1. Logan says American and Ukrainian politicians are crooks. There are investigations to bring them to justice.
    In 3 weeks 4 million Ukrainians are refugees in other countries, 4 million are homeless in Ukraine , thousands of buildings including hospitals , schools and Universities have been reduced to ruble in Ukraine , more than 1000 people are buried in the ruins of the theater in Mariupol dead or dying of wounds and thirst. More than 8000 Russian soldiers died in battles along with 5 Russian generals .
    More than 200000 Ukrainians from abroad enlisted in the Ukrainian army to fight their cousins the Russians who invaded their country.
    Putin failed to “ liberate “ Ukraine peacefully and now wants to totally destroy it by bombarding it.PUTIN ,a megalomaniac, threatens with nuclear weapons his opponents, is bankrupting Russia,is personally responsible for the blood shed and misery in Ukraine and the International Criminal Court in Hague is waiting for him.
    If Putin believed his actions were right he would have allowed freedom of information,speech and demonstrations in Russia.

    • Facts:
      – Ukraine is the most corrupt country on Earth. Not only Hunter Biden but also the children of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and John Kerry were making millions sitting at the board of Burisma.
      – You know how many Russians are dead. Do you know how many Ukrainians are dead? The fact that you do not know proves that your information is one-sided.
      – You can have 2 million Ukrainians enlisted, it will make little difference. They cannot win this war militarily.
      – Again read history and find out when Crimea (Sevastopol) became the main naval base for the Russian Navy – centuries ago!!
      – When was the last year Russia or Ukraine was a democracy? How about never? Then why do we expect that they will play with the western democracy rules? But even western democracy is now fading as we all see…

    • If Biden and Zionists were right, they would allow free independent news but alas, you must watch propaganda news brought to you by Zion controlled MSN. Let’s speak truth. Oh those banker wars!

  2. This is one brave woman Lara Logan – got herself raped in Egypt years ago – that’s how daring she was to go there,
    & daring to speak out like Tucker Carlson.


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