EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis). Well, they moved the goal post once again!… Helleniscope has recorded over the past 3 years numerous statements from the most official lips guaranteeing the date of opening of Saint Nicholas at Ground Zero. We all remember the Archbishop, Michael Psarros, Karloutsos, and others claiming that “Easter 2022” will be celebrated in the Church… Well, “it was not meant to be”, like all other deadlines and all other “numbers” regarding Saint Nicholas…

We at Helleniscope have stated many times that it is the Saint himself that does not want the desecration of his name in this way… It is the Saint of selflessness himself, Saint Nicholas who will deny turning his own Church into a money-making enterprise for the greedy and arrogant “hierarchs” of New York and Constantinople… We can all see the devastation wrought on New York City by a completely inept and atheist mayor, Bill De Blasio, and by a corrupt, baby-killer Governor, Andrew Cuomo (who was “honored” many times by GOARCH leadership…)… This devastation has totally changed the “financial picture” of the Church.  Saint Nicholas “Shrine”, the way things are in New York City now, will barely be able to cover its expenses…

Meanwhile, the lawsuits against GOARCH and against the Karloutsos crime family are piling up… And more disasters are now visible, such as the one in Ukraine where the PAtriarchate had NO REASON AT ALL TO BE INVOLVED… Except that it was likely blackmailed… And by getting involved in Ukraine, Pat. Bartholomew, the worst Patriarch of the last century, managed to create a Schism in Orthodoxy and make both Orthodoxy and Hellenism a lot weaker… He can rest assured, Saint Nicholas will deliver his punishment and it will be severe!…


source: goarch.org

Statement of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America on the Progress toward the Completion of the Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine

After much thought and prayer, the Archdiocese, the Parish Council of Saint Nicholas, and The Friends of St. Nicholas, who have taken up the awesome responsibility for financing and overseeing the construction of the Shrine, have jointly decided that the Parish’s Holy Week will be celebrated this year as it has been in the past – in conjunction with a neighboring Parish.

The delays due to the global pandemic and supply chain issues that have affected enterprises and projects around the world have not been unknown to the Shrine, which is a complex, multi-national, and highly sophisticated construction operation. The Archdiocese, the Friends of St. Nicholas, and the Parish were recently advised that hosting Holy Week this year would necessitate the demobilization and the remobilization of all construction trades during the weeks before and after Holy Week, which would push back the complete opening at least three weeks, as well as incur significant costs.

We remain on budget and on time to celebrate the Consecration of the National Shrine over the Fourth of July weekend, and we look forward to welcoming all to its sacred precincts at the World Trade Center, where it will be a lantern of hope and remembrance for all.


  1. Saint Nicholas on high is onto all these Judas Betrayers of Orthodox Christianity &
    fighting it out with each of them in their private sordid lives more than we know!


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