claiming that Putin is losing the war so badly that he has begun using cluster bombs on civilian neighborhoods. This is the wackiest thing.

The biggest difference between this and Iraq is that when Hannity was pumping that war, three large buildings had just been blown up in New York City.

The other big difference is that after Donald Trump, who did succeed in changing America’s mind about foreign wars, this conservative agenda for war cannot yet include calls for an American invasion of Russia, or even boots on the ground in the Ukraine to fight Russian soldiers.

But that will change. They are hyping up this atrocity propaganda to maximum level, as they prepare to call for a no-fly zone aggressively, which will mean starting a war with Russia. Please remember that this is at the same time they are saying that Putin has gone completely insane, and will start firing nukes if he is backed into a corner. It seems like if you actually believed that, you’d be saying “maybe we should just agree to talks with Russia, restore Ukraine’s neutrality status, and end the war.”

Understand that: this could be ended at any time by simply ending the push for the Ukraine to join NATO and the EU. Putin isn’t going to give back the south of the country, but he’d let them keep Kiev and most of the rest of the country if the Americans and NATO simply agreed to go back to neutrality. He’s said that clearly.

Hannity and Fox were the key figures pushing the idea that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 911, and that he had weapons of mass destruction. So I guess it shouldn’t be surprising he is pushing these “mindlessly slaughtering women and children” narratives. But it’s still wild to see.

There is a woman, Victoria Spartz, who is apparently a Ukrainian-American Congressperson, who I didn’t even know existed. She has a thick accent. She was on Hannity Wednesday night saying that gangs of mercenaries are going into villages and shooting women and children.

Because they can’t call for open war yet, the main thing that Fox News is calling for is energy sanctions, blocking the sale of all Russian energy to the West.

Those are probably coming. I don’t know how they couldn’t be, with the pitch that this narrative has reached.

I saw that black woman on Fox News, I forget her name (she is very white presenting and the only black female host on Fox), and she was saying that it will spike the price of gasoline in an extreme way, but said that Americans should start riding bicycles as a sacrifice for the democracy of the Ukraine.

I’m not joking. I wish I had the clip. She said that people should give up driving cars and start riding bicycles in order to protect human rights in the Ukraine.

It’s just…

Imagine what the Jews have done to the Palestinians in recent memory. Imagine the invasion of Lebanon.

Also, do people remember Rwanda? And all of these other wars in Africa where entire villages were getting machine-gunned down or chopped up with machetes?

What about what is going on right now in Yemen, which is supported by the United States? No one can say that is not much worse than what is happening in the Ukraine.

And that is without even going into what the United States has done itself in my lifetime. The invasion of Iraq was a complete slaughter. The US killed millions of people. They leveled the entire city of Baghdad. It was just indiscriminate slaughter.

Also – it took 20 days. People keep saying “Putin is losing the war because it is taking him a week to win.” Well, Iraq was “shock and awe.” No one can say Putin is doing “shock and awe.” Even in Kharkiv – Fox News itself, the lead propaganda outlet, was whining about four (4) civilian deaths yesterday. They said the entire civilian death toll – which I guarantee is mostly partisans throwing Molotovs at soldiers and trucks – is less than 2,000, through the entire week. I don’t know how that jives with “going into villages and slaughtering everyone.”

The strategy of saying “Biden isn’t doing the war hard enough” is smart. I mean, Biden’s people started the war by trying to move NATO into the Ukraine, and completely refusing to negotiate on neutrality. Russia gave a list of demands that were really reasonable – just saying “we just don’t want NATO on our border, we need a buffer. We’ve tolerated this endless expansion, but now it’s on our direct border, and you’re talking about short range missiles openly, and this is a red line. Please just back off and let’s have peace.”

Biden’s people refused to even discuss this, and kept walking out of meetings, or refusing to meet at all.

So, Biden started the war – but he isn’t fighting the war hard enough. That’s their narrative.

Fox keeps playing this clip of Kamala Harris saying “basically, the Ukraine is a country…”


I am about as critical of that bitch as I am of anyone, but the clip is from “The Morning Hustle.” It’s a black show. She is trying to get black people on board with the war, and when you are talking to black people about something like this, you have to start with “basically, the Ukraine is a country.”

I’m not defending Kamala, but it’s the dumbest attack.

The West is Getting These People Slaughtered

There is zero chance that the Ukraine can win a war against Russia. That is an insane proposal.

This is like if Texas tried to secede and it was invaded by the US Military and the Russian media was broadcasting nonstop propaganda that the Texas National Guard was going to win a war against the US military, because Texans have such a strong fighting spirit.

Whatever you think of Russia, this is a matter of numbers. Adolf Hitler – who had a pretty good army – sent nearly 4 million troops to fight Russia with at the time extremely advanced weaponry, and lost really badly.

There is nothing more irresponsible than the West continuing to tell the Ukrainians they can win this war, that they are going to send them all these weapons, and they will repel the invasion. The Ukrainian media is saying the same thing, and is trying to block all Russian media that is trying to explain to these people the basic math of the situation.

