By Nick Stamatakis

I could offer this same “free” lesson to many “officials” in the State Department and to the puppet of the globalists Mitsotakis – they would find it extremely useful these days.  But let’s concentrate on our community for now as we have many historically uneducated in our leadership and AB Elpidoktonos brought with him even more from Turkey….  Very few know how to find Crimea on the map and even fewer have heard about the many times in the last two centuries that Crimea and surrounding areas (which only since 1922 and 1945 bear the name “Ukraine”) were the theater of many major wars.  Almost all of the Crimean conflicts were international and involved an invasion or intervention by Western Powers – mostly Britain and France – but we should include in this the German invasion of Russia during WW II when Ukraine and Crimea were major battlefields.

First Lesson: Hundreds of thousands of Russians lost their lives fighting against the German Nazis during WWII in the Donbas and Eastern Ukraine, in the same exact areas where the Russians are now fighting again against the grandchildren of the Nazi collaborators of Western Ukraine, trained now shamelessly by the CIA.  About 25 million Russians lost their lives during WWII and without their sacrifice, the Axis powers would not be defeated: there is not one single Russian family today that does not have at least one hero or victim from this time. No other countries except Greece and Poland can claim the same magnitude of sacrifice during this period and this is true no matter how many Hollywood movies about WWII you might have watched.


Second Lesson: Take a close look at this map of the Crimean War of 1853.  Do you see the name Ukraine anywhere? No, you don’t… Because there was no Ukraine then and Crimea was always Russian… In similar maps from this period or earlier, you will also see that the port of Sevastopol in Crimea was since these times until today the main Russian Navy base in the Black Sea.  This war had as a pretext the Czar Nicholas’s demand to put all Orthodox Christians in the Ottoman Empire under his protection. A few decades earlier the Russians, after their victory against the Ottomans,  had realized partly this goal and the Treaty of Adrianople (1829) recognized their influence and it was the stamp of approval for the Independence of Greece.

Characteristically, In December 1852, the newly-elected Ecumenical Patriarch Germanus IV made a direct appeal for Russia to come to the aid of the Patriarchate, concluding, “It is thus with tears in our eyes that we raise our voice on behalf of the vilified Orthodox Church… How long will the Orthodox Church bear the injustices of the Papists? How long will the People of the Lord cry out to the great Emperor and their voice not find answer? How can that invincible Monarch suffer Orthodoxy to be thus cast down and trampled under foot by the Papists? (Please follow the link to a recent post by… The Patriarch refers to the intrusion of the Catholics for one more time in the Holy Land, a conflict that was solved between the churches…

Third Lesson: Orthodoxy gained NOTHING since 1945, when the Constantinople Patriarchate was supposedly put under the protection of the United States. On the opposite, for the last 50 years, the Halki seminary remained closed, and recently the Turks turned Hagia Sophia into a mosque, where a few days ago they celebrated Ramadan!! AB Elpidoktonos please take a look at this photo as you slavishly obey your masters at Ankara and Washington DC…  And then tell all of us about how important “Ukraine” is… You should be ashamed!! The only advancement of the Constantinople Patriarchate’s religious freedom over the last seventy years was the opening of the historic Panagia Soumela Monastery in Pontos – thanks to a …Russian intervention…

Fourth Lesson: During the same war of 1853, King Otto of Greece led a patriotic movement and supported the uprising of enslaved Greeks all over the Ottoman Empire.  But he ran against the same powers, led by Britain and France, which today are calling for a “long war” in Ukraine.  What did these powers do? They blockaded the port of Piraeus for three years (1853-56) and they imposed an “Occupation Government” in Greece!…

Fifth Lesson: After the end of WW I, in 1919, these Great Powers asked/demanded from Greece, who had sacrificed greatly and was, once again, on the winning side of history, to send troops to Crimea to fight another war against Russia – and Greece did send two full divisions of war-ready troops (While Britain and France sent a few battalions…)  This war ended with Russia kicking allied armies out of Crimea…  The war ended in the greatest disaster of modern Greek history when the Bolsheviks supported Kemal Ataturk and expelled the Greek Army from Asia Minor resulting in the uprooting and evacuation of millions of Greeks, from their homeland of 3,000 years and in one of the greatest genocides… When Winston Churchill, then a minister in the British government, was asked why the Allies did not support Greece against Ataturk his answer was stunning: “This is the price the useful idiots have to pay in order for our goals to be achieved!!!”…

April 9, 2022,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.





  1. Υπάρχει μια λαϊκή παροιμία που λέγει: “ Τον
    Αράπη ( νοητή ένοια για να μην μας
    κολλήσουν την ρετσινιά του ρατσιστή) και αν
    τον πλένεις το σαπούνι σου χαλάς”. Το ίδιο
    ισχύει και για τα ΤΣΙΡΑΚΙΑ , είναι τόσο προσκεκολημενα , που ακούνε και βλέπουν
    προς μίαν κατεύθυνση μόνο . Εκείνο που με
    πειράζει συνειδησιακά είναι που ενώ νομίζεις
    πως κάποιοι κληρικοί εκπέμπουν φως ιλαρόν….και Αγίας δόξης , στο τέλος αποδεικνύεται το αντίθετο , δεν είναι
    αυτοί που φαίνονται ….. αλλά για μια θεσούλα
    δέχονται να σέρνονται σε απαγορευμένες
    από τον Θεό σκοτεινές περιοχές .
    Ουδέν κρυφόν υπό τον ήλιο το λέγουν αλλά δεν
    το πιστεύουν και καταντούν τραγικοί όταν το

  2. Αναρωτιέμαι αν αυτή την κυνική απάντηση του Τσώρτσιλ την ήξερε ο πιό διάσημος Μικρασιάτης πρόσφυγας, ο Αριστοτέλης Ωνάσης, που τον φιλοξενούσε επανειλημμένα στην «Χριστίνα»; Προφανώς όχι…


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