Elpidoktonos and the “Commune” of Horrors of 79th Street, with Hermes in tow, are trying to bilk an old widow out of her multimillion-dollar mansion to make their big Kardashian move. The Archbishop tries to play the oldest trick in the book by applying pressure on Mrs. Georgia Kaloidis to donate her $4 million estate in Brookville (the wealthiest neighborhood of Long Island) to the Archdiocese!…

By Nick Stamatakis

This must be the fifth time in the last five years that I have come upon credible evidence about the same scheme in GOARCH: A priest, using his “charisma” and the power and trust of the Church, is taking advantage of elderly people (usually women/widows) and convinces them to transfer the deed of their real estate property.  Most of the time, the transfer is done to the name of the local Church/parish, while occasionally, ruthless priests have managed to transfer it to their names.  Karloutsos tops the list, but there are many more; some are now Bishops or Metropolitans – and please DO NOT doubt me because I will name their very well-known names…

But let me go to today’s story: The gang of immigrants, supposedly clergy, from Turkey and Greece who live for free in the ” 79th Street “Commune” plan to steal – led by AB Elpidoktonos -anything they can from the “stupid Americans.” After the first phase of their move to America, they now feel comfortable enough to up their game to the next level. Their thirst for wealth and insatiable appetite for a lavish lifestyle matches their sexual degeneracy and knows no bounds… They follow the example of their top leader, Patriarch Bartholomew, and the other senior members of the Patriarchate’s gang, Archbishops and Metropolitans, who “feel” so special that they cannot live in a moderate house or apartment – they need multi-million dollar residences!…

Helleniscope has received inside information that Elpidophoros has been trying to charm the widow of Mr. Dimitrios Kaloidis, directly and through his minions, to get her to “donate” her multimillion-dollar home on the so-called Gold-Coast of Long Island (Old Brookville, NY) to the Archdiocese for his personal use. Dimitrios Kaloidis was an Archon of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, and a generous donor to the church and the community, especially in Brooklyn, his hometown (please link here for a short obituary). He tragically passed away from covid in Greece in 2019.  His widow, Mrs. Georgia Kaloidis, has been living in Greece since his death and has been dealing with the cleanup of their estate which consists of hotels, a catering hall, diners and a multimillion-dollar home in Old Brookville, NY.

Apparently, one of the clergymen in Elpidophoros’ inner “circle of thieves” thought it would be a good idea to approach Mrs. Kaloidis, flatter and brainwash her into “donating” her estate to the Archdiocese.   Archbishop Elpidophoros has reportedly been telling her he would like to use it for a personal residence for him and his clergy.  Perhaps they can “retreat” to the country and not be seen by others in the big city! And also hide their sinful behavior…

As we said, this shameful method of preying on poor widows is nothing new; but it is new for an Archbishop to descent to this low level of behavior and use such deprived methods to convince a broken-hearted widow that the “poor Archbishop” has nowhere to “retreat to” and needs a million-dollar home, with a pool, wine cellar, banquet style hall in the lower level, a guest house, and sprawling gardens for his “retreats.”


We all know that his “retreats” on 79th street are way too public and subject to observation and criticism by the Archdiocese staff and other scandalized visitors to our Church’s headquarters in New York.  This home is a perfect hide-a-way for Elpidophoros and his band of merry and gay clergymen to practice their “retreats” in total privacy with no prying eyes, other than Hermes’ who must bear witness to all. Ah, poor Hermes, what his eyes must have witnessed!…

If Mrs. Georgia Kaloidis is fooled into donating her estate to the Archbishop, who will pay for the operating costs of this lavish million-dollar estate?  Who will pay for the full-time staff required to maintain the facility and operate the grounds, cook the food, and clean up after the Turks?  It will be the faithful who have been pouring their stewardship offerings into their Parish donation trays which are now being funneled to expensive living on 79th street, lavish dinners, chefs, credit cards that have run amuck, and so, oh so many, “pilgrimages” around the world with major donors of the church.

