A Russian Orthodox priest was seen on video celebrating Pornhub being closed to users in Russia.

The priest stated, “We lived among the satanic chimera.”

According to a translation, he said:

“We lived among the satanic chimera, you didn’t know that? Have you noticed the air has become cleaner to breathe…Pugacheva has left Russia forever – Lord, I’ve waited for this! Pornhub is closed for Russian users – Western civilization is turned off to us. Jesus, how hard did we need to pray before for it to be closed earlier! We can’t go to Eurovision – I’ve prayed that we’re never allowed there ever again! I never want to see women with mustaches and men with breasts – never not even in a dream or in passing on a billboard. They’ve closed it all to us – this is it, boastful, stinky, cursed at its roosts and through their guts, it is cursed. It’s a world about profit, lies, and bloodshed.”



Since Russia invaded Ukraine multiple tech companies have suspended operations in Russia.

Techcrunch reported:

Numerous tech companies are joining the growing list of tech brands that are suspending their operations in Russia amid its invasion of Ukraine. The latest batch of companies doing so includes several notable names, such as Netflix, PayPal, Mastercard, Visa and more.

Adobe also announced that it will halt all new sales of Adobe products and services in Russia. The company says it believes it has a responsibility to ensure its products and services are “not used in support of this unlawful war.”

When Big Tech boycotts a country, will that country end up better?



  1. Russia is becoming more and more self sufficient! Russia does not need global cabal whores controlling their internet – polluting minds of children and adults alike. Europe and America cannot survive on their own. They require the global cabal to survive! Americans are walking around in a daze!


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