EDITOR’S NOTE: We received this letter – submitted by a Greek-American high-ranking educator in NY Public Schools to lawyers and unions – who, remembering the Greek Independence Struggle, is fighting for Freedom from mandates and other power over-reaches by the New York authorities!


Today in 1821, my Greek forefathers after 400 years of enslavement, fought for their independence, especially for their Christian Orthodox religious freedoms against the Ottoman Empire, and won. 
Today in 2022, I am fighting for my life as my forefathers did, for my religious freedom and overall autonomy, this time, without swords.  I am being ridiculed by egregious, clown-like politicians and sold-out judges!
What is CSA Union doing for me today, after 22 years of service in the DOE of which 17 years I have served as a school administrator for the city of NY?  I guess being a millionaire ballplayer and entertainer is more important than leading a community school where children grow, learn and thrive; and this admin was loved and adored by all.  Ironically, the people that were terminated by Mayor Adams were at their posts throughout the pandemic and never missed a day.  I am no exception, as I worked the whole year including summer school 2021. I had no fear…, my Lord says:
Isaiah 41:10 – Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.
I want you all to know, besides Greek Independence, it’s also, more importantly, the Annunciation of our Holy Lady Theotokos, the Virgin Mary. 
Where did I spend my morning?  Instead of working in a school, I went to church to light candles and pray.  I lit the biggest candle for our Mayor, hopefully, the Holy Spirit will move and inspire him to do right by his brothers and sisters, the NY City workers, who will NOT inject themselves with poisonous, experimental jabs!
Please let  Mayor Adams know, this is unacceptable and an embarrassment for all unvaccinated city workers, it’s a slap in the face!  If we are so unsafe to enter our buildings, as if we are carrying the Black Plague, then give us a pension buyout, or give us our jobs and let us return to work!  
Please let him know that on our behalf.
Eleftheria H Thanatos! 🇬🇷1821
Freedom or Death! 🇬🇷 2022


  1. I have a question for all theses DOE educators. Why didn’t they work for Greek American schools like many of us did. We chose to sacrifice the pension and benefits to serve our own people. Now they sit and complain about mandates and teaching material they oppose. Why not switch over and serve a Greek school where they will be appreciated.
    I guess they don’t want to loose the financial windfall of the NYC DOE.

  2. John T….

    It’s difficult to pack up and move about once someone is well established in their community school. I would surmise, that salary and pension are determinant factors, however, working for an urban NYC school, especially with the immigrant population, is extremely rewarding and most days, seems like God’s work. It’s a personal preference.

  3. John T.— God Bless you – we had top talent and treasure at the Transfiguration of Christ School- kids getting into top schools after, like Townsend, Bronx Science, Brooklyn Tech. One day, who- knows- what powers-that-be closed the school– could have gone charter- just closed the school-parents shocked-had to face the public-school indoctrination. Maybe Mr. S. or Sir G. can find out why the best parochials schools closed and under whose watch?
    So, why would an educator risk a job that offers zero security?

  4. An honorable mention to…..
    One of our most hard working educators, a highly awarded teacher, a true Greek Patriot, lover of her Faith and our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Originally, this teacher’s testimony was published in The Post from her interview with them, but they didnt do it justice! One of our own Freedom Fighters, an Admin, picked it up, and sent it to Helleniscope (article above).
    This is a perfect example of don’t believe everything you read in MSM. As The Admin wrote, may the Holy Spirit guide those making decisions affecting so many lives. 🕊

    Love and thanks to this teacher, you are a beautiful soul, and your students and parents are at a loss without you in their lives….❤️

    Thank you to Helleniscope for always writing truths. Please support educatorsforfreedom.com

  5. This is an excellent and well written letter and I’m sure the writer had the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit.

    Be blessed and be strong in your struggle for justice!

    Your are not fighting against ordinary people but against the satanic clan of the luceferians, which are well rooted especially in America and all over through their servants.

    Christ will prevail, as always.

  6. Since March 2020 we have enough worldwide data to say that coronavirus is very contagious but not very lethal and that the existing vaccines only protect from hospitalization and death.Otherwise the vaccine is a weak one that lasts for about six months. Since most of the people have already been either immunized or recovered from coronavirus ,there is absolutely no point to keep away from their jobs those who for various reasons refused to be vaccinated .The unvaccinated people are no danger to anybody else and it is a risk that they take for their own health. They have the freedom to do so , so let them all return to their jobs now ,where they are needed.


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