EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Victoria Nuland is somebody universally hated by Greeks worldwide because of her diachronic existence in the corrupt “DC swamp” and her active participation for about two decades in every step of the plans to “prioritize Turkey at the expense of Greece and Cyprus”.  But it was her involvement in Ukraine that placed at the top of the list of universally disliked “swampers”.  But who actually is Nuland? A brief look at her family circle, it looks that her participation in the Kagan family reveals some very interesting things: 1) First, there is a personal connection in her own family roots in Ukraine that guides her hate for Russia and Putin. 2) More important, her husband (Robert Kagan, his brother Fred Kagan and his wife, Kimberly Kagan, are operating a far-reaching network right at the center of the “swamp”, promoting lies and war and profiting greatly out of their lies… Gonzalo Lira exposes this “family business” with his usual clarity…




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