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The Ban Against “Masculine” Symbol Andrew Tate Backfires!! (Must Watch Videos)

EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis):  He dared to promote masculinity to a generation of young men treated like lepers by the “woke” media… He promoted standing up and being a man to millions of men who are “shamed” daily by the establishment for their masculinity.   They banned him. But his father had taught him early in life not to take any “bullying” from anyone.  And he responded on each occasion in the only appropriate way:  standing up and fighting… This is Andrew Tate, former kickboxer and internet personality whose interview with Tucker Carlson is a real sensation…

Before you go to Tucker watch the real reason he was banned…

Tucker went so far as to air 15 minutes of unfiltered Andrew Tate in front of his 5-million strong audience.

And now that you are hooked, you can watch hIS FINAL MESSAGE…





  1. God bless Andrew Tate – he’s more a
    leader than our woke Archbishop Elps.
    In fact after embarrassment of Elpi,
    Andrew would do more good for Orthodoxy even if he’s not religious!

  2. I’ll say it again– a great deal of non-masculine men have been in part made into wusses by overbearing moms, who perhaps, didn’t intend the dreaded de-masculinity of their sons. This cause and effect also created a perfect storm with the absence of a strong male image, mentor; also known as a “father.” If tragically a father was not physically present and the mother smothered the son without again– an alpha male present in the boys’ lives– well- there you have it– non masculine men! I’m not a shrink… but I know how to raise real men! Don’t over coddle- they are not your daughters–they are men- PERIOD.

  3. Questions:

    How is Tucker even ‘allowed’ to have Tate on after such a wipe out of his online profiles?

    Did anyone notice the satanic hand signals? Trump does it as well. Hmmmm 🤔

    Personally, I removed all cable news, I don’t trust any of them.

  4. It isn’t the “toxic male” they despise, it’s the virtues – courage, temperance, magnanimity, pride, patience, truthfulness, and the rest – that they seek to destroy. These are dangerous to the established powers. A courageous man will be called “rash”, “reckless”, “criminal” or whatever they can think of to discredit him. A truthful man will be called a “liar”, “spewer of disinformation”, etc. We’ve seen this play out time and again.

    I have no idea who Tate is, but he is one of many attacked because they represent a threat.

  5. Hmm… I don’t know about the “pride” virtue, as in church they tell us all not to hold onto pride– almost like it’s a sin… Anyone here who knows their theology about “pride” regarding good orthodox practice?”

  6. In The Nichomachaen Ethics, “pride” is the temperate mean between empty vanity/ambition and undue humility. It is about honor vs dishonor, less about thinking one is right before God. Pride as defined in Orthodoxy is a sin. Undue humility before a tyrannical censor (e.g., groveling after getting called out for saying something unacceptable by the established powers) cannot be. Otherwise saints and respected elders would be in sin.


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