This is a sad state of affairs that our Archdiocese of America has found itself in.  A Turkish interloper, who pretends to love us all and our Archdiocese of America, who smiles like the village idiot in all his photo ops, who is charming widows out of their fortunes but is here to bilk us ALL out of everything we have to give to the “mother church” and line his Turkish pockets with the Gold that the mother church knows is here in America.

Let me underline and repeat here that this is standard practice for the Patriarchate:

  1. The previous Patriarch Demetrios used to live in a small room in the Phanar. Pat. Bartholomew used a $1.2 million donation by Alex Spanos to buy himself a villa overlooking Bosporus!! No smaller living space would fit his egotistical emptiness ($200.000 of this amount was kept by Karloutsos as commission).

2) Below, you can see the view of Sidney Harbor from the luxury apartment purchased for $6.5 Million by Archbishop Makarios of Australia upon his enthronement in 2019!

3) Metropolitan Emmanuel (formerly of France) and his then “assistant” Maximos, as they were preparing to come to New York in the Spring of 2019 (before the “Bulgarian gay escort scandal” erupted) were heard rejoicing and jumping up and down that they “would have a yacht in New York within months!”… After this plan fell apart Emmanuel bought a $1 million house (last year) in the glitzy northern suburbs of Athens…

Now this type of thievery is completely institutionalized – these are professional thieves – and here is how:

  1. In the Bartholomew Foundation’s website, there is a special section titled “Giving through your Will or Trust” (link here), where specific instructions are given:Provide your attorney with the sample language below: “I give [the residue of my estate], or [___% of the residue of my estate], or [the sum of _______ dollars] to the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Foundation: For the Sacred See of Saint Andrew, Inc., New York, NY, for its general purposes.”Include this information: Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Foundation, 8 East 79th Street, New York, NY 10075, Federal Tax ID Number – 83-3599880.

2. GOARCH just started a new department for “planned giving,” which is focused on estate giving and wills, etc.  They are going to train clergy on these tactics in a professional way.

These steps above reveal the true plan of the Patriarchate’s gang: They want to grab the properties, first of all, from all the faithful they can and later from the parishes – as their survey last January proved beyond doubt.

Below are photos of the Kaloidis estate in Brookville, Long Island, for all to see how the “poor archbishop” will live once he convinces this poor widow to donate to his “personal retreat center.” PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AND BE AMAZED BY THE PALACE WHERE OUR “SULTAN” OF AN ARCHBISHOP WANTS TO LIVE…

God help us all, and God Help and Protect Mrs. Kaloidis from giving her legacy to this Turkish interloper. Somebody, please explain to her that it would be a disservice to her husband’s memory to give money to professional thieves while there are so many poor children in America and the world…

Finally, please go ahead and sign the petition – and yes, it is now clearer than ever that this Church HAS TO DETACH FROM THE PATRIARCHATE IF IT IS TO SURVIVE.

Please follow this link to sign the petition for ELPIDOPHOROS REMOVAL AND SELF GOVERNANCE of our church, started by HELLENISCOPE on

August 16, 2022,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.



Ο Ελπιδοκτόνος πιέζει μια Χήρα να δωρίσει το κτήμα της στο Λονγκ Αϊλαντ αξίας 4 εκατ. δολαρίων!!

Ο Ελπιδοκτόνος και το «κοινόβιο» του Τρόμου της 79ης Οδού, με τον σκύλο τον Ερμή να ακολουθεί, προσπαθεί να πείσει μια ηλικιωμένη χήρα να τους χαρίσει την έπαυλη των πολλών εκατομμυρίων δολαρίων για να κάνουν τη μεγάλη τους ζωή, όπως οι Καρντάσιαν. Ο Αρχιεπίσκοπος προσπαθεί να παίξει ένα παλιό κόλπο ασκώντας πίεση στην κυρία Γεωργία Καλοίδη να δωρίσει την περιουσία της στο Μπρούκβιλ (την πιο πλούσια γειτονιά του Λονγκ Άιλαντ) στην Αρχιεπισκοπή!!

