EDITOR’S NOTE: I was not able yet to find the full text of the Archbishop’s speech but the message is very clear and you can see it in our title… This is nothing new, the faithless GOARCH and the even more faithless Phanar, have been looking at the hundreds and thousands of faithful taking refuge in the monasteries and they are salivating.  Their goal is not only financial but mostly spiritual. Given as they are to Ecumenism and Globalism they give themselves the task to extinguish the few fires of faith burning in the monasteries – and they are powerful!!

The monasteries were the “Noah’s Ark” of Orthodoxy through the centuries… Please don’t anybody tell me that “our parishes lose income with all the baptisms taking place there, etc etc…” This sub-standard logic will not fly anywhere.  Do you want your parishes to attract people? Then hire the right priest who will care about ALL the parishioners and not only the most wealthy.  And who will preach the word of Christ instead of repeating the faithless messages form 79th Street and the Phanar….



    • The monasteries should leave for another Orthodox jurisdiction under an actual Orthodox bishop. The Metropolitans aren’t going to help the monasteries because they will then have a target on them as well.

  1. Elpi has no connection to monastics;
    they probably view him as a test, knowing they’ll get a crown in heaven for tolerating the Devil

  2. Soon, the hierarchy will have no flock. They will take your churches and live lavishly ever after. It’s happening right before your blinded eyes. Just like that! It was so easy! The sheep could not figure out how to fight the evil.

  3. Pray for poor Bishops protesting the twisted Archbishop Elps!
    Allowing in a defrocked Russian archimandrite who forged signature of a dead Metropolitan?
    Elps must be forced out!

  4. So, now Elpi wants to destroy our monasteries. Leave our monks and monasteries alone. They are doing God’s work keeping the devil away.

  5. Having listened to the archbishop’s keynote address, I am reminded of three things about the GOA, of which I myself was a part until the end of 2021:

    1. The archdiocese is still, even today, an EPARCHY. In other words, it is a colony of a Byzantine Empire in the imaginations of the leadership. The presupposition is that primary fealty is still due Constantinople, a whole century since the GOA’s organization. How can such imperialistic thinking jive with the American spirit of independence, celebrating its 246 birthday on the day of the archbishop’s address?

    2. The ethos of the archdiocese is still, even today, HELLENIC and therefore narrowly ethnic. The archbishop placed emphasis on GREEK classical and theological education, with the hope for linguistic instruction. Although that mentality works to preserve the particular legacy of the GOA, it lacks a broader vision for the evangelization of all of our American people. Unless they see boatloads of Greek immigrants arriving at Ellis Island, there is little hope for success for such a narrow mindset.

    3. MONEY is never not mentioned. The archdiocese is always asking for money, or thanking people for money, whether it’s for the Hellenic College and Holy Cross seminary, or for St. Nicholas’ Shrine, or for the Clergy Pension Fund or for the Ecumenical Patriarchate, GOA’s hand is never withdrawn. This is a subtle indication of a Greek preoccupation with money, a decline in stewardship giving and of fiscal malfeasance at high levels. God hasten the day when the Church can once again say with St. Peter the Apostle, “Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I thee. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk!”

  6. Thanks muchly Chip ( Larry Wheeler) for explaining so succinctly the fundamental ethos of GOA and
    it’s worth copying to explain it to others that are newbies to Orthodoxy.

  7. “Reintegrate” (Archdiocesan definition):
    Empty the tills and sell off the properties of the thriving monasteries that the Archdiocese never wanted here in the first place. Evict all of the right living and believing monks and replace them with homosexual cutie boys from Greece.

    Elpidophoros “the sunflower” = ANAXIOS

  8. Just remember-These ppl are foreign nationals, not men of the holy cloth. It’s a deceptive and fraudulent facade. The CLC is a farse.

    Did anyone expect truth and honesty to prevail? Mathew 6:24, Jesus states, “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”

    Pray as intercessors for the Holy Spirit to give us clear direction as to reveal a plan for removal of these fraudulent individuals seeking to take over bringing death to the Greek Church. Pray for God to move these mountains, reveal truths and allow freedom of worship and justice to prevail over the church.

  9. Focus on Greek classical education Elpidoforos says?? I find his statement bizarre as I see there is no indication of this going on at the largest Greek community in Astoria at St Demetrios. The school has been forsaken and left to rot! Why doesn’t he come down to the school and call a meeting with the families of the students attending school who will tell him what type of Greek education or other is taking place. Can he tell us why the archdiocese has forsaken our children? Can he tell us why the school continues to not move forward but seems to be going backwards?? Or does he and the Archdiocese not care? Can someone at least tell us the truth or is the Archbishop and Archdiocese unaware that are children are not receiving the education that we are paying for??? Can someone take ownus or do we need to protest to get the attention needed?

    • I know this to be a similar issue in another prominent Orthodox school in the United States. This school is more focused on being a top private school rather than being a top Orthodox Christian school. Furthermore, the defenders of the Orthodox faith have a voice, but choose not to use it.

  10. Elpi has stated that Hellenism will save the Church and that his goal is to raise a new generation of Phil-Hellenes. These are not the goals of a Christian leader. Elpi, please read the scriptures” there is only one name under heaven and earth by which we must be saved– Jesus (Acts 4::11-12). Hellenism saves no one, only Jesus saves.

  11. Some Monasteries are on Prime pieces of Land…perfect for farming and housing people abroad. Wonder why the GOARCH would want to control them./s

  12. Lord have Mercy upon our Monestaries.
    The shaking of our souls due to the known and unknown factors. Creates a very inner sorrow of KNOWING. That our Monestaries are under serious attack. The people who go to them, are faith. Most are like little lambs. They know and love Christ and these Churches are a haven of rest. Note this, there are many whom attend the Monestaries/Churches that are watchmen upon the Walls. They attaching and waiting faithfully. They may even be unpopular, misunderstood, miss judged, slandered, and much worse. But they know who they are, and what is The True Church. So they standfast and wait. All the while they watch, pray, fast, and cry in their souls for God’s mercy/grace.


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