By Nick Stamatakis

In a letter filled with anti-Orthodox and anti-Russian venom, lies, and fakery the so-called “Archons” of the Order of Saint Andrew are spewing lies and venom (During Lent!!) against other Orthodox faithful and especially against the Russians.  Why? The evident reason is that they want to collect $3,000 from each Archon in order to fill their annual budget but they also want to show their support for the “deep state” establishment that is promoting a hateful war in Ukraine risking a nuclear fallout!…

You can see this hateful letter by linking here (ARCHONS’ FUNDRAISING LETTER) or you can conveniently read it below.  Its style is totally ridiculous, resembling the “shakedown” style by the likes of Al Sharpton or “Reverend” Jackson or, even worse, BLM… Its manner is the manner of pimps or street-corner drug dealers and not members of any church… Especially towards the end where the “shakedown” is explicit: “$500 will not be enough, you need to give $3000 per year split into 12 monthly doses of $250 each!!!” Unbelievable!… Whoever wrote this letter belongs to a gang and not the Church of Christ.  It is signed by John Zavitsanos, “Archon Ekdikos”, but we are not sure whether he is the actual author… It fits more someone with the shakedown experience and the “State Dept. operative” expertise of Karloutsos than anyone else… Let me remind everyone that Karloutsos is the Archons’ “spiritual leader”…

The letter attacks Russian Patriarch Kirill as having “close ties with KGB” ignoring the fact that for the past 75 years the Constantinople Patriarchs are tools for the American Foreign Policy…  The irony is that during these 75 years religious freedoms of the Constantinople Patriarchate were slashed by the Turks (Halki Seminary, Hagia Sophia, etc.), while their only advancement (reopening of the historic Panagia Soumela Monastery in Pontos) was accomplished thanks to an intervention of Russia and specifically President Putin!!

The letter is displaying a FAKE photo of an “icon” of Putin and Russian soldiers kissing the icon:

The letter insists that the photo is real – but the truth is it is fake… It is fake like the “ghost of Kiyv” (as the Ukrainians recently admitted) was fake and so much other propaganda coming out of Ukraine was fake…  But we did our own test and spoke to some of our sources in Mt.Athos asking them about the faithfulness of Russians and President Putin specifically.  The answer by our sources at Mount Athos was astonishing: Whenever Russians come to our monasteries they show the utmost respect and they display faith that no other Orthodox do.  President Putin has visited several times and it was clear that he was a very conscientious Orthodox leader and a very deeply faithful Christian…”  By the way, this does not come out of the Russian monastery but out of the Greek ones…

The letter goes through a litany of accusations filled with venom for fellow Orthodox Christians and their decisions.  For example, it talks about the 200 African parishes that recently preferred to align themselves with the Russian Patriarchate – as if it was not their prerogative as free people.  Totally despicable attitude in the midst of Lent!!

The culmination of this disgusting letter, this monument of fakery and immorality, is towards the last part where all the events in Ukraine are presented as “props” in order to demand a $3000 contribution from all Archons.   It is evident from reading the letter that many Archons have stopped contributing in recent years – they are likely disgusted with all the corruption they are witnessing…

In the whole letter, there is not even one single solitary sign of transparency and accountability!! It basically says: “Give us the money and shut up!!”



May 3, 2022,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.



Dear Brother Archon,

We are all watching in horror at the tragedy in Ukraine as it unfolds daily. Much has been
written about how the Russians intend to absorb Ukraine in an effort to recapture the glory of the USSR. One small consolation is that the world has risen up with tremendous aid for the people of Ukraine (the Order recently made a contribution as well). All of us stand with Ukraine.

While this invasion is occurring, there is another act of aggression that has received
virtually no notice. it is the retaliation by the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian
government against the Ecumenical Patriarch for granting autocephaly to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. This retaliation has escalated the decade-long efforts by the Russian Orthodox Church to replace Constantinople with Moscow as the new site of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. The goal of the Russian state is to use the Orthodox Church as a political tool for Russian Nationalism and expansionism.

The current Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, has a long history
of close ties with the KGB and is a member of Vladimir Putin’s cabinet. The relationship between Patriarch Kirill and Putin is such that Kirill refers to Putin as “a gift from God.” Here is a photo of how Russian soldiers venerate Putin (yes, that icon of Putin is real):

On October 15, 2018, the Russian Orthodox Church severed full communion with the
Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople in retaliation for the brave historical decision by His All-Holiness to grant Autocephaly to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church that same year.