Του Νίκου Σταματάκη

Αυτή πρέπει να είναι η πέμπτη φορά τα τελευταία πέντε χρόνια που έχω βρει αξιόπιστα στοιχεία για το ίδιο σχέδιο στην Αρχιεπισκοπή: Ένας ιερέας, χρησιμοποιώντας το «χάρισμά» του και τη δύναμη και την εμπιστοσύνη της Εκκλησίας, εκμεταλλεύεται ηλικιωμένους (συνήθως γυναίκες/χήρες) και τις πείθει να μεταβιβάσουν την ακίνητη περιουσία τους. Τις περισσότερες φορές η μεταφορά γίνεται στο όνομα της τοπικής Εκκλησίας/ενορίας, ενώ κατά καιρούς αδίστακτοι ιερείς έχουν καταφέρει να το μεταφέρουν στα ονόματά τους. Ο Καρλούτσος βρίσκεται στην κορυφή της λίστας, αλλά υπάρχουν πολλοί ακόμα. Μερικοί είναι πλέον Επίσκοποι ή Μητροπολίτες – και παρακαλώ ΜΗΝ αμφιβάλλετε γιατί θα με αναγκάσετε να αναφέρω τα πολύ γνωστά τους ονόματα…

Αλλά ας πάω στη σημερινή ιστορία: Η συμμορία των μεταναστών, δήθεν κληρικών, από την Τουρκία και την Ελλάδα που μένει δωρεάν στο «Κοινόβιο της 79ης Οδού» σχεδιάζει να κλέψει – με επικεφαλής τον Ελπιδοκτόνο – ό,τι μπορούν από τα «χαζο-αμερικανάκια”. Μετά την πρώτη φάση της μετακόμισής τους στην Αμερική, τώρα νιώθουν αρκετά άνετα για να ανεβάσουν το παιχνίδι τους στο επόμενο επίπεδο. Η δίψα τους για πλούτο και η ακόρεστη όρεξή τους για έναν πλούσιο τρόπο ζωής ταιριάζει με τον σεξουαλικό τους εκφυλισμό και δεν έχει όρια… Ακολουθούν το παράδειγμα του κορυφαίου ηγέτη τους, του Πατριάρχη Βαρθολομαίου, και των άλλων ανώτερων μελών της συμμορίας του Πατριαρχείου, Αρχιεπισκόπων και Μητροπολιτών, που «αισθάνονται» τόσο ξεχωριστοί που δεν μπορούν να ζήσουν σε ένα μέτριο σπίτι ή διαμέρισμα – χρειάζονται κατοικίες πολλών εκατομμυρίων δολαρίων!.. .

Το Helleniscope έχει λάβει εκ των έσω πληροφορίες ότι ο Ελπιδοφόρος προσπαθούσε να γοητεύσει τη χήρα του κ. Δημήτριου Καλοίδη, άμεσα και μέσω των παπάδων του, για να την κάνει να «δωρίσει» το σπίτι πολλών εκατομμυρίων δολαρίων στη λεγόμενη Gold-Coast του Long Island ( Old Brookville, NY) στην Αρχιεπισκοπή για προσωπική του χρήση. Ο Δημήτριος Καλοειδής ήταν Άρχων του Οικουμενικού Πατριαρχείου και γενναιόδωρος δωρητής στην εκκλησία και την κοινότητα, ιδιαίτερα στο Μπρούκλιν, την γενέτειρά του (παρακαλώ συνδέστε εδώ για μια σύντομη νεκρολογία). Έφυγε τραγικά από τον Covid στην Ελλάδα το 2019. Η χήρα του, η κυρία Γεωργία Καλοειδή, ζει στην Ελλάδα από τον θάνατό του και ασχολείται με τον καθαρισμό της περιουσίας τους που αποτελείται από ξενοδοχεία, αίθουσα εστίασης, εστιατόρια και ένα σπίτι αξία $4 εκατ. δολαρίων στο Old Brookville, NY.

