EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): A month after this mysterious Ukrainian plane that crashed in northern Greece, killing all 8 men of the Ukrainian crew on board and the mystery continues… This is an old video, but it gives you the full picture of what is involved… A mystery white dust that made Greek rescuer’s lips numb still awaits an explanation…  



  1. The white substance is probably cocaine. It is good that US and EU provide arms to Ukraine so Putin can be defeated in his imperialistic invasion of Ukraine. Whoever supports Putin supports also Erdogan who has similar imperialistic plans against Greece ,Cyprus , Libya, Armenia and Syria

  2. No… Don’t listen to MSM. It’s all brainwashing. The deep state Biden and his criminal counterparts all over the world have taken over Ukraine in the Colour Revolutions using McCain. Ukraine is a bloody laundromat, bioweapons central (Hunter owns some) as well as trafficking local, and Russia is simply defending herself and saving our butts from Biden’s antics. X22Report.com


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