UPDATE / CORRECTION, FRIDAY, JULY 15, 3.30 PM: Fr. Bakis of the Saint Sophia LA Cathedral sent us a message through an intermediary explaining that he was never asked by the Bousis family to perform the baptism – and if he were asked, he would agree to it as it usually happens in Churches.  Our source re-verified that the couple approached someone in the parish (maybe someone else? maybe someone in the parish council?), and this person suggested that this particular baptism would not be a good idea.  Bottom line: A widespread consensus is being formed by now on the need (and there is existing practice) for the kids to be baptized. BUT it has to happen humbly and without fanfare; it has to be accompanied by assurances that the kids will be raised according to the faith, and it has NOT to legitimize anything that is not approved by Orthodox tradition.

By Nick Stamatakis

My dear friends, the planning for the demonstration outside the 79th Street headquarters will continue for the coming days and weeks – but it was decided by the informal committee that this coming Tuesday was too close to allow for a proper organization of the event.  It was a tentative date, as I explained yesterday…  One thing is for sure, many among us have purchased their bullhorns and are ready to move at the next appropriate occasion…  In the meantime, several other events and facts take priority:

  1. A special meeting of the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece will take place this coming Monday, July 18, to discuss the big issues of AB Elpidophoros’ trespassing into the territory of the Metropolitan of Glyfada Antonios.  The uproar within the Greek Church is beyond description.  The Holy Synod has several options ranging from punishing Elpidophoros to even declaring the baptism invalid.
  2. Their determination may have greater consequences because on July 21st, a meeting of the Holy Synod at the Phanar will take place, with Elpidophoros present, presumably to discuss issues related to the GOARCH Charter.  The Phanar Synod will be well advised to relieve – RIGHT THEN AND THERE – Elpidophoros of his duties.
  3. Our Synod of GOARCH must take an official position on this issue as soon as physically possible. Helleniscope has learned that the gay couple was not allowed to perform their baptism in Saint Sophia Cathedral in Los Angeles.  This means that not only the local priest but also Metropolitan Gerasimos of San Fransisco was against it.  He has to say it publicly and call the rest of the Metropolitans to express their opinions.

Helleniscope will be updating all of you regularly on the developments.  Yours truly plans several appearances on Greek-American radio programs to explain, analyze and promote our views.

REGARDING THE PROPER ORGANIZATION: 1) It would be very helpful if we had commitments from any of you via email (you can use n.stamatakis@aol.com) – if you are a group or a family, please say how many plan to attend in your party.  2) It would also be helpful to have slogan suggestions. Here is what we have so far – your ideas will make it much better:

3) An effort has to be made to include ALL ORTHODOX FAITHFUL in this demonstration. I remind everyone that the Assembly of Orthodox Bishops expressed its disagreement with Elpidophoros on abortion a few weeks ago and also on making defrocked Belya a bishop!! This can easily be a PANORTHODOX DEMONSTRATION!!
Above all, I would like to draw your attention to the anonymous letter of our clergy, just posted here today.  In their letter, our priests make a Call to Action! Here is what they suggest: 1) Question the party line. 2) Protest appearances by Archbishop Elpidophoros and his representatives. 3) Support Each Other. 4) Pray.
Given these well-thought-out suggestions, I have a question for our secular leaders: Will they keep inviting a heretic AB Elpidophoros, a Turk by conviction, into their events and ceremonies? And more specifically, this question goes to the Cypriot-American organizations:  Do they plan to have Elpidophoros in their (coming up)  memorial service for the 1974 Turkish Invasion of Cyprus planned for this Sunday in Whitestone?  Last September, Elpidophoros TOTALLY IGNORED the suggestions of the Greek and Cypriot diplomats in the US and attended the inauguration of the Turkish House in NYC.  He was standing next to the Turkish Cypriot leader Tatar –  thereby recognizing the illegal entity…
Last year Elpidophoros betrayed the Greek nation… This year he betrayed the Orthodox Faith… When will enough finally be enough?

July 14, 2022, n.stamatakis@aol.com   www.helleniscope.com

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.



  1. How about this one:

    Brandon = Karloutsos = Elpidoktonos

    Let’s go Brandon! = Let’s go Elpidoktonos!
    LGB = LGE
    Go Woke
    Go Broke

    • Let’s see what the Synods decide first… it’s their job to right the wrongs… if and when they fail then we, the faithful will enter the scene…

  2. Meanwhile, Prince of Darkness Karloutsos is freaking out his puppet Elpidoktonos embarrassed GOA again –
    busy scheming on Damage Control…
    betcha homeboy Alex worried for GOA image
    if Protest goes on by archdiocese

  3. Dear all,

    Please don’t make this an issue between Greek American vs Turkey because this is not the case now and it should NOT bre presented like this.