Προφανώς, ένας από τους κληρικούς στον εσωτερικό «κύκλο των κλεφτών» του Ελπιδοφόρου σκέφτηκε ότι θα ήταν καλή ιδέα να πλησιάσει την κυρία Καλοειδή, να την κολακέψει και να της κάνει πλύση εγκεφάλου για να «δωρίσει» την περιουσία της στην Αρχιεπισκοπή. Ο Αρχιεπίσκοπος φέρεται να της είπε ότι θα ήθελε να το χρησιμοποιήσει για προσωπική κατοικία για τον ίδιο και τους ιερείς του. Ίσως έτσι να μπορέσουν να «αποσυρθούν» στη εξοχή για να μην τους βλέπουν άλλοι στην πόλη! Και επίσης για να κρύψουν την αμαρτωλή συμπεριφορά τους…

Όπως είπαμε, αυτή η επαίσχυντη μέθοδος λείας φτωχών χήρων δεν είναι κάτι καινούργιο. Αλλά είναι νέο για έναν Αρχιεπίσκοπο να κατεβαίνει σε αυτό το χαμηλό επίπεδο συμπεριφοράς και να χρησιμοποιεί τόσο άθλιες μεθόδους για να πείσει μια χήρα με συντετριμμένη καρδιά ότι ο «φτωχός Αρχιεπίσκοπος» δεν έχει πού να «μείνει» και χρειάζεται ένα σπίτι εκατομμυρίων δολαρίων, με πισίνα, κελάρι κρασιών, αίθουσα δεξιώσεων στο κάτω επίπεδο, ξενώνας και μεγάλοι κήποι για τα «καταφύγια» του.

Όλοι γνωρίζουμε ότι η ζωή του του στην 79η οδό είναι πολύ δημόσια και υπόκειται σε παρατήρηση και κριτική από το προσωπικό της Αρχιεπισκοπής και άλλους σκανδαλισμένους επισκέπτες στα κεντρικά γραφεία της Εκκλησίας μας στη Νέα Υόρκη. Αυτό το σπίτι στο Λονγκ Αϊλαντ είναι ένα τέλειο κρησφύγετο για τον Ελπιδοφόρο και την ομάδα ομοφυλόφιλων κληρικών του να ζήσουν σε απόλυτη ιδιωτικότητα χωρίς αδιάκριτα βλέμματα, εκτός από τον Ερμή που πρέπει να δώσει μαρτυρία σε όλους. Αχ, καημένε Ερμή, τι πρέπει να έχουν δει τα μάτια σου!…

Αν η κυρία Γεωργία Καλοειδή ξεγελαστεί να δωρίσει την περιουσία της στον Αρχιεπίσκοπο, ποιος θα πληρώσει τα λειτουργικά έξοδα αυτού του χλιδάτου κτήματος εκατομμυρίων δολαρίων; Ποιος θα πληρώσει για το προσωπικό πλήρους απασχόλησης που απαιτείται για τη συντήρηση της εγκατάστασης και τη λειτουργία των εγκαταστάσεων, το μαγείρεμα του φαγητού και τον καθαρισμό μετά τους Τούρκους; Θα είναι οι πιστοί που έχουν χύνει τις προσφορές τους για τη διαχείριση στους δίσκους δωρεών της Ενορίας τους, οι οποίοι τώρα διοχετεύονται σε δαπανηρή διαβίωση στην 79η οδό, πλούσια δείπνα, σεφ, πιστωτικές κάρτες που έχουν τρελαθεί και έτσι, ω τόσα πολλά, «προσκυνήματα σε όλο τον κόσμο με μεγάλους δωρητές της εκκλησίας.

Αυτή είναι μια θλιβερή κατάσταση στην οποία βρίσκεται η Αρχιεπισκοπή της Αμερικής.  Ένας Τούρκος πράκτορας, που προσποιείται ότι μας αγαπά όλους και την Αρχιεπισκοπή μας της Αμερικής, που χαμογελά σαν τον ηλίθιο του χωριού σε όλες τις φωτογραφίσεις του, που προσπαθεί να είναι γοητευτικός για να πάρει από τις χήρες την περιουσία τους, αλλά είναι εδώ για να μας τα πάρει όλα και να τα δώσει στη «μητέρα εκκλησία» και να γεμίσει τις τουρκικές τσέπες του με το χρυσό που η μητέρα εκκλησία ξέρει ότι είναι δικό μας.

