EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): In a speech that will stay in history as among the most divisive ever delivered by a US President Biden called MAGA Trump supporters “semi-fascists” and “a threat to the very soul of this country”… No need to explain how misplaced, un-American and counterproductive these words were.  Speaking in the most symbolic of all places, the Independence Hall of Philadelphia, having a distinctly red background reminding the Fascist Mussolini, he accused Trump supporters of being “fascists”… 

His speech could only have one effect: to consolidate the support of his base as it was generally estimated the democrat base was rather disheartened… But it was the wrong way to do it as it energized all freedom-loving Americans against him… And so this morning Biden tried to “retract”… 

As some pointed out after his speech, we are lucky to be dealing with opponents like Biden, Harris, AG Garland, and others who have proven time and again their limited political and intellectual capabilities.  These people are bound to lose no matter how much support they get from the establishment…




  1. Consolidate the Biden “base?” You mean the 50 percent wo want abortion rights full term but gladly accept medical tyranny vaccines that are unlicensed? You mean the zombies who think they are “woke” and think the Covid funding was super duper? Oh that “ base.” Fools rush in where wise men never go. Adios America! Your headed for a brick wall.

  2. Can you believe this Biden, this embarrassing idiot who gave USA worst speech in history is still President?
    His own daughter Ashley already told us he got inside her shower as a child!
    How ashamed every recipient of Presidential Medal of Freedom must feel that their medal came from this degenerate?


  3. Yet Trump is the one who organized a coup, lied to his base with false election fraud claims (which you naively believe), and divided this country long before 2020!

    Where were you for four years when Trump used divisive rhetoric every day against Democrats? Oh, that’s right, you were encouraging Trump to divide America. You are part of the problem, not the solution!

    • By now it should be clear to all that the election was unfair and stolen. All Americans this past week had the chance to watch the CEO of Facebook Zuckerberg describe how the FBI decided to impose on the social media to hide Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell. At the same many Biden voters admit that they wouldn’t vote for him had they known about the laptop. So Trump was right and you were and are WRONG. May be you want to apologize to America for these factual mistakes? I don’t expect you to.

    • Linda my dear Snowflake,
      wake up – pay attention to details/facts:
      Biden & your Democrat evil machine
      STOLE 2020 Election …

      Joe Biden proved what a demonic/divisive failure of a President he truly is —
      especially after that vile hateful speech!
      Maybe as a friend he’s a nice Uncle Joe to immature jerks like Alex Karloutsos …
      but as President he’s biggest nightmare


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