EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): You do not need to be following closely the developments in Ukraine in order to know that Ukraine is very close to losing the war in a disastrous way.  Just the fact the mainstream media are 100% absorbed by the theater of the “Jan.6 hearings” would be enough.  Then certain headlines of the NY Times tell you much of the truth on the war: “US Lacks a Clear Picture of Ukraine’s War Strategy, Officials Say“, we read 3 days ago…  Say what? Who controls Zelensky now? Is the time that he will be overthrown approaching fast? Yes, and it will coincide with the time he will be executed…

For those of you who would like real information and analysis on where the war in Ukraine is at the moment, I have picked two videos:  The first by Alex Christophorou and Alex Mercuris and the second by Gonzalo Lira...


What Russia Has To Do After Russia Wins



  1. God bless Vladimir Putin for leading us against the New World Order, the World Economic Forum and their equally satanic puppets whether people or countries!!!

  2. Οπωσδηποτε η Ειρηνη ειναι παντα επιθυμητη αλλα ποτε θα ελθει και με ποιους ορους ειναι αγνωστο διοτι δυστυχως οι μαχες και βομβαρδισμοι μεταξυ των συγγενων Ουκρανων και Ρωσσων ακόμη μενονται!
    Τι δυστυχια!

  3. Greeks we should be on the side of Russia. Ukraine is like the pseudoState of the Occupied North Cyprus. Ukraine belongs to Russia, Ukrainians are Russians and I hope Putin carries out the cancellation of the corrupt, rogue and colonial western protectorate pseudoState of Ukraine. As Greeks we have suffered two similar blows one with Turkey’s attempt to create a similar pseudoState in occupied North Cyprus and the creation of a pseudoState with a contrived Monkeydonian identity to our North. We will face similar problems as Russia did when its Integral historical Ukrainian body part was amputated from Russia first by the Bolsheviks in 1917 and then by the Anglosaxon Colonialists in 1991… The people of the pseudoState of Ukraine are paying a very high price for allowing the 2014 Maidan Coup to take place and for allowing a Zionistopuppet like Zelensky to lead their country. Zelensky and his Zionist and Anglosaxon Imperialists do not care about throwing the People of Ukraine (note there are only Ukrainians as distinct ethnicity separate from Russia except in the devious war mongering minds of the Vatican who has been trying for centuries to infiltrate Eastern Christianity by manufacturing divisive new identities in order to divide and conquer) in the proverbial meat cleaver… The sooner the people of Ukraine oust Zelensky the better their fate will be. The people of Ukraine will be much better off to reunite with Russia in a stronger and greater Russia than to continue as a failed and corrupt colonial protectorate of the Zionistis and the zionistopuppeteered Anglosaxon leaders… I am wondering what will our Ecumenical Patriarch will do with the Autocephaly decree of the Church of Ukraine once Ukraine is cancelled as a State and reunited with Russia? Such a big mistake to create an unnecessary split among the Orthodox by implicating the Patriarchate in ill-conceived and malevolentl political agendas… serving the interests of the enemies of Christianity


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