Επιτρέψτε μου να υπογραμμίσω και να επαναλάβω εδώ ότι αυτή είναι η συνήθης πρακτική για το Πατριαρχείο:

  1. Ο προηγούμενος Πατριάρχης Δημήτριος έμενε σε ένα μικρό δωμάτιο στο Φανάρι. Ελαφρό κτύπημα. Ο Βαρθολομαίος χρησιμοποίησε μια δωρεά 1,2 εκατομμυρίων δολαρίων από τον Άλεξ Σπανό για να αγοράσει για τον εαυτό του μια βίλα με θέα στον Βόσπορο!! Κανένας μικρότερος χώρος διαβίωσης δεν θα ταίριαζε στο εγωιστικό του κενό (200.000 $ από αυτό το ποσό κρατήθηκαν από τον Καρλούτσο ως προμήθεια).
  2.  Παρακάτω, μπορείτε να δείτε τη θέα του Sidney Harbor από το πολυτελές διαμέρισμα που αγόρασε για 6,5 εκατομμύρια δολάρια ο Αρχιεπίσκοπος Αυστραλίας Μακάριος κατά την ενθρόνισή του το 2019!
  3. Ο Μητροπολίτης Εμμανουήλ (πρώην Γαλλίας) και ο τότε «βοηθός» του Μάξιμος, καθώς ετοιμάζονταν να έρθουν στη Νέα Υόρκη την άνοιξη του 2019 (πριν ξεσπάσει το «σκάνδαλο της βουλγαρικής συνοδείας ομοφυλοφίλων») ακούστηκαν να χαίρονται και να χοροπηδούν πάνω κάτω. ότι «θα είχαν ένα γιοτ στη Νέα Υόρκη μέσα σε μήνες!»…

Τώρα αυτό το είδος κλοπής έχει θεσμοθετηθεί πλήρως – πρόκειται για επαγγελματίες κλέφτες – και να πώς:

  1. Στον ιστότοπο του Ιδρύματος Βαρθολομαίου, υπάρχει μια ειδική ενότητα με τίτλο «Δίνοντας μέσω της Διαθήκης σας» (σύνδεσμος εδώ), όπου δίνονται συγκεκριμένες οδηγίες:

Δώστε στον πληρεξούσιό σας το δείγμα γλώσσας παρακάτω: «Δίνω [το υπόλειμμα της περιουσίας μου], ή [___% του υπολείμματος της περιουσίας μου] ή [το ποσό των _______ δολαρίων] στο Ίδρυμα Οικουμενικού Πατριάρχη Βαρθολομαίου: Για το Ιερό Βλ. Saint Andrew, Inc., Νέα Υόρκη, Νέα Υόρκη, για τους γενικούς σκοπούς του.»

Συμπεριλάβετε αυτές τις πληροφορίες: Ίδρυμα Οικουμενικού Πατριάρχου Βαρθολομαίου, 8 East 79th Street, New York, NY 10075, Federal Tax ID Number – 83-3599880.

2. Η Αρχιεπισκοπή μόλις ξεκίνησε ένα νέο τμήμα για την «προγραμματισμένη προσφορά», το οποίο επικεντρώνεται στην προσφορά περιουσίας και στις διαθήκες κ.λπ.  Θα εκπαιδεύσουν κληρικούς σε αυτές τις τακτικές με επαγγελματικό τρόπο.

Αυτά τα παραπάνω βήματα αποκαλύπτουν το αληθινό σχέδιο της συμμορίας του Πατριαρχείου: θέλουν να αρπάξουν τις περιουσίες, πρώτα από όλους τους πιστούς που μπορούν και αργότερα τις ενορίες – όπως απέδειξε πέρα ​​από κάθε αμφιβολία η δική τους έρευνα τον περασμένο Ιανουάριο.