The Russian state has always treated Ukraine as a poor stepchild to do with as Moscow
pleased. During the height of the USSR, Moscow even banned Ukrainian being taught in
Ukrainian schools. Recognizing that there would likely be retaliation, our Ecumenical Patriarch nonetheless took the extraordinarily brave step of granting independence to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Now, the Mother Church is feeling the consequences of the wrath of Vladimir Putin.

As we all know, it is only the Ecumenical Patriarch that can grant Autocephaly to a
particular church. Despite this, the Russians have been putting enormous pressure on other Orthodox Churches not to recognize the Autocephalous Ukrainian Orthodox Church, As a result of threats by the ROC, only the Churches of Greece, Alexandria and Cyprus have (so far) recognized the Autocephalous Ukrainian Orthodox Church. [n an effort to shorv the other Ofihodox-jurisdictions what happens when you cross the Russians, the ROC has now invaded the jurisdiction of the Alexandria Orthodox Cliurch by going into Africa and converting over 200 parishes from the Alexandria Church to the Russian Orthodox Church. They have also gone into Turkey and are in the process of setting up a Russian Orthodox Church in the backyard of our own Ecumenical Patriarchate.

The other Orthodox jurisdictions are watching in horror as the ROC attempts to absorb
through its unilateral action the lands that are canonically exclusive to other jurisdictions. The faithful in Africa largely have no idea that this is happening because these are Orthodox Churches with an Orthodox Liturgy and they may not fully appreciate that they are not being run by the Russians. This invasion of Africa has the potential for far-reaching consequences. Simply put, the ROC’s goal is not salvation, but rather Russian imperialism.

So, why does this relate to you (the person reading this communication)? It’s simple. You
are an Archon. You have been hand-picked by His All-Holiness to defend our faith and the Mother Church. This means you are expected to do more than the average person. Clicking the “like” button on Facebook is not enough. You have been selected to take action and do much more.

Because of the loss of human life, nobody is paying attention to what the Russian Orthodox
Chrurch is doing in Altica or that the Russian Orthodox Church is actively cooperating with Turkey to open Russian Orthodox Churches there. It is up to us to make the world care about this as well and to formulate a strategy to stop this active threat.

It is the Archons alone who are dedicated solely to the preservation of the Ecumenical
Patriarchate. We do this on a shoestring budget of about $1.1 million per year. We rely solely on your financial support because we do not receive any funding from any other source nor do we get any grants from any government. On the other hand, the combined resources of the Russians and Turks directed towards the extinguishment of the Ecumenical Patriarchate totals in many hundreds of millions of dollars.

A number of the new Archons have not pledged to the Exarch’s Appeal. Where are you?
We need you! Up until recently, we had a near 100% of our new Archons become sponsors of the Exarch’s Appeal.

Attached is the list of final sponsors in2021. These are the men who pledged at least
$3,000 annually as part of the Exarch’s Appeal to help cover our yearly budget. That equals $250 per month. To those men, Axios! While every Archon is obviously free to donate any amount their conscience dictates, we have a reasonable expectation that every Archon will pledge at least $3,000 (particularly all of the new Archons of 2020 and2021). We cannot beat back the Russians and Turks without your financial assistance. $3,000 covers one day of our budget. You can (and should) sponsor more days, but one day is a good place to star1. The future of the Church for your children and grandchildren is at stake here. You have been drafted to protect that future.

Pledging $500 or $600 won’t cut it. If your name is not on the sponsor list, we would Iike to add it. We want 100% participation for the classes of 2020 and7021. All you need to do is reach out to Christa at and let her know that you are willing to sponsor one day of the Order’s expenses. We strongly encourage you to put your pledge on your credit card and pay it in twelve (12) equal installments. That pledge will auto-renew every month until such time as you direct otherwise. The sponsor list will be published again in 45 days.

We expect every Archon to fulfill their moral obligation of time, talent and treasure. Please
take a moment to contact Christa today or you can go online and complete your pledge here:

I want to wish everyone a blessed Lenten season.

Sincerely yours,


John Zavitsanos,

Archon Ekdikos


  1. Karloutsos looks like an airhead holding that dopey, worthless “award” …
    hey Rasputin Alex,
    the only “award” you’ve earned in the people’s eyes is the one called
    “Most Degenerate”…

    you know you’re a true lightweight next to AB Iakavos & so is your feckless son who’s got no business advising others!

  2. Regarding the letter that was sent to the Archons indicating that soldiers were venerating Putin’s icon.. even if it were not a fake what do they care? And how is this any different from the icon of the Patriarch Bartholomew that was put in St Nicholas Shrine? He basically has declared himself a living saint and or everyone’s holy father. That letter is classless. A car salesman could have drafted a better letter and would have been more honest.
    Desperate times call for desperate measures! Many law suits to pay out..