The West is saying they’re sending all these weapons – how are they going to get the weapons into the country? Russia already bombed all the airfields, and Russia has complete control of all Ukrainian airspace. There is no possible way to fly weapons in. So they are going to do what? They are going to drive the weapons in across the Polish border?

Even if Russia didn’t bomb the weapons convoys – or just stop them on the road – there is no possible way they are going to get the weapons into Kiev, which is already surrounded. Honestly, I don’t even understand what these people are talking about when they say they are sending all these weapons. It has been sort of addressed in the media, they’ve at least noted it for anyone who has basic cognitive functionality, and they’ve said they don’t know how the weapons are going to get into the country.

Even with massive amounts of Western military hardware, Ukraine would still lose the war – it would just mean that a lot more people would die. But right now, making this claim about Western weapons is just a way to give these people false hope, and keep them shoving themselves into a meat grinder.


The West is also implying that there might be a NATO no-fly zone over the Ukraine, or some other form of serious military aid. They are just filling the minds of the people with dreams of lollipops and candy canes.

No sane person thinks that the Ukraine is going to win this war. It is just utterly goofy nonsense.

What the West wants is as many dead civilians and bombed out buildings as possible, so they are stringing the Ukrainian military, and whatever percentage of the civilian population is against a Russian takeover (that isn’t clear, but we know from pre-Maidan elections that it is less than half). They are trying to create a massive atrocity situation.

This is why they are advising the Ukrainian military to take up positions in residential areas or other areas with high civilian populations. They are trying to force Russians to kill as many civilians as possible. (Obviously, in any war, civilians are going to die, but Russia went in with a policy of minimizing civilian casualties at the expensive of higher Russian military casualties.)

The footage we’ve seen from Kharkiv specifically shows that they are seeing some success with this strategy. As we’ve reported, the mayor of Kharkiv tried to surrender to the Russian military, but then the Ukraine military moved in more heavily and started fighting the Russians.


No one wants to see death and destruction, other than the West, who wants to paint Putin as a mass murdering psychopath who indiscriminately slaughters civilians.

Basically, the Western strategy is to force Russia to completely level much of the Ukraine. That means, in any rational analysis, that the West is completely responsible for all of the deaths in the Ukraine. The only logical thing for the Ukraine to do would have been to immediately surrender, and for Zelensky to resign, and to allow the Russians to install an intermediary government to hold new elections, at which point neutrality could be reinstated.

Everyone who knows anything understands that the current government of the Ukraine is a revolutionary government installed by the West, following the revolution they funded in 2014. And everyone understands that this government is only able to hold power by banning opposition media and opposition political figures (there have also been assassinations). Putin tolerated this, as long as neutrality was maintained, but the West refused to maintain neutrality, and attempted to get Ukraine into NATO and the EU.

The level of disinformation coming out of the media is completely out of control. It’s actually shocking. The fact that the right-wing is going along with this lunacy really proves that there is not any kind of solution to the problems of the United States. We are just doomed. The media has complete control over people’s thoughts. I think many conservatives will be willing to pay $9 for a gallon of gas – or ride a bike through the snow to the grocery store – in order to back the fight against the evil Russian regime.

Tucker Carlson is going to be taken off the air, social media is going to continue to be censored even further, and people will be convinced that they are only good people if they agree to submit to these sanctions. A free society is not compatible with a ubiquitous and ubiquitously censored mass electronic media.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)


  1. Quoting Hannah Liubakova:
    “ Basically, the Western strategy is to force Russia to completely level much of the Ukraine. That means, in any rational analysis, that the West is completely responsible for all of the deaths in the Ukraine. The only logical thing for the Ukraine to do would have been to immediately surrender, and for Zelensky to resign, and to allow the Russians to install an intermediary government to hold new elections, at which point neutrality could be reinstated.”

    We must ask this question:
    Who controls the West and EU?
    Answer: Jewish Power

    Look deeply. We are trying to take apart the pieces of the puzzle. Let us attend to this puzzle.

  2. This anti Russian hysteria is identical as that of the anti Serb hysteria of the 1990’s. The demonization of an entire people. A couple of years after the destruction of Serbia and the deliberate targeting of civilians the Wall St Journal and the Guardian of London published articles saying there were no mass graves in Kosovo.
    The media in America both left and right with some exceptions blatantly lies and distorts. The hatred of all Russians preceded the Ukrainian war by at least a decade. Now If Donald Trump was still President none of this would have happened because he would not have tried to bring Ukraine into NATO.

  3. No wonder conservative talk radio guy
    Michael Savage couldn’t stand Hannity…

    now I’m hearing a British medium Craig Hamilton Parker gleefully suspecting that Vladimir Putin will get poisoned !

    Pray for Holy Russia!

  4. What an evil web the USA continuously weaves…

    As far as the cancel culture, and now the conservatives agreeing in unison, as they spew hateful lies and misinformation, I have cancelled them long ago by not listening! Click, off!

    Pray to our Lord, Jesus Christ…. We are not doomed, they are! Pray for God to intervene soon. Our only hope….☦️


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