Παρακάτω είναι φωτογραφίες του κτήματος Καλοειδή στο Μπρούκβιλ του Λονγκ Άιλαντ, για να δουν όλοι πώς θα ζήσει ο «φτωχός αρχιεπίσκοπος» μόλις πείσει αυτή τη φτωχή χήρα να κάνει δωρεά στο «προσωπικό του κέντρο καταφυγής».

Ο Θεός να μας βοηθά όλους και ο Θεός να βοηθάει και να προστατεύει την κυρία Καλοειδή από το να παραδώσει την κληρονομιά της σε αυτόν τον Τούρκο πράκτορα. Κάποιος, σας παρακαλώ, ας της εξηγήσει της ότι θα ήταν κακό για τη μνήμη του συζύγου της να δώσει χρήματα σε επαγγελματίες κλέφτες ενώ υπάρχουν τόσα φτωχά παιδιά στην Αμερική και στον κόσμο…

Τέλος, παρακαλώ προχωρήστε και υπογράψτε το ψήφισμά μας – και ναι, τώρα είναι πιο ξεκάθαρο από ποτέ ότι αυτή η Εκκλησία ΠΡΕΠΕΙ ΝΑ ΑΠΟΣΠΑΣΤΕΙ ΑΠΟ ΤΟ ΠΑΤΡΙΑΡΧΕΙΟ ΑΝ ΘΕΛΕΙ ΝΑ ΕΠΙΒΙΩΣΕΙ.

Please follow this link to sign the petition for ELPIDOPHOROS REMOVAL AND SELF GOVERNANCE of our church, started by HELLENISCOPE on

August 16, 2022,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.



  1. Forever grateful to Helleniscope for revealing dark secrets in the GOA which, in my humble opinion, will not survive. Here is a survey from Wicked Shepherds regarding church leader corruption.

    The following is a questionnaire to see just how healthy your church really is. To determine how well it ranks, answer “yes” or “no” to the following questions:

    🆘•Does your church tightly control the flow of information within its ranks?

    •Does the head of your church, along with the other “leaders”, use public shaming as a method to gain the compliance of followers?

    •Does the head of your church and his “fellow elders” appear to be intolerant or consider it evil persecution when criticized or questioned?

    •Are you discouraged to associate with former members, being warned that they are “evil” or “defiling”; a “danger to your spiritual welfare”?

    •Is leaving your church to join another church that “is not approved by your elders” equal to leaving God?

    •Do you fear being rebuked, shunned, or ignored for expressing a different opinion?

    •At church, is there a sense of control, rather than support?

    •Is there a relentless obsession of reminding the sheep of “who’s in authority”?

    •Are you told not to ask questions as to why others have left? Are you told to accept the statements that “your elders” give you?

    •Are books, tapes and CD’s, speakers, music, etc., carefully controlled to keep only the belief structure of your church before your mind?

    •Is there is a relentless campaign to keep you around the activities of your church, expecting you to be at all the stated meetings, except if providentially hindered? And if you are absent, is your spirituality and dedication sometimes questioned?

    •Is the concept ever so subtly present that, “when you please the ‘pastor’, God is pleased and when your ‘pastor’ is not pleased with you, God is not pleased with you?”

    •Is there present, the breaking of even the closest family ties, to “guard” the flock?

    •Is there the constant using of guilt and shame as tools of control?

    •Is there present at your church the encouragement of the members to spy and report on each other, lest sin be found in the midst?

    •Is there present at your church the dominant climate of fear in the group – fear of failing to keep one of the rules, and fear of being held up to public humiliation and rejection?

    •At church, are the normal lines between what is private and what is public knowledge broken, and members confess the most personal, and the most minor sins, as the conscience is being surrendered to the “leadership”?

    •Are many (if not all) of the results from voting at “congregational business meetings”
    announced as….. “it is unanimous!”?

