By Alex Aliferis


In the past few weeks, Hunter Biden’s e-mails from his laptop were exposed online, including e-mails that tie Hunter Biden and his dad, Joe Biden, to the Greek American Democrat Elites.

Yet, there is a current federal investigation into Hunter Biden, which ties to Joe Biden. As I mentioned previously, Hunter Biden received millions from the Communist Chinese businessmen connected to high levels of the Beijing regime.

Hunter Biden’s business dealings are at a critical structure by federal investigators. Even Fake news media like CNN can’t hide Hunter Biden’s hacked e-mails. Hunter Biden’s iPhone was hacked weeks ago exposing his raunchy videos. His videos show a naked Hunter Biden smoking crack with hired prostitutes. I guess Hunter Biden desires to be a Porn Star.

What about the moral compass of these Greek American Democrat Elites hanging out with scumbags like Hunter Biden and Joe Biden?

There is an e-mail that connects all the Greek American Democrat Elites with Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. The e-mail dates to 2011.

(Hunter Biden Laptop E-mail)

From: “Mike Manatos”

To: “Andy Manatos”, “Dennis Mehiel”, “Dennis Toner”, “George Tsunis”

CC: “Panicos Papanicolaou”, “Father Alex Karloutsos”, “Biden Hunter”

Date: 2011-06-17 16:15

As a follow-up to our conference call just now regarding the June 29 lunch with Vice President Biden, see below:

Confirmed attending:

  1. George Tsunis
  2. Dennis Mehiel
  3. Father Alex Karloutsos
  4. Tom Manatos
  5. Peter Papanicolaou
  6. Nikos Mouyiaris
  7. Phil Christopher
  8. Peter Angelos
  9. Savas Constantinidis
  10. Endy Zemenides
  11. Alexi Giannoulias
  12. George Behrakis
  13. Dimitri Kaloidis
  14. John Sarbanes
  15. ____________ (representing Vin Roberti)
  16. ____________ (“future mayor of Indianapolis”)
  • Hunter Biden
  • Beau Biden
  • Dennis Toner
  • (?) Jim Messina


Pushed by Dennis Mehiel

Angelo Tsakopoulos

George Marcus (through Angelo Tsakopoulos)

Nick Chimicles (through Michael Karloutsos)

John Georges (through Michael Karloutsos)

Harry Giannoulias

Pushed by George Tsunis

Ted Leonsis (202-266-2200)

George/Cathy Sakellaris

Richard Leads (with Father Alex)

Mike Angeliades (with Father Alex)

Andre Dimitriadis (with Father Alex)

Chris Spyropoulos (with Father Alex)

Pushed Andy and Mike Manatos

George Marcus (after Dennis talks with Angelo)

George/Cathy Sakellaris

Andy Athens

Ted Spyropoulos (through Endy)

Eleni Bousis (through Endy)

Senator Paul Sarbanes

Ted Venetoulis

Peter Barris

George Danis

Ted and Jim Pedas

Peter Poulos

Pushed by Father Alex Karloutsos

Maria Allwin

Pushed by Hunter Biden

Van Vlahakis




Alex Aliferis has worked in Washington D.C. on issues linked to Greece, and Cyprus.

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