EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Tucker Carlson last night brought to our attention the truths about Ukraine we all could have observed since 2014.  Unfortunately, our corrupt and inept Elites in the DC swamp were busy making money on the back of true American interests. They are still playing the same game – only this time their time is up: They bankrupted America with over $30 trillion in debt and are about to destroy her with the loss of the USD reserve status… There will be no place for them to hide and they know it.  This is why they are so dangerous: in their foolishness and as they face the danger to be thrown in jail they may risk starting WW III….



  1. Nigel Farage is spot on! Too bad the demons are literally on a warpath and trajectory of destroying humanity and life as we know it. Like Nigel said, “Never poke a Russian bear!” Pray for Putin, pray for humanity…..

    “Πίσω έχει η αχλάδα την ουρά”


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