    •Is questioning condemned as “whispering, back- biting, vicious slander, gossip, nit picking, signs of a proud rebellious spirit, being disaffected and divisive?”

    •Are those who dissent publicly punished? Are their reputations murdered by veiled, or not so veiled “revelations” of “sins”; past and present, as confidentiality is broken for the benefit of the leaders?

    •Is there a misplaced loyalty from Jesus and God onto the leadership, which is idolatry?

    •Is there harsh preaching and full of condemnation for your failures and are you deliberately being kept wounded and off balance by the haranguing and condemnation from the pulpit?

    •Is “Persevere or be damned” and “listen to YOUR elders; obey YOUR elders”; “submit to YOUR elders” preached over and over again?

    •Is paranoia the “very air you breathe”? Paranoia of falling from grace; thinking for yourselves; breaking the many unspoken rules as well as the clearly spelled out expectations of the leader?

    •Are you becoming paranoid – carefully watching your every word and even gesture, lest someone report your faults?

    •Does a code of silence reign at your church? Is no one to divulge the business of the church, or the faults of the leadership?

    ● Do the spiritual leaders at your church seem to give you the impression that either covertly or overtly, they have the right to tell you how you should manage your own family; presuming that they know your own family better than you know yourself?

    • The GOA is the ONLY true Christian Church in the States and carries the b-imillenial Christian tradition. So it will survive… and thrive… despite some occasionally rotten Hierarchs which the Church had to fight through throughout the ages… How can the faithful keep their hierarchs honest? Well by educating themselves in the history and the Traditions and Canons of the Church which the GOA is legally mandated to maintain and disseminate! But when these canons and this tradition is in Greek how will you be able to do that when you have been linguistically cut off from your very own tradition? How many of you can parse the proceedings of the Ecumenical synods for example that prohibit women from standing at the Analogion? or prohibit the use of organs in the liturgy? You start deviating from the simple and seemingly innocuous then you end up allowing child trafficking and approving homosexual couplings, or negating the importance of the sacrament of marriage… Mrs.Kaloidis and her family have donated a lot to the GOA but i think it’s time that donors divest from unworthy Hierarchs… who can’t respect the Medical Freedom of their Employees, can’t respect Holy Communion and can’t seem to respect their rasso and the schema that took at their ordination and instead they dress and groom themselves like laity…

  2. I have a question: the gang of the three archbishops (Elpidoforos, Emmanuel and
    Macarios) are they acting by themselves, or the chief in the Phanar is pulling the strings?

  3. Whoa!!! And to think Elpi, the dirty dog, sorry Hermes, is directly responsible as he supports NYC vaxx mandates, for hundreds of Orthodox faithful losing their jobs. Does he realize that Orthodox educators, NYPD, FDNY, and healthcare workers in NYC were not able to put food on their tables and pay their mortgages since October? Does he know that bc of his stance, Orthodox couples have separated or are getting divorced bc of these mandates? He has NOT supported Orthodox faithful who are against placing poisons in their bodies. Is he even human?

    Maybe I should contact Mrs Kaloidis and ask her to donate her home to all the city workers who lost almost everything bc of this demon we call AB. That would truly be the best for her late husband, may his memory be eternal.

    I have Brookville intel, my uncle was a generous benefactor who helped build that beautiful church. I am on the case.

    Aisxos! Just shameful.

  4. Oh my God! Insanity. These thieves must be stopped. Their end will be horrible. I just hope God will be merciful to the rest of us…

  5. These people are not capable of having shame. They have no respect for who they are as priests-what being a priest represents. Many have an insatiable appetite for money and I could never understand why-especially many of the unmarried archimandrite priests, who have no family-no children to take care of. Why do they have this great thirst for money? Someone that has children to take care of needs the money and they should be helped, but why does a single priest with no family need to hoard all the money that he can get his hands on? To do what with it? you can’t take it with you-(and not all priests are like this don’t get me wrong, there are many good priests out there), but it is a shame for the ones that are. Do you know that in addition to the regular salary a bishop receives for instance, that they also get an extra payment whenever they visit a church-be it a liturgy or vespers? I won’t mention how much because I don’t want to scandalize anyone, but if you’re already getting a salary, why are you getting paid in addition to your regular salary when you are going to a church? isn’t that part of your job to begin with? So please tell me, what is your salary for? to pay you for sitting in your office? We the people are to blame for this though because we pay them whenever they come. Why are we doing that? We should stop paying them extra when they come and if they don’t want to come because of this so be it, nobody really cares if they come anyway. Instead, why don’t we donate that extra payment to a good cause?

