EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Jim Jatras is well-known to our audience for his vast experience in foreign policy (he has spent a few decades in Washington DC and particularly at Congress and the State Dept.) He also analyzed the flow of money from he DC establishment to Patriarch Bartholomew for granting autuocephaly to 20% of Ukrainian Orthodox… The first interview is by our friend George Michalopoulos of Monomakhos.com and the second by Paul Adams.  Please follow the links to listen… Very informative and enjoyable…

But first, enjoy a funny episode – referred to by Jim Jatras – published by the Babylon Bee: Vladimir Putin receives the Nobel Prize in medicine for ending the pandemic!!


Jim Jatras Interview by George Michalopoulos of Monomakhos.com: What We are Not Being Told



Jim Jatras on Ukraine War – March 17, 2022

An interview by Paul Adams




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