EDITOR’S NOTE: Please take 10 minutes out of your precious time to watch this Tucker Carlson commentary… Demolishing Zelensky who outlawed 11 opposition parties and all free press!!! Which also demolishes the “Uniparty” in the US that profits from war and supports their puppet in Kiyv… My guess is that soon when it is clear Zelensky is of no use anymore, they will get rid of him in the cruelest way…  But for now, Zelensky offers a model for “democracy” the US elites consider “proper”, the one without freedom… A “democracy” that allows the castration of captured Russian soldiers!! A MUST-WATCH VIDEO…


  1. Thank you for sharing. Since I no longer watch television, I didn’t see Tucker’s video.

    Wow….we’re the last free country in the world; the true conservatives who are fighting tyrannical pure evil. 😢

  2. Paging Mark Levin. Why aren’t you taking callers and why do you care about polls all of a sudden. Your the ‘Great One’ and rightfully so. A constitutional scholar and apparently blinded by the fact Zelinsky is “Jewish and his wife is Jewish..”. Maybe you just hate Putin with a passion.

    Lord have mercy on your people and enlighten our enemies whomever they are.


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