THIS IS A MUST-WATCH VIDEO!!! (Mc Gregor talks for the first hour)

EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): This is a special gift to those of you who are watching too much TV and subjected to the greatest propaganda operation since the times of Hitler and Joseph Goebbels!… Please watch at least the first hour of it (Where Mc Gregor answers all questions) very carefully and take notes. You have wasted so much time watching cable TV and mainstream media – one more hour of watching the WHOLE TRUTH will not be too much to ask!!!

Among so many other observations Colonel McGregor underlines the fact that the West cannot accept the fact that Russia is Orthodox and will NOT subject to the western globalist and faithless ideology!…


    • We are subjected to an unbelievable propaganda machine – never before seen in the history of mankind – which we have to counterbalance by facts on the ground.
      Do you want more facts?
      – The US establishment was just rejected by China in the Biden – Xi talks yesterday and the (NSA) Jake Sullivan talks with Yang Jiechi 7-hour(!!) talks in Rome two days ago. The idiots of DC managed to throw Russia in the arms of China.
      – Russia was for 2 weeks displaying a 60-mile truck convoy north of Kiyv and the Ukrainians did nothing. Not even drone strikes (their airforce is destroyed) not any other attempt to damage it. Does this look like a “Winning” situation for the Ukrainians? Why don’t you hear it in the cable news you so much trust?
      – Just today the Ukrainian Defense Dept. announced that the Russians control the whole Azov Sea. Soon they will have total control of the whole Black Sea coast. Where did you hear these facts on the ground?
      Let me stop here. I do not want to disturb your one-sided “peace-of-mind”…

  1. And, this man’s words are “unadulterated” truth, while the words spoken by other retired generals and military officers are false?

    • Yes, this general; has the guts to go against the establishment and he knows his “stuff”. He looks at facts on the ground. You may not like these facts but they are still the facts.
      – Ukraine is the most corrupt country on Earth. Not only Hunter Biden but also the children of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and John Kerry were making millions sitting at the board of Burisma.
      – You know how many Russians are dead. Do you know how many Ukrainians are dead? The fact that you do not know proves that your information is one-sided.
      – You can have 2 million Ukrainians enlisted, it will make little difference. They cannot win this war militarily.
      – Again read history and find out when Crimea (Sevastopol) became the main naval base for the Russian Navy – centuries ago!!
      – When was the last year Russia or Ukraine was a democracy? How about never? Then why do we expect that they will play with the western democracy rules? But even western democracy is now fading as we all see…

  2. I feel badly about all the assumptions you make about what I read, what I listen to, and my position regarding Ukraine. You have no idea. And, I just asked two simple questions; not looking to be schooled about what you understand to be truths regarding Russia, Ukraine, the West, and our present administration. From how you responded, I gleaned that you believe the news coming out of Russia is truth and what is coming out of the West is all false and that this “colonel,” not general, knows better than all others who are commenting on the situation in Ukraine, and only he is speaking the unadulterated truth. I am doing my best to be educated about all sides in this conflict, both political and ecclesiastical and to read and listen to many different sources of information. I have no answers. All I can pray is, Lord have mercy on all of those who are suffering, Ukrainians and Russians alike.

    • How are you getting news from the Russian side? Helleniscope is among the few sources of such news as we have been focusing on the Greek community which happens to be in the middle of the war in Mariupol. They have been saying about the atrocities of the Ukrainian neonazis who use them as human shields. But a measure of “objectivity” is the “cancel Russia” hysteria; there is no “cancel America” hysteria in Russia. The Russians are not barbarians – at least in this respect.

    • Also, I happen to be among the first – if not the first – in Greek and Greek-American media who started discussing Ukraine 6 years ago, when rumors emerged about Bartholomew granting autocephaly/cacocephaly… I have written tens of articles since then… unfortunately my predictions are coming true… A big part of the blame belongs to Pat. Bartholomew… If anyone “knows”, this person must be yours truly – and please excuse the over-confidence but it comes from a serious study…


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