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Georgia Gay Couple Abused Adopted Sons, Making Child Pornography


source: washngtonexaminer.com

Same-sex Georgia couple charged with abusing adopted sons, making child pornography

A same-sex couple in Georgia was arrested last month and charged with using their two adopted children to record and manufacture child pornography, authorities said.

The couple, William Zulock, 32, and Zachary Zulock, 35, were taken into custody after the Walton County Sheriff’s Office conducted a raid on a Loganville, Georgia, residence following reports of an individual downloading child pornography, according to a report.

One individual, who was not identified, was taken into custody at the residence and interviewed by authorities, the report noted.

Following the interview, authorities discovered there was at least one person “producing homemade child sexual abuse material with at least one child who lived in the home.”

Armed with the information, the Walton County Sheriff’s Office and Walton County’s Division of Family and Child Services executed a search warrant at the Zulock residence, according to the report.

Authorities discovered two young boys at the home were being sexually exploited and recorded for the production of child pornography.

The boys’ adoptive fathers “were engaging in sexually abusive acts and video documenting this abuse,” authorities said.

A day after police executed the search warrant, the Zulocks were detained by the Walton County Sheriff’s Office.

The adoptive fathers are facing charges of aggravated child molestation, enticing a child for indecent purposes, and sexual exploitation of a child.


  1. See this demonic zeitgeist at work in our religious institutions.


    I can actually imagine the Reverend Chryssavgis of the archdiocese defending something like this and admonishing Orthodox believers to accept and embrace this in the spirit of love or whatever false arguments he and his accomplices in the Church or from Fordham or Oxford come up with. There is also a priest on Twitter who is the spokesman for the archdiocese that metaphorically flies the rainbow flag in his tweets and mocks Orthodox believers who resist and reject the LGTBQIA+ movement. Look for hashtag #überpious to see some of his tweets regarding this.

  2. As Orthodox Christians, as ambassadors in Christ’s kingdom on earth, we are here to share the good news of repentance, forgiveness, redemption, and salvation. We stand against the darkness and attacks and abuse against innocents, men, women, and children. Sexual and physical abuse, human trafficking, are horrors that are not confined to any one demographic group. Those victimized need to be supported at all times – this is a soul issue – a spiritual issue – not an ideological one nor is this political. I have served the abused and I have also served in the prison system. God sent His Son for the lost sheep, the broken, and the suffering. Let us always remember who we are as a Child of God and that we are here to minster to all of God’s children and show them the awesome and miraculous power of the God we serve.


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