By Nick Stamatakis

We have been closely following the sanctions against Russia and especially on the financial front.  We were among those that have been suggesting very early on that the West’s sanctions would backfire because Russia has been living under sanctions for many years but also because Russia is self-sufficient (more than any other country on Earth) and its economy is based on real (minerals and commodities) wealth and not fresh air “funny money” that you create with the press of a button…

In addition to the above, Vladimir Putin and the Russian leadership took measures that answered directly the West’s financial measures against it and demanded payment for oil, natural gas, and other commodities.  Last week, The EU Commission, said that there is a way for EU countries to comply with the sanctions and also with the Russian demands: They should follow Vladimir Putin’s instruction and pay in euros to a Gazprombank account which then will exchange euros for ruble and transfer them to another account!! Yes, my friends, the imbeciles who govern the EU chose a delicate wording hoping they would save face – but it was not possible (link here for the news…)

US officials did a similar “unannounced” u-turn: Janet Yellen warned that “a complete ban on Russian gas and oil would have adverse results for the West because it would raise prices (duh!!) and the US had already excluded from the sanctions several Russian minerals that are necessary for advanced technological production…

The results of all this news you can see here at a CNBC chart on Monday evening around 7 pm that shows that the USD vs ruble rate was close to the lowest level of the last 12 months!! The exchange rate is at about 73, where very much it was last year, while a month ago, right after the sanctions it was demolished at 150 or more!! Where are Biden’s and Psaki’s statements now?

My sincerest “congratulations” to the “geniuses” who run this country and the “collective West”! Are we supposed to believe that they are able to win the Ukraine War, any war, or any other competition for that matter? God save us…



  1. Well Biden did one thing right, he promised to supply 33 bill $ armaments to Ukraine , that ,if used effectively by the brave Ukrainians ,will push back the aggressor Putin ,who wants to enslave them!
    Its 1776 between USA and the British Empire all over again !
    History teaches THAT WE DO NOT LEARN FROM HISTORY unfortunately!


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