EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): This is an excellent interview of Jay Dyer by Patrick Henningsen on his TNT Radio show concerning the geopolitical purpose of the Ukraine Church schism. Jay Dyer is an author, researcher, philosopher, producer, and many other wonderful things. The depth of his knowledge is evident from the very first minutes of the interview.  Worth every minute of your time!!



Geopolitics and the Orthodox Schism – Deep Politics’ Usage of the Church – Jay Dyer / TNT Radio

Patrick Henningsen interviews Jay Dyer on his TNT Radio show concerning the geopolitical purpose of the Ukraine Church schism.


  1. Jay Dyer is on point. The US government has cleverly infiltrated churches to compromise and divide nations.

    Churches and religious organizations that accept “governmental authorization for financial gain,” for permission to assemble, etc., are then controlled by the state. They invariably become tools of the government, carrying out the agenda of rulers and spreading state propaganda. Church members themselves often demand their church obtain state recognition in order for their tithes and offerings to be deductible from their personal income tax reports.


    I first woke up to the infiltration of the Church by the government during Covid hysteria. Listening to Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s Liberty Fellowship, I learned a lot about government run 5013c boot licker churches. The leaders of western churches have sold themselves to the US government for what? For freebies and perks? Because of fear or greed? Leave these non profit churches ASAP. They are poison for the soul.

    Today, I learned of a GOA priest wearing his mask while saying liturgy. Bye bye GOA! You are not of Christ. You sold your soul for 30 shekels!

  2. Thank you both for sharing. Jay def has a deep introspection as he posits knowledge based on historical true facts. Thankfully, he’s out there telling the truth! People must wake up!!

    • Everybody knows what is the role of Pat. Kirill – it is the same role the Byzantine Patriarchs always had next to the Emperor. Who disputes this? Nobody. But at the same time – before you discuss Pat. Kirill’s role – you need to acknowledge his tremendous contribution to reviving the Orthodox Faith in Russia and returning the Russian people to the healthy foundation of their Orthodox traditions. Are you going to recognize this achievement? At the same time, you have to recognize that up to the “autocephaly” in Ukraine. Pat. Kirill was very observant of the “First Among Equals” status of Pat. Bartholomew in Orthodoxy. Pat. Bartholomew acting as a State Dept. pawn, harmed Orthodoxy by proceeding to “autocephaly”, at the same time harming Hellenism. Why? Because Orthodoxy is one of the “ecumenical supports” of Hellenism (the other being worldwide navigation, cultural tradition, and diaspora).


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