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Will Greece Be the Big Winner Out Of the Ukraine Crisis?


Professor Foskolos (University of Crete and researcher at the Geological Survey of Canada): The known reserves of oil and gas in Greece are larger than those of Russia!!!

By Nick Stamatakis

Those of us who are closely following the geopolitical affairs of Greece and Cyprus are for the last twelve years (and some of us for the last thirty years and more!) preoccupied with the immense wealth hidden underground in Greece and Cyprus and especially in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the two countries covering a large swath of the Eastern Mediterranean. Oil, natural gas, rare earth minerals, bauxites, lignites, and other resources are part of this wealth.

Up to a few weeks ago, we were accusing the corrupt political elites of Greece of criminal negligence bordering treason for not developing these natural resources.  For decades we have been watching Albania producing oil in wells just a few kilometers away from the border with Greece! For hundreds of years, oil was springing out of the sea in Katakolon in Western Peloponnese!  The only oil development in Greece materialized near the island of Thasos and began during the years of the military junta (1967-74 – No wonder, most Greeks are looking up to retired military men as the optimal solution for the country’s huge political problems and especially corruption…)

In recent years the totally inept and corrupt Mitsotakis government has been taking orders both from Berlin and from Washington DC.  Berlin ordered Greece to close down the very efficient electricity-producing factories using a form of coal (lignite) and replace them with German-made windmills (universally hated in Greece).  Thankfully, after the Ukraine War erupted and especially after the sanctions against Russia took effect, the whole of Europe had to reverse course and these factories are being re-started as we speak!… Washington DC ordered Greece to start importing American LNG (at least 2-3 times more expensive than Algerian or Russian natural gas) – and the first import happened near my hometown of Pireaus about 3 years ago… US policy also declared Greece as a major energy transport hub for SouthEastern Europe, with the port of Alexandroupolis as a major center.  But US officials were for decades undermining any effort for drilling and development of hydrocarbons in Greece, by pushing idiotic proposals for “equitable” distribution between Greece and Turkey.  As if there is no International Law of the Sea, describing each country’s legal rights in the surrounding waters!

But suddenly, after the recent developments in Ukraine, much of the above has changed, as everybody realized that American LNG will never be enough to supply Europe. The Mitsotakis government suddenly found its voice and started again developing serious plans for energy exploration – starting from Northern Greece, near the Albanian border! And American and French companies who had stopped drilling in the South of Crete suddenly revived their plans.  The proposed East-Med gas pipeline (starting from Israel and  Cyprus towards Greece and Italy), declared dead a few months ago (by none other than US undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland) is now again alive and plans are being made to finish it within three years! And Cyprus, which was already ahead of Greece both in EEZ delineation and drilling, is accelerating its plans…

The numbers are staggering: Those of you who understand Greek please listen to professor Antonis Foskolos (University of Crete and researcher at the Geological Survey of Canada), a true specialist, explain that the known reserves of oil and gas in Greece are larger than those of Russia!!!

I will close by saying that we Greeks believe in the “God of Greece”, a certain type of “Deus ex machina” (“God from the machine”), who never fails to appear in the most critical moment and save the country!!  This is such a moment! (Provided of course that the State Department will stop favoring such dangerous ideas as “equitable distribution” with Turkey – Why don’t they “equitably” distribute American oil wealth with Cuba and the Bahamas?



Αντώνης Φώσκολος: Τα κοιτάσματα της Ελλάδας είναι μεγαλύτερα από της Ρωσίας!

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  1. Greece should be ready to be manipulated, exploited and decimated by America in the name of Big Oil then…I hope Greece knows that.

    • The Big oil is already there… Deep Sea exploration requires big capital investments and there is no way around it. A safeguard would be to distribute exploration to many companies from many different countries. There is also shallow water and land oil reserves which will allow “smaller fish” to take part. The biggest problems are the corrupt Greek political elites… Even so, there will be tens of thousands of high-paying jobs created for the wealth to go around…