  3. So the Archons have a serious choice to make: join hands with dirty hierarchs or walk with Christ.

    The US divide and conquer strategy of Orthodox Christianity has succeeded.

    Once again, Helleniscope has shined the light on the debauchery taking place within the hierarchy of the GOA.

    Let us NOT attend to these wicked shepherds who claim they are leading us to Christ. Stay away. Their hands are dirty.

    Be concerned, though, with their evil plans to steal the churches you built!


    Pompeo said that he considered the Patriarch  a “key partner” of the United States.

    Therefore, it is not difficult to assume that Pompeo’s visits to Turkey and Georgia are directly related to the recognition of the Ukrainain pseudo-church, which was originally created with a direct help from the State Department, Constantinople and the Kiev regime.

  4. Archons:
    the chosen people of fakery, lies, vanity and corruption;
    bunch of creepy, godless men forsaking
    Jesus to worship the Golden Calf.
    Any wonder who’s their “spiritual leader”???
    It’s the Priest of Idolatry,
    Rev. Alexander Karloutsos —
    he is the blind leading the blind
    to worship false gods;
    his dark and debauched life is an act in apostasy.

  5. You are not becoming an Archon because you
    paid some one and gave you a pin for your lapel
    or a parchment for your house or office wall.
    The Archontia …. is a gift from GOD that no body
    else can give you or to take it out.
    The anthropos is mortal no question about but
    there are the good , the bad and the ugly mortals
    and according to our actions God and people
    give us the right cosmetic……adjective .
    Those people Nick if you naked from plouto they
    will deflate like balloons…..
    Our God our church are the apex of love( agapi),
    hope and wisdom . The people you are talking
    about Nick are riders of the elevator of the
    Thank God among them there are some faithful
    who are making the exception .

  6. It’s really sad that this website has turned into a mouthpiece of Moscow.

    Do you Nick and others, seriously believe that the Russians can do no wrong and are innocent of every accusation?

    Why are you not at the very least, critical of Russia’s invasion of the Patriarchate of Alexandria and essentially setting up business there, not to mention other Russian crimes?

    • This website is the mouthpiece of no one and gets money only from the very few who appreciate the truth – the truth that very few in our community have the guts to publish. With a few exceptions, most of you come here to read the truth and do not even think of contributing $10 or $20 to cover our basic expenses – which I have to cover out of my own pocket… So p-lease when you talking about mouthpieces look elsewhere…

      We have said REPEATEDLY that Pat. Kirill plays the role the Constantinople Patriarchs used to play for centuries next to the Byzantine Emperor. Why is it so not clear to you? Maybe because you are one-sided and blinded by Russophobia? As for the war crimes when all the truth comes out about the Ukro-nazis and their acts then you will talk about war crimes. Until then watch your TV channels and eat the B.S. propaganda they serve you…

      • Interesting reply, because I never once mentioned anything about the Ukrainian-Russian war, nor about any war crimes and I do not watch or follow or believe any garbage from mainstream news.

        As for your Russophobia accusation, μη με κάνεις να γελάσω σε παρακαλώ.

        • I was among the first – if not the first – to start writing on the issue of Pat. Bartholomew acting like a state Dept. operative and granting Autocephaly to the 20% of Ukrainian Orthodox. He knew very well that his action will inflame violence in the country and it did, as the 20% wanted to grab the Churches of the 70%. Pat. Bartholomew was warned about the violence but he chose to ignore the warnings as he was being blackmailed. There is plenty of proof for this.
          Now, bring yourself to the position of the Russian Patriarchate having to respond to these aggressive acts by Bartholomew. What would you do? Frankly, the Russians could have done much more than expand in Africa and in Turkey as they did. They could expand in many other countries including Greece and Cyprus. It was Pat. Bartholomew who started the attacks and not the Russians.

          Instead of me repeating the facts that I have stated many times over 5 years why don’t you do yourself and all of us a favor and use the website’s search button to go back and educate yourself about the facts. Please enter “Ukrainian autocephaly” and read what comes up…

    • SAM, but hasn’t GOA become a mouthpiece for radical leftist agenda complete with
      gay flag flying & extreme Joe Biden slobbering by your ‘fame priest’
      Alex Karloutsos?

      • I agree that the likes of Elpidophoros are damaging the Greek Orthodox Church in America, only blind Freddy wouldn’t see it.