  6. Just disgusting –
    everything Elpi money whore &
    gang of queers do & the place looks
    garish – like Archdiocese since fairy commune began.

  7. The thieves believe and will guilt the innocent upon which they prey, that they will be “saved” by “works” rather than deeds.

    My late aged father before his passing received many requests for donations to OCL, Leadership 100, and numerous churches because he had been on their “donor list”…The truth is out and I only wish my dear father was still alive to witness the destruction imploding.

  8. The children of Mrs. Kaloidis should be notified immediately! Notice to all adult children who think they have no influence on the directives of their parents estate(s), they are dead wrong! There are many legal avenues which can be pursued for protection of financial assets and if, the elderly parent is unable to make those decisions other avenues can be worked through.

    There are departments in each state you can call and file grievances with for Elder Abuse. Florida is one of the most proactive states leading the fight against Elder Abuse with rights and protection for our dear elders.

    Attached is a link to learn more about what the good state of Florida considers as “Elder Abuse.”

    I would certainly label “pressure to donate”, an abuse of power using coercive measures by which to intimidate an elderly person. Within the state of Florida, it would be considered a punishable offense.
    May Lord have mercy!

  9. This story reminds me of the magnificent oceanfront estate the katholix had in ventnor nj, as a clergy retreat. Had as it was sold to satisfy judgements.

    The only solution is for the lady to run run run fast away. It’s not like the αχόρταγοι ahortage-the insatiable- weren’t blessed by this generous and benevolent family. Time to cut bait.

    Back where I come from, putting the financial squeeze on an elderly person is called elder abuse.

    They can’t even give helpyoursrlf a seasonal rental. All those happy times going on in the Hamptons w all those happy ppl there trashing the place…NY Landlord tenant favors the tenant, so good luck evicting the bunch. Life estate is out of the question.

    Why are these impatient ppl telling us that our rewards will be in the next world while they’re focusing on the luxury and boinky of this world

  10. Dear God my devout Orthodox grandparents spin in their graves knowing all this from up in heaven , that such darkness is coming from an Archbishop!
    And many other Archbishops!
    No wonder the great Elders and Saints warned us.
    Elps Myst Be Deposed

  11. Are you familiar what the late Archbishop Iakovos had written to a “friend back in 1952 about his idea and opinion αβουt the clergy in America? Here is portion of it:
    Αν δεν ητανε για τον κοσμο. τον οποιον μου φαινεται πως με τη δυναμη του Θεου kaChris πως τον υπηρετω, θα ειχα βγη προ πολλου απο τες ταξεις του ΚΛΗΡΟΥ, που νομιζω πειο διεφθαρμενη και διεστραμμενη και μικροψυχη ταξις δεν υπαρχει αλλη κοινωνικη.

    • ARCHBISHOP IAKOVOS SAID (according to Chris – this is not verified) : “If it was not for the people, who I think I serve with the power of God and Christ, I would be out of the clergy a long time ago, because they are more corrupt and faint-hearted and perverted more than any other social grouping…”

  12. Let’s put it this way, I work in the law enforcement community in the “vicinity” for many years. God forbid this happens, we will keep an eye on these clowns. Trust me, word is spreading.

  13. I am truly turned off by Archie and his cronies. Yes, this is elder abuse. We have to put an end to all the shenanigans that are going on with our churches but it looks like they are operating like a Mafia organization and it’s impossible to get straight answers from them. Keep up the good work.


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