EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis):  We have been making these points for a long time, and recently, right after the historical meeting between Putin and Erdogan in Sochi (the second in less than a month), we stated that “Turkey is all but lost for the West.”  We are happy to see that two popular commentators, the two Greeks, Alexander Mercuris and Alex Christoforou (WHO ARE MAKING THIS VIDEO IN ATHENS), the first with massive experience in the analysis of international affairs, absolutely match our point of view and analyze how Turkey made a momentous move to join the Eurasian alliance.

Furthermore, they point to the great risks for Greece stemming from the one-sided (we called it treasonous) position to send arms to Ukraine, which resulted in Russia classifying Greece as a “not friendly” country.

I would add to this discussion that Greece was always saved – and will likely be saved now – by the shipowners: they have a very close relationship with the Russians, and they are the real face of Greece internationally.  Russians and Chinese, and everybody else know that the governments of Greece are puppets of the West.  But the Russians make deals with the Greek shipowners, and China builds their ships: both countries – and everybody else – knows that the Greeks keep their deals even though their politicians sell out to interests that do not match Greece’s interests.



  1. It is disgraceful. The Greeks have turned their backs on everything they’ve stood for, on their history and traditions, on their interests, at the behest of Western powers that care little for them as we saw with the EU austerity, the uncontrolled immigration, and so much else. Who can save the Greeks from themselves? The Orthodox Church doesn’t seem capable. Sadly, Greece is just a vassal state. And all the young and capable Greeks know this, and have fled in droves. Though they have tears, they don’t look back. Those of us in the omogeneia see this and feel sad. Greece has lost its identity & its pride. Ο Θεός να βοηθήσει.

  2. Turkey has been a German client state for over two centuries, which is why both Moeltkes (World War staff chiefs) trained with the Ottomans. The Europa canal links Rhine and Danube, providing maritime Orient Express from North to Black seas, unfettered by tolls thanks to the dissolution of Yugoslavia. The past thousand years of Greek history is defined by keeping the evil, aggressive Russians out of the Hellespont, for which the Greeks should heed their Turkish cousins, especially now that Ukraine fully ejects Russia from the entire Black Sea.


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