  2. H Ελλάδα όσο θα αυτοδιαφημίζεται ότι ανήκει εις την Δύση θα βαδίζει πάντα προς την Δύση…..
    Δεν θα δει ποτέ Ανατολή γιατί άλλοι κρατούν το κλειδί……που οδηγεί προς το φώς και την
    Ανατολή. Μην αφήστε ποτέ τον Έλληνα να καθήσει σε χλωρό κλαρί, είπε με φιρμάνι της Washington
    ο μεγάλος Δραγουμάνος και φωστήρ( Κίσινγκερ). Του Καρδαμηλύτη Καπετάνιου μελετήστε τη σπουδή.
    Ένα αβγό εις τον καθένα με την φράση πως είναι καλό μπεί ( παιδί) και όλοι να νομίζουν πως είναι
    εξαιρετικοί και μοναδικοί. Κι’όταν θες να κάνεις την βρωμοδουλειά σου θα φωνάζεις όσο δυνατά μπορείς την Παραμυθιά
    σου: “ Άντε Εσύ πούφαγες τ’αυγό …….”
    Αυτό φίλες και φίλοι συμβαίνει στην δύστυχη Πατρίδα, φίλοι και εχθροί μας πυροβολούν με τα ίδια μας τα βόλια, της διχόνοιας και της Προδοσίας , δυό λέξεις που ταλαιπορούν το
    Έθνος μας από της υπάρξεώς του και που κανένας δεν σκέφθηκε να διαγράψει έστω και δια νόμου από το πλουσιότατο Ελληνικό λεξικό και που κανένας Οικουμενικός Πατριάρχης δεν
    φρόντισε να τις αφορίσει και όποιος θα προσπαθούσε να τις επαναφέρει με έργα αυτομάτως θα ήταν αφορισμένος. Δεν το κάνουν γιατί αυτομάτως θα ήταν αφορισμένοι οι ίδιοι.

    Δεν ξέρω πως τους βλέπετε εσείς, αλλά εγώ και εκείνον στο Φανάρι και ετούτον εις την Νέα Υόρκη αλλά και πολλούς άλλους ανά τον κόσμο
    και την Ελλάδα βλέπω σαν αφορισμένους. Όσο λοιπόν αγαπητέ κύριε Φως-κολε θα θεωρούμαστε δεδομένοι προς την Δύση το
    φως στην χώρα του φωτός … πάντα θα τρεμοσβήνει ποτέ του δεν θα φέξει, δεν θ’ανθήσει……

    Ας κρατούμε όμως πάντα την Ελπίδα ζωντανή, μήπως κάποια μέρα η μεγάλη Κυρία πάρει δρόμο από την μπούκα του Μεγάλου Λιμανιού και επιστρέψει στο σπίτι της , στην Κόρινθο , στον
    Απόλλωνα, στην Κοιτίδα της Ελευθερίας και του πολιτισμού. Μπορεί ν’αργήσει να έλθει εκείνη μέρα … αλλά θα έλθει και θα την γευθούμε όλοι ζωντανοί και πεθαμένοι. Οι μόνοι που δεν θα την γευθούν θα είναι πι ΠΡΟΔΟΤΕΣ της Πατρίδας και της Ορθόδοξης Πίστης.

  3. The past thousand years of Greek history is all about the West keeping Russia out of the Bosporus straits. Putin now has the Caspian Canal through Iran to the Persian Gulf instead. So Greece can reclaim its ancient suzerainty over the Black Sea. Only with the Black Sea being a Greek Lake has Greece ever been a superpower. By bringing Turkey into the EU they will take the EU the same way they took the Roman Empire, from within. Both the West and Russia have to appreciate this is the optimal arrangement for all.

  4. Sparta got its wheat from Sicily but Athens got its wheat from Scythia. When Alexander’s father wanted to starve Athens, he grabbed Byazantium. The Aeolian Wallachians were Carpathian Celts like the Galatians. The Dorics were Alpine Germans. Spartans were Ahiya from Africa. Athenian Attics were Scythian Yovan. Islanders were Lebanese Phoenicians. Greece started as a trading confederation between all these tribes and derived its strength and democracy from this diversity and then sought to unite the lands they came from.

  5. Putin is building a canal from the Caspian to the Persian Gulf, to bypass Dardanelles. Germany linked Danube and Rhine with Europa Canal, allowing (with dismantled Yugoslavia) unfettered German travel from North Sea to Black Sea. Turkey has been a German client state for two centuries. Both Moeltkes (World War Staff Chiefs) trained with the Ottomans. Von Pappen bombed Black Tom (JC, NJ), and oversaw Armenia genocide, and mentored Hitler. Read Bernstein, Splendid Exchange and Yegrin, Prize. It is all about trade routes.


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