Western Leadership is going through the five stages of grief: We have not reached the last two stages of depression and acceptance yet, and Putin seems to be aware of the process…

EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis).  In the cataclysmic news environment we live in today, it seems that the western so-called “leadership,” in its suicidal course of action, makes one mistake after the other that accelerates the decline of the West.  In its latest actions, they ordered Zelensky to proceed to counterattacks in the South, through open fields without air support! At the same time, they ordered a perilous attack at the huge Zaporizhia nuclear power plant combined with an effort to obstruct the arrival of the UN inspectors! And finally, they stupidly tried to impose a “cap” on Russian oil prices, hoping in vain that China and India would agree with them!! Russia, in response, cut off completely the oil and gas supply to the West: Europe is now in front of a very dark and cold winter!!…

It was amazing to watch the magnitude of leadership failure in just one week! A measure of their failure is the human cost in Ukraine: One province of Ukraine declared a day of mourning because of the thousands of its residents killed in the counteroffensive!!

At the same time, China, India, and ten other countries participate in the massive Russian War Games Vostoc 22 (here is the report by Bloomberg), which, in this climate, amounts to an informal formation of an anti-western alliance.  One of the best analyses of what is going on is in the two videos below by the two Greeks, Alex Christoforou, and Alexander Mercuris (below)… Worth every second of your time!..

I will only add one thought to all this, developing in my mind for a long time, as I am witnessing the utter irrationality of Western decisions and actions.  I think this irrationality and this panic is mainly a psychological process: Western leaders and those that move the strings behind them have great difficulty coming to grips with their loss of international dominance.  They are going through the five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance).  We can see many indications of the first three in the news of the last 6-12 months, but we have not reached the last two yet… These will be coming in the next three to four months: the Italian elections, the demonstrations in Belgium and the Netherlands (soon to expand everywhere in Europe), the expected earthquake of the American November mid-term elections, and the almost certain fall of Mykolaiv and Odesa to the Russians will lead to depression and finally, hopefully during 2023, a newly emerging western leadership will lead to the final stage of acceptance. Hopefully, a process of negotiations with Russia, China, and India will lead humanity to multipolar international world order.

If I had to guess, Vladimir Putin is well aware of the process: it was very obvious the last few days with the perilous moves of the Kyiv regime (directed by the West in every move) around the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant.  This may be one of the main reasons the Russians are following a slow process in their advances in Ukraine. They have the weapons to kill every obstacle in their way in Ukraine many times over – much as the U.S. did in Iraq – but they do not.  This certainly has to do with military decisions, but at the same time, they clearly understand that the “power monsters” who lead the West could easily drive humanity into a total nuclear holocaust in their madness for losing their power and control… In a way, the Russians allow the time for the western leadership to swallow the inevitable defeat without causing a global disaster…




  1. Treacherous times are here. Expect it to get much worse. It will be important to stay emotionally balanced. Pray to God often throughout the day for strength and grace. Pray for everyone.


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