1. Endoxy? You mean Yia Yia always knew the con man Karloutsos stabbed Iakovos in back and now stabbing Greek Church via the disgrace Elpi?
    Good yia yias are heart of ecclesia and shall have reward in paradise.

  2. Karloutsos is the very Snake of Eden. Avenge Jake, Hang Bart, Smash Greece. Karloutsos is the Modern Caiaphas, serving the same Lazio Evil Empire as did Caiaphas. He is the one who got Giannoulias Broadway Bank to launder Iran nuclear funding. Meliton prevented Iacovus patriarchy after long grudge. Karloutsos manipulated Clinton White House to ascend Bart Arcantony and then abused travel agency. From https://sites.google.com/site/95phecesoftheochrafuxchercks/

  3. Karloutsos, Lux Lutsos, “Rev Al”. “Greek Al Sharpton” convinced Bart that Jake fired him because he used the archdiocese travel account for a ticket for Bart’s nephew. So Bart made him his personal emissary. But Lex Lutsos was fired because of Chris Demetriades squandering the Archdiocese investment account on the Pelham Esplanade real estate development, not realizing what “buy low, sell high” means, instead preferring to be fad trends that pretensious lemmings follow.


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