EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis):  Turkey is in front of several major crises, first among them the severe economic problems with inflation approaching 100!! In addition, Turkey further re-orienting itself to the Eurasian powers and depends completely on Russia for its energy.   Finally, its military and especially its air force is in the worst shape of the last three decades.  So these threats must be taken with a grain of salt, as Greece has started receiving advanced F-16 fighters and French Rafales… 

The eternal question for Greece’s defense is always our “allies” and especially the US Deep State, who still insist to keep Turkey in the West at the expense of Greece….


Erdogan Issues Threat Of Military Action Against Greece

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SUNDAY, SEP 04, 2022 – 11:00 AM

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has issued a thinly veiled threat of military action against fellow NATO member Greece in Saturday comments. Erdogan reiterated the Turkish government accusation that Greece is militarizing islands near Turkey’s post in contravention of a historic treaty and international agreements.

“You occupying the islands doesn’t bind us,” Erdogan said. “When the time comes, we’ll do what’s necessary. As we say, we may come down suddenly one night.” He added: “Look at history, if you go further, the price will be heavy.”

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“We have one sentence to Greece: Don’t forget Izmir,” Erdogan said in reference to the 1922 battle which saw Greek forces expelled from the western city. He also more broadly referenced 1919-1922 Greco-Turkish war while provocatively stressing that Greece is “occupying” islands off Turkey.

The fiery words were spoken on the occasion of Turkey’s military unveiling a new prototype of an unmanned fighter jet in the city of Samsun, and further days after Ankara has lodged a formal complaint with NATO headquarters, saying that Greece last month achieved radar lock on its F-16s which had been flying over the Mediterranean.

Turkey’s Hurriyet Daily announced last week that the defense ministry “will send the radar traces and pictures of the Greek harassment of the Turkish jets by the S-300 air defense systems to NATO as well as to all 30 allied countries, according to sources.”

Turkey has also charged that Greek jets have violated its airspace over 250 times in harassing maneuvers. “The ministry also informed that the Greek warplanes violated the Turkish airspace 256 times since the beginning of 2022,” the Hurriyet report said. “In addition, they harassed the Turkish jets 158 times this year, the ministry said. On the sea, the Greek coastal guards violated the Turkish territorial waters 33 times, it added.”

Greece’s foreign ministry has responded by denouncing the “outrageous daily slide” of threats and hostile rhetoric coming out of Ankara. “We will inform our allies and partners on the content of the provocative statements… to make it clear who is setting dynamite to the cohesion of our alliance during a dangerous period,” the foreign ministry statement said.

For years, Turkey, Greece and Cyprus have been at odds over expanding Turkish oil and gas drilling rights in the eastern Mediterranean. Turkey is using its occupation of northern Cyprus to say that all waters encircling the island are fair game for its research and drilling vessels.

Other EU members, particularly France, have strongly supported EU-member Cyprus’ condemnation of incursions in its territorial waters. France has even conducted a series of joint exercises with Greece and Cyprus in solidarity.


  1. What is happening to Greece is happening to us. The cards are stacked differently but the endgame is the same.

    Greece at the Crossroads
    By Larry Romanoff

    Greece is now a failed state, an almost perfect exemplar of our future, the definitive ideal of those planning the world to come.

    Driven into bankruptcy by unrepayable loans, the leaders of Greece threw away their nation’s one chance for survival as a sovereign state and instead capitulated totally, accepting draconian measures meant to perpetually impoverish their population, while privatising the entire nation in one fell swoop.

    The international bankers bullied Greece into placing the nation’s entire infrastructure into a so-called trust (controlled by “an independent Luxembourg-based company”), which, by order, would be “entirely outside the reach or influence” of the Greek government. The bankers and their friends will now take ownership of all of it, at prices they set.

    Greece was bullied into a package of reforms with severe austerity measures and spending cuts. The government slashed spending in all quarters, eliminated 25% of civil service positions, reducing wages by 30% for those remaining. Greece was forced to increase the VAT rate, reduce (and eliminate) pensions and increase the retirement age, raise the domestic corporation tax while cutting taxes for the top 1% and foreign corporations, take drastic measures to “improve tax collection and fight tax evasion”.

    Naturally, the economy instantly cratered, losing about one quarter of its size with unemployment rising above 25% and youth unemployment above 50%, rendering the majority of families under considerable financial stress.

    The government was also forced to establish virtually a new constitution, with Eurocrats and IMF officials not only writing the new laws but also having a veto over all new legislation, serving to embody in law a lack of social infrastructure and perpetual poverty, emasculating the sovereignty of the state. To ensure compliance with the austerity directives, Greece is obliged to surrender control over the policing of all major portions of its economy.

    Eurocrats and IMF officials not only wrote the new laws, but EU (i.e. banking) officials are placed inside all ministries, with authority to ensure compliance and control funds. Greeks now hate the Europeans bitterly, believing that these foreign creditors’ power to “rummage through every government department on Greek soil” is an insult to Greek sovereignty, with Greece in fact and reality now facing not only austerity but external governance.


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