AB Elpidophoros “liked” Cindy Gallop’s post (below).  Who is Cindy Gallop? A British-Chinese-born marketer, now a New Yorker, whose big accomplishment recently is a TED talk titled “Make Love Not Porn”!!!  You literally cannot make this stuff up!! Unbelievable!!

By Nick Stamatakis

There is a reason why, 40 months ago, on the day of his election and about 3 months before his enthronement, I nicknamed Elpidohporos Lambriniadis, the newly elected Archbishop of America, “Elpidoktonos” – “Hope-killer”… At that time, acting wisely, I put a question mark behind his nickname, wondering whether he would prove to be a “hope-bearer” or a “hope-killer”… I was fairly certain about the answer then, but it did not take long for the new archbishop to confirm it: the day after his enthronement he named Karloutsos as the “Vicar General”, causing a storm of disapproval among the faithful… And he followed up with numerous positions that defied traditional Orthodox teachings, introduced novelties, and led the whole GOARCH, against the expressed will of the majority of that faithful, towards ecumenism and globalism… As a result, the faithful started abandoning the pews in droves…

AB Elpidophoros has been acting arrogantly, and I would say irrationally, believing that his theological mediocrity would be able to “modernize” a Church that by definition abhors “modernization”, defies novelties and sticks to its traditions – that’s Orthodoxy…

Truth be told, we had a clear signal of where he would stand on abortion when he spoke during the March for Life in DC last January 22 and he gave the most duplicitous speech ever, stating positions so incompatible only a Phanariot could put words on:

Helleniscope commented on this absurdity and Jackie Morfesis had a detailed post then, explaining the incompatibility of the archbishop’s positions with the Orthodox faith (link here).

Yesterday, as the Supreme Court’s decision became known, I was talking to friends and was wondering whether AB Elpidophoros would make a public statement.  “If he is smart”, I said, “he would say nothing now unless he is ready to revert to fully supporting the sanctity of life”…  But, my friends, the answer is that he is not that smart… He knew that the overwhelming majority of the faithful is against “Roe v. Wade”, and he knew that the faithful’s support is totally for the “sanctity of life”.  Yet he could not help himself.  He did not make a full public statement but he came out “liking” this post by Cindy Gallop.  Who is Cindy Gallop? A British-Chinese-born marketer, now a New Yorker, whose big accomplishment recently is a TED talk titled “Make Love Not Porn”!!! (Link here) You literally cannot make this stuff up!! Unbelievable!!

And so AB Elpidophoros “liked” Cindy Gallop’s post on abortion which started with a major statement: “Pregnancy is more than thirty times more dangerous than abortion…”

To this momentous statement, we have only one answer: “How many times is stupidity more dangerous than abortion?”  This could also be phrased as: “How many times is cruelty and faithlessness more dangerous than abortion?

I am exasperated by his Eminence’s callousness… I rest my case…

June 26, 2022, n.stamatakis@aol.com   www.helleniscope.com

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.





  1. Thank you for posting. As was prophesied by many Saints (I won’t mention the recent ones just in case this servant of Satan seeks to ban them), that the wolves have infiltrated our Archdiocese. Anyone who advocates murder, let alone the murder of innocents (like Herod) is truly demonically possessed, regardless of how he portrays himself. Fortunately, God’s Grace in never limited regardless of heretics who follow satanic doctrine.

  2. First, I will preface my remarks with love. Let us never forget how our Lord loved King David. We must not push women or men who condoned abortion away from the church. We must invite them in with love and forgiveness.

    Second, isn’t time for the priests to take a stance? What holds them back? Is it their salaries and perks? Will they remain obedient to Elpi?

    Third, Lyndon Johnson created the 5013c church status in 1954. This gave the government power to stick their big nose inside American churches. This must end.

    Fourth, if the priests would rather stick with Elpi and Bartholomew, isn’t it time we walk away?

    What would Christ have done?

  3. Furthermore, it’s our fault we allowed ourselves and our children to be indoctrinated with sexual perversion. Time we act. The Lord is calling on us.

    • You are on point. Orthodox Christians who do nothing condone the actions of the deceitfully corrupt hierarchy. Don’t bother going to Confession in such churches. You speak your sins to Satan who laughs in your face.

      • Elpidophoros is the head of the Assembly of Bishops as GOARCH is the largest jurisdiction…though given the demographic implosion of GOARCH that will not be the case much longer. Collapse actually might be a better word than implosion.

    • No problem, I implore everyone to do so.

      Our Metropolitans for the most part are good men, minus a couple. If they know they have the faithful behind them then they might actually do something.

  4. A bad bad choice for a leader who should absolutely be defrocked.
    Archbishop Elpidophoros is immoral and has willfully & consistently VIOLATED
    every canon of Eastern Orthodox faith.

  5. “Killing rips the soul apart..” professor Slughorn.
    This women doesn’t take into account what abortion will do to the soul of the mother doing the aborting. These monsters want to destroy Gods creation; both the mother and the child.

  6. Action needs to be taken here on forward. If you have money and like to donate, simply do not donate anymore to fund this archbishop and his circle. If you don’t have much money, it’s ok, you can still be effective. How? You simply boycott the archbishop 100% of the time where ever he goes. Is he attending a vespers at a particular parish? good, go somewhere else. Is he going somewhere for liturgy? good, go somewhere else. Any event whatsoever, simply boycott him. Eventually when his audience shrinks down to less than 10 people in attendance, his higher up will get the message and ship him out. It’s that simple.
    Unfortunately we are dealing with a mafia and the only language they speak is dollar bill. They don’t understand anything else. Nor do they care about what anyone says or about anyone else. Period. The archbishop will eventually leave in a few years or sooner-this is a guarantee. The only question is at what cost to the parishes? and after how much damage has been inflicted? Always with an arrogant smirk and an attitude thinking he is smarter than everyone else and that him and his fellow globalists are “winning” and have it all together. The jokes on him-He thinks he’s part of their club. Unfortunately for himself he is just a useful idiot and will be cast aside when he is no longer of any use to the globalists who are his handlers.
    My friend, you’re not winning, the grand plan you follow is falling apart as we are seeing happening right now with the supreme court’s latest rulings. Not only that, but you are fooling yourself in the eyes of God. I feel sorry for you, truly. I hope you wake up before it’s too late for yourself. In the meantime, everyone else take action now!

    • SMDH…. I’m afraid, it’s much bigger than we really know. Elpi doesn’t give a rat’s butt if we faithful show up at his events or not. He’s already getting his payday bar, and is only going through the motions. It’s a matter of time when he’s hopefully gone, sooner then later. We will be left to pick up the pieces and persevere as we usually do.

      Stop fighting the heretics. God will take care of them. Concentrate on finding a weekly liturgy, and priests who spread the truth. Commune often. Keep the faith, pray and ask God to forgive them.


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