By Alex Aliferis


Why the silence by the Greek Orthodox Church of America and IOCC (International Orthodox Christian Charities) on the ethnic Greek Orthodox Christians stuck in Mariupol and the rest of Ukraine?

The GOA and IOCC set up a Ukraine Relief Fund. On March 9th, the GOA held a joint church session with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church ( No mention of the suffering Greeks of Mariupol at the mercy of Nazi Ukrainian Azov Battalion. The battalion, which is part of the Ukrainian Army, has been killing Russians and other non-Ukrainians since 2014 (The total human losses exceed 14,000!!)

I remember attending the SAE (World Council of Hellenes Abroad) conference in 1999 and 2001 in Thessaloniki, Greece. At that time, the PASOK regime in Greece spent millions on our airplane tickets, hotels, food, and bouzouki parties. I’m glad I attended because I created friendships with Greeks from Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, the Republic of Georgia, etc. We were all the same age, but they were more proud to be ethnic Greek than the Greek Americans! They spoke better Greek than Greek Americans.

The majority of the Greeks of Ukraine, Russia, etc. are Pontian Greeks. They fled the Greek Genocide of 1914-1923 across Anatolia.

It is bad enough that the Soviet Communists killed over 30,000 Greeks in Communist Gulag camps in Siberia. The Communists deported another 250,000 Greeks from Ukraine to Central Asia Republics.

Have you heard how Mariupol was settled and created by the Ancient Greeks? The inhabitants have Greek origins. The city of Odessa is a Greek name. It was the Greek merchants of Odessa who set up the Philiki Etaipeia to free Greece from the Muslim Turkish Ottoman Empire in 1814. In Odessa, there is a Museum of the Philiki Etaipeia to preserve this history.

As March 25th nears, our compatriots, the Greeks of Mariupol and Ukraine need our assistance and help ASAP! Where is the Greek Orthodox Church of America and IOCC? They send Greek American money to projects in Mexico while the Greek Orthodox Christians in Ukraine need direct assistance. Where will the Ukraine Relief Fund go towards? As a Greek Orthodox Christian and proud Greek, I want to know if it will directly assist the Greeks of Mariupol?

Mariupol is a warzone. God knows how many Greeks of Mariupol have been murdered by the Nazi Ukrainian Azov Battalion. The Azov Battalion has been waging a genocide of non-Ukrainians (Russians/Greeks/others) in Mariupol, and the two new independent Republics of ex-Ukraine since 2014. There is a blackout on google, Facebook, youtube, fake news media about the Nazi origins of the Azov Battalion/Ukrainian government/etc. Oliver Stone’s “ Ukraine on Fire” 2014 documentary is nowhere on youtube or mainstream platforms. Stone reveals the Nazi origins of the coup d’etat/Ukrainian criminal government regime.

We all know that the Greek government that occupies Athens, Greece are all paid puppets by the George Soros Globalist elites. I wrote a past piece how Alexis Tsipras, Kyriacos Mitsotakis met with George Soros in 1999. The Greek mainstream media channels are all paid agents promoting the Globalist agenda. They rule Greece with an iron fist, as was evident by the covid tyranny.

Greece needs to fly out all Greek-origin people from Ukraine. The Greek-American diaspora and the Greek Orthodox Churches need to assist the Greek Orthodox Christians inside Ukraine.

Shame on all Greek American Democrat Establishment elites who try to go with the Deep State narrative on Ukraine. Shame on the Greek Orthodox Church of America and the IOCC. They remain silent on the Greeks of Mariupol and Ukraine.

Why are they fueling the fire for WWIII?

Alex Aliferis has worked in Washington D.C. on issues linked to Greece, and Cyprus.

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  1. I am so sorry, so sad, to read this article. We do not know if any Greeks are still alive in Ukraine. Why is the GOA silent?

    Who told them to shut up?

    I am sorry to say this is only the tip of the iceberg. The devil rules now. There is little Light in. The world. All sorts of violence is being committed worldwide. Everyone forgot God.

    I respect Russian people. I respect Greek people. The US government respects no one. We were all lied to – believed in the red, white, and blue. We never could have possibly imagined the Fall of America. We had no choice, as citizens, to stop our insane government from killing so many millions of people in their fake wars.

    I am ashamed of American sham leaders. I am disgusted with the corrupt dead GOA. They use God like a dirty rag.


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