By Nick Stamatakis

Father Anargyros Stavropoulos, now serving in St.Athanasios of Paramus, is the new priest of St.Demetrios of Astoria.  The official announcement by the Parish Council President of Paramus, Mr.Spero Leskas, can be seen below (although not very clear).  It expresses the sorrow of all in Paramus for the re-assignment of Fr. Anargyros after 14 years of service in this parish, but it makes clear that this is a decision coming directly from the Archbishop…

Let me note here that the previous priest, Fr. Vassilios Tsourlis, was also a personal choice of AB Elpidophoros, who was the one who pleaded with him to leave Charlotte and come to Astoria… Father Tsourlis is now without a parish and waiting for reassignment (and from what we hear, he is willing to do any job to earn a living in the meantime and support his family)… His life was turned upside down by the lack of support from the Archbishop… Father Tsourlis resigned after just six months, under heavy pressure from the “mafia-like” organization that runs the community. Yes, publicly, all people, including Father Tsourlis, claim personal reasons, but much of the truth lies elsewhere…

Father Anargyros will start in Astoria on September 15. Let’s hope that he will have the guts – and the support from the Archbishop – to hire a bookkeeper, as Fr. Vassilios proclaimed, but was never able to… The gang who runs the community now insists on “using their own system,” which means hand-written notes and cash, a lot of cash, a ton of unaccountable cash… Cash from the trays, tuition discounts for cash payments, and lots of other cash everywhere… As if they run a grocery store in Astoria…

Below is the St.Athanasios Parish announcement.


From the parish website of St.Athanasios of Paramus

Who is Father Anargyros Stavropoulos?

Rev. Protopresbyter Anargyros Stavropoulos was born and raised in Tripolis, Greece, the son of Protopresbyter Christos and Presbytera Sotiria Stavropoulos. At the age of 15, his calling to serve the Church brought him to the Greek island of Tinos, where he studied theology at the Ecclesiastical School of Tinos.

He came to the United States in 1976 to continue his education at Hellenic College and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Brookline, Massachusetts, where he received both his Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy and religion and his Master of Divinity degree in 1982. During his studies, he held numerous field positions including lay assistant, chanter and Greek school teacher at the parishes of Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Flushing, New York, and Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Weston, Massachusetts.

Father Anargyros continued his post graduate studies at Boston University, where he received his Master of Sacred Theology, concentrating on pastoral psychology and counseling. He also earned a certificate in clinical pastoral education at Massachusetts General Hospital’s School of Pastoral Education in Boston.

Father Anargyros was ordained to the diaconate in 1984 by his Eminence the late Metropolitan Theoklitos of Mantineia and Kynouria and to the priesthood in 1985 by His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios of Boston. He was assigned to the parish of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he served for three years. In 1988, Father’s ministry brought him to the parish of Saint Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church in Palos Heights, Illinois, where he faithfully served the Metropolis of Chicago for 16 years, including a special assignment on the Bishop’s Task Force on AIDS. In 1993, the office of Economos was bestowed upon him.

Father Anargyros was appointed Chancellor of the Holy Metropolis of New Jersey in 2004 by His Eminence Metropolitan Evangelos, who bestowed upon him the office of Protopresbyter. Father Anargyros undertook his current assignment at Saint Athanasios Greek Orthodox Church in Paramus, New Jersey, in 2008. Along with his pastoral duties, he serves as Vicar and chairman of the Northern New Jersey Spiritual Court, chairman of the Religious Education Department, a member of the Greek Education Committee and a member of the Metropolitan Council.

Father is married to Presbytera Christina (Bregianos) and they share three children, Christos, Sotiria and Maria.


  1. Ελπίζω το συμβούλιο του Αγίου Δημητρίου να του φερθεί καλύτερα και να δεχτεί το συμβούλιο να συνεργαστεί με τον καινούργιο Προϊστάμενο διότι με τον Πατήρ Βασίλειο δεν ήθελαν να συνεργαστούν. Τον αποξενώσαν από τα πάντα αφού κατάλαβαν πως είχε σκοπό να βάλει σειρά στην κοινότητα.


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