    It is the case Orthodoxy vs The spirit of the age and this is where we should focus.

    Don’t put butter on their bread.

    • It Was Elpidophhoros himself who made it a case of us vs. Turkey by his presence last September next to Erdogan (bowing to him) and next to Turkish Cypriot leader Tatar at the inauguration of the Turkish House in NYC. This was the defining moment of his tenure as Archbishop. It was clear since that day that he was finished. And so, yes, it is a case of Greek-Americans vs. Turkey. Especially because our dependence on Phanar had led to the demise of our Church and our community…

      • I disagree… We are not going to hand over the Patriarchate and Constantinople to the Mongolian Invaders. The problems that Elpidoforos has created… desecrating Holy Communion by allowing unfaithful priests to use multiple spoons, making our Priests looking like Schismatic Papal Priests by wearing suits in public instead of their Raso, not promoting the 2,000 Greek linguistic tradition of our liturgical and patristic texts, our gem the Byzantine music by allowing anticanonical organs to be used during liturgy… etc, etc… these have nothing to do with Turkey… The issues between Hellas and Turkey are not influenced by the Patriarchate. Please stop being the useful idiot of the enemies of Christianity (the term orthodox is redundant) and Hellenism by calling the PAtriarchate of Constantinople a puppet of the Turks… unless you yourself are a puppet of Rome or Moscow both of which wish the extinction of Constantinople…

        • As I have said repeatedly, AB Elpidophoros himself framed the issue as such by his presence at the Turkish House inauguration in NYC last September… This was the turning point, or the point of no return in his tenure!

        • Excuse me but GOA priests have been wearing Roman/Episcopal clerical garb and Greek parishes have had organs over 20 years before Elpi became archbishop. Not only that, some parishes have been having secular performances(chorsl groups, string quartets, etc.) INSIDE the main sanctuary! You call the Russians “Mongols” but at least they have maintained the idea of the HOLY more than the Greek social clubs. Of course not all GOA parishes are like this but every one I have attended (4 in FL, 2 in CA) were. One Greek parish in FL even had female acolytes! They wore the acolyte robes and carried the candles but instead of being behind the altar they sat in the front row during services. Elpi is not responsible for this stuff.

          Elpi needs to removed because of his kowtowing to the LGBT community, marching with Black Lives Matter, a communist orgainization, and support for groups like Public Orthodoxy (Fordham University).

          The Greek American Church needs to change the other non-Orthodox mess they have made themselves. The Russian Church has its problems but when it comes to Holy Tradition, beats the Greek American Church “hands down.”

    I believe that this priest who baptized children of Homosexual parents should step down. It’s not the children’s fault that they have so call parents that has done a abomination towards God our holy Father in heaven. It’s a slap in his (Gods) face. This is troubling to me and my faith.

    Thank you for weaving threads of honesty together! Born, raised, a full-blooded Greek! Something since 1995 hadn’t felt right in the Greek Church I attended, but I couldn’t identify what it was. Attending an Antiochian Church in (******) by 2005 seemed a better alternative. Our one true Faith had been stolen by Karloutsos, the State Department, and is now being run by leftist democrats. This intertwining may have started with Karloutsos but now it is out of his control~he got his reward from Biden, which in itself says it all!

    What an impressive Bio of Metropolitan Nikolos and other research I mustered. The Archbishop of America is a cold-hearted, pompous and power-greedy man not worthy as an Archbishop. Must be a Karloutsos puppet. From his disrespectful speech at the Pro~life March declaring he is Pro~Choice. An arrogant stance as he declared No one will go to their parish priest to receive a death jab exemption (my body my choice huh Archbishop)? Then this baptism fiasco and worse! When explained properly, one recognizes how this man gleefully shoved it our face to stir the pot and his own agenda. On and on. He shames our Faith and flock.

    Help, save our one true Faith and restore it by the removal of this Archbishop with a renewal of spirit in the rightful Holy Man.

    In Christ, I remain,

  6. Of course Elpi is evil Rasputin Karloutsos puppet who cares not a bit of Orthodox faith or the humble faithful he’s deceiving & fleecing instead of serving.
    GOA: Most despicable Godless gang


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