        As for Bartholomew, everyone should also know and realise the handcuffs that he has been wearing by virtue of being controlled by the Turks. He in most cases can not act freely or as he wants.

        My point about Russia, is there seems to be a lot of praising and devotion to it and I believe wrongly, as they are not to be trusted, the same as the Americans, British, German, French etc.

  7. Greetings to all,
    Christos Anesti as well to all Orthodox Christians abroad!
    First, I would like to say that this is a very poorly written letter or request for pledges to perspective Archons. We must make a clearer statement than fear-muggerIng. We got to get people to support this most vital Orthodox Center, our Patriarchate, by explaining to them how important Orthodoxy and our cultural traditions are as Greeks and Christians of the first church of Christ. If we neglect our duties, I agree that others will run to fill that gap.
    Second, Russian imperialism is a fact, even if nudged by the west! How silly though not to have recognized their own goldmine, for Russia is one of the world’s top oil and gas producer! and resort to traditional warfare, bringing so much destruction to the Ukrainian people. For sure, the Russia church would love the opportunity to gain influence over the Patriarchate and other places. That is why, we, The GOA of America, need to take stronger and firm role in solidifying our support towards the Patriarchate and the sacred institutions there. We also need to do a better job in explaining to our Greek American people that united we can stand strong to protect our cultural institutions, and promote our cultural/religious heritage. The completion of The Saint Nicholas Shrine, a beacon of Orthodoxy in the New World, is definitely proof that we can.
    So kudos for all we have accomplish, but let us march forward to do our utmost in promoting the story of our forefathers and our religious traditions.
    Thank you “hellenicscope” for promoting dialogue of pertinent issues in our omogeneia.

    • Frederica, Alithos Anesti…
      We are here to promote the truth. As for the specific issues, please see my answer to a previous comment…

  8. Dear Frederica ,
    You are innocent like an infant that sees around his world only. I really like you and I am happy
    that you are reading HELLENISCOPE because
    sooner or later if you will continue to read it , you
    are going to see the light and be able to walk the
    road to ALITHIA , the road that clears the mind
    and be able to see and think right.
    I do not Blame you for your writing , most of the
    people in our days have the same ideas because
    there mind is anchored with today’s controlled
    Media from the NWO. HELLENISCOPE is one of
    the few Oasis….. of real edification.
    In order to be able to see the truth is to be continuously reading history and the reason that
    it repeats it’self is that people do not learn from
    it’s past .Today’s education is very limited , students are finishing university and have not
    encyclopaedic knowledge , there education is
    linguee . and limited to the subject for making
    their living and this is going all over , even in Greece and the reason for this is because knowledge produces resistance which is a very
    bad word for the globalist.
    The internet has two faces the bad and the good.
    The bad is the corruption in many levels especially
    to the youngsters and the good face is that you
    are able to search and find the truth if of course
    you have an open mind.
    Freda…. welcome to our world keep reading
    HELLENISCOPE your internal world will make you
    feeling nice gradually.
    Christ is risen

  9. Frederica, I find no place in Scripture where the church is assigned the task of promoting culture. Jesus said , you can’t serve 2 masters because you will love one and hate the other. A Christian Church has one goal, to live and present the Gospel of salvation and new life in Christ. A Greek club adds to that promotion of a culture. That being said, I believe Greek culture and other cultures add to life and should be preserved but not by the church.
    Additionally, I am always offended when people refer to the church as an homogenia. There is no homogenia andthe church was never meant to be an homogenia. Do you know what the term means and how offensive it is to non- Greeks, my children and grand children.

  10. You stated, “ A Christian Church has one goal, to live and present the Gospel of salvation and new life in Christ.”

    Unfortunately for us, the GOA hierarchy does not profess this goal anymore. Neither does the Patriarch.

    The cover has been taken off the pot of filthy stew, by Helleniscope.

    The truth has set us free.

  11. jk— As far as a Community of faithful attending a Greek Orthodox Church—this is a Koinonia- consisting of Church Families worshipping –Liturgia, Diakonia, Martyria..

  12. I wonder if Frederica posting here is same well known author & convert to Orthodoxy
    Frederica Mathews-Green? Way back I read her excellent book ‘Facing East’.

    If so, how embarrassed we Greek Orthodox feel knowing she & her husband (a minister of Episcopalian church) left to join GOA.
    Can you imagine their horror – slowly finding out (or looking away) from the corruption of GOA?!

  13. Mr. Gatanas, the Greens did not join the GOA but rather the AOC. The AOC is far more open and evangelistic in it’s approach to ministry.


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