By Nick Stamatakis

For one more year, Karloutsos & Co. organized their “Green Dream” Gala (yes, you read correctly, the right name should be the “Green Dream” as it is all about money in the Karloutsos pockets) in the glitzy Hamptons, an event that will stay in GOARCH history as the culmination of an era of arrogance, vanity, and selfishness; this era will soon come to an abrupt end, as all the main actors will vanish in court battles and globalist disasters, in church financial scandals and ethics and other violations.

The main feature this year was the presence of the Prince of Greece Pavlos and his wife Marie Chantal, who shared the center stage with the Prince of Darkness, Karloutsos. What does the Prince of Greece need in this setting? The Hamptons Gala and Karloutsos’ presence only enhanced the aura of vanity the Greek royal family always had. The Greek people, with a popular referendum in 1974, kicked them out of the throne, and for a good reason: they were always out of touch. Former King Constantine living in the family’s new home in London, was mostly concerned with his investments. Very rarely, if ever, did he make any statement showing he shared the pains of the Greeks… His son Pavlos continues the family …tradition.  Recently it seems that Prince Pavlos has planned appearances at Greek-American community events.  Is he planning to use the community as a springboard for a possible return to the forefront of Greek politics? My advice is not to try it… He has to take a few “empathy lessons” first and learn how to act like a part of the flesh of the Greek people…  Attaching himself to Karloutsos – and listening to his advice – has exactly the opposite effect.

Helleniscope’s nickname, the “Prince of Darkness,” for Karloutsos (we gave it to him a few years ago) is probably the best-fitting ever, as Karloutsos’s presence was always synonymous with secrecy and action behind the scenes; until, in recent years, he decided to go public with his vanity and self-aggrandization and caused major disasters to himself and the Church. But the nickname is now even more fitting as it denotes unaccountability and his involvement in financial scandals, top among them the federal investigation in GOARCH and Saint Nicholas finances. A prime example is this event and all other “Green Dreams”: How much of the $1.2 million raised this year will go to charity? Maybe 100-200,000? Don’t expect much accountability regarding Karloutsos and the Church of the Hamptons – he uses it as his personal and family’s pocketbook. A year ago, he was found to deny dues to the Archdiocese “because he had raised other funds”…  Especially now, when the legal bills have skyrocketed, he has difficulty providing accounting for the funds!..

The upcoming trial of Jerry Dimitriou, GOARCH finance director for 20 years, has Karloutsos shaken: Mr. Dimitriou was granted a “plea bargain agreement,” which practically means that he will have to present evidence to clear himself and show the guilt of others.  And God knows in these 20 years, he must have collected piles of documents and other evidence!

“Is there any member of the Karloutsos family who is not under investigation”?  was the main gossip at the gala… Mike is in a very tough trial for a $10 million embezzlement in the Greek medical marijuana case… A son-in-law recently, Marc Paladino, lost his law license due to embezzlement… Another son-in-law years ago, in the famous Philadelphia Waterworks case, served serious jail time for tax violations to save Mike Karloutsos’ “good name”!! And why didn’t they post any photos on the Church website this year? That’s very strange…

A few months ago, the Karloutsos family planned to expand its business in West Palm Beach in South Florida by taking over the parish, kicking out the priest serving there for decades, and turning the community into a Hamptons South.  The parishioners, some of who are part of our resistance network, alerted Helleniscope, and we did everything possible to stop them… So far, the “Karloutsos gang” has retreated, and we hope they will stay away…

The damage done by Karloutsos himself to the Church and the Greek community in the last 40 years is beyond description, and it all started with his backstabbing the most charismatic leader this community ever had, AB Iakovos, at a moment when he was ready to unite all Orthodox of America! Can you imagine where our parishes and all of us would be financially, socially, and politically if all Orthodox were united?  Karloutsos singlehandedly (with his conspiracy with Bartholomew, who is equally responsible) destroyed the real dreams of our community… Helleniscope will write the true history of our community and will expose once again both of them…

A moment of supreme hypocrisy involved the presence of Pfizer CEO Albert Burla, who is flush with cash after selling to the whole world a “vaccine” that is now proven not to protect people from getting infected and not to stop spreading!! God only knows what else we will learn about Pfizer’s big …accomplishments in the months and years ahead!  Burla donated a mere pittance of his profits ($100.000) which purchased a very big table, and from the looks of it, he had a decent time – unlike the victims of forced vaccinations who lost their jobs and some got sick with vaccine side effects… In the photo above, he enjoys the company of singer Antonis Remos who came to NY to sing in the Hamptons “for free” – but we all know what that “free” means…

Bruce Mosler, John Catsimatides, Kostas Bakoyannis ( Mayor of Athens), NYC Mayor Eric Adams, Father Alexander Karloutsos(Protopresbyter in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America)

The two failing mayors, Eric Adams of New York and Costas Bakoyiannis of Athens, were also “honored” for their failures… What can one say for New York, as people leave the city in droves, and tourists are not coming? With crime rates at historic heights, life in NYC is miserable… The subways stink, the streets are filled with homeless who use every corner as a toilet, and thieves can destroy any business unpunished… Shameful!…  As for Bakoyiannis, he is a member of the Mitsotakis family (son of Dora Bakoyianni), and he follows the mafia-like family’s traditions: He wants to display his “public works,” but he wants to hide that each one of them costs double and triple the regular cost with a tremendous “cut” going into the family’s coffers!!  As for his political skills – they are nonexistent! A complete moron who was given the role of mayor! What a disgrace for Athens, a city that needs a strong hand to limit the omnipresent immigrants and make life better!..

The Gala of vanity also included the usual culprits of the Greek American lobby in DC… The infamous Manatos family, whose greed started the federal investigation in GOARCH… They have been fed for decades off the Greek government’s contracts and have enriched themselves, offering absolutely nothing… A clear match to the Karloutsos crime family… Mike Manatos was in the Hamptons to push “OXI DAY” foundation sponsorships…

John Horozoglou was once again everywhere, “like parsley,” as we say in Greek…  Only that the good times seem to come to a close soon… Enjoy the rest of the photos from the evening – it may be one of the very last!! And enjoy our video: “The Dance of the Princes”… and the truth behind it…

Photo above: John Horozoglou, Karloutsos, Remos

Antonis Remos

September 1, 2022,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.


  1. Oh that’s hysterical! A job well done Nick as usual – sticking it to Prince of Darkness Alex because after all,
    it’s Karloutsos who’s been sticking it to us Orthodox!
    Can’t wait for Jerry Dimitrou trial & what cards he’ll show?

  2. Excellent article. Not only did I learn more about the mentally diseased Karloutsos, worker of inequity, I got a few belly laughs, too! 5 stars for Helleniscope!

  3. Sorry but this is not Prince Nikolaos, rather it is Prince Pavlos and his wife Marie Chantal.
    The entire Royal Family of Greece loves Greece more than any of the politicians.
    Listen to any of the Royal Family member talking about Greece and you will see it for yourself.
    I am not a participant of the left group or the right or any of the phoneys.
    I am for any leader who loves Greece and the Greek people.

    • Yes, you are right… Sorry I confused the sons of Constantine – I will correct it… Never a friend of the Kings…Some of them were trying to adopt… But the majority were pawns of foreign powers as much as the politicians were…

  4. Ewe… Eric Adams in his dandy pastel flowery jacket made his nauseating appearance.
    Like Curtis Sliwa calls him –
    the swagger man with no plan!

  5. SMDH…. Good job Stamatakis! You should have seen the khardashian like photos from that night. Truly a spectacle. Aisxos!!

    It’s so apparent that these demons are fighting against Orthodoxy and anyone righteous who stands in their way. Breads and circuses for the rich and famous whilst people getting sick or die due to forced inoculations and others losing their livelihoods.
    Such blatant corruption, would make boss tweed
    die of envy if alive today.

    Adams ain’t ‘swaggin’ as he says. Terminated city workers ain’t got swagger he says…. He should look in the mirror! Looks like a multicolored, ice cream popsicle! Hideous….

  6. Every time that I see this guy I thing that I see
    The archons…. Of darkness. The neckless with the dollar hanging on his chest is the cross
    of antichrist and the tool that is using to rule
    all those around him . The neckless was made
    with their money , because are dollars that were
    given to the followers of Satan by their Master

  7. A friend told me another Archdiocese person has QUIT — clearly many kept in the dark are waking up & fleeing evil Zeitgeist created by our NY Rasputin – Alex Karloutsos,
    & can you believe former Vicar General is recipient of America’s Presidential Medal of Freedom?

    Slobbering over evil Joe Biden pays off for
    Kardashian homeboy Alex who back stabbed his own religion &
    back stabbed Archbishop Iakavos too.

    Black Bart, Elpi & Alex =
    Kardashian GOARCH

  8. Please remember that no member of the Royal Family opened the borders to the infiltrators who will be used as soon as the neighboring sultan gives the command to attack our people.

    No member of the Royal Family is responsible for the negative and miserable state of affairs caused by the secret agents who hold positions within the “Greek” Parliament.

    The anti-Greek state has brought in thousands of illegal immigrants and is feeding and watering them with the money of the Greeks whose homes are being confiscated for minimal debt owed to the system.
    So much corruption, you know very well this is not created by the members of the Royal Family,
    Thanks and have a blessed day.

  9. Attention Father Karloutsos:
    after disgraceful speech of Joe Biden last nite,
    how does a man representing Church proper
    continue to support such evil??

    My parents always warned me be careful of company I keep.

  10. During the German occupation of most of Greece in the 1940’s— why couldn’t the german royalty who headed the crown’ in Greece–keep the germans from committing their heinous acts against the innocent Greek populace –of both Christian and Jewish